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  1. I do know this just got off alluringly Sunday I had the.voom it was ok for what I needed but t they had satLite problems most of cruise and there app really sucked so
  2. Yes but it is a lot cheaper to book your own flights with airline And more options
  3. It should show in your cp. I would contact your ta and ask them to find out from rc
  4. Yes it’scalled air to sea you can find it in there website or call them
  5. I am on ship by11am drink by 1115i figure it’s 12 o’clock somewhere
  6. Last time I did it it was 8$ a person one way that was in 2016
  7. You have up to 30days to switch to a travel agent travel agent will not charge you any thing also when ever book on line with rcb user what I want then call there cruisel planners. And always get an email recipe
  8. I have and do in sept 2017we were kept out at sea three extra days for are safety and it was no bad at sea just never racking rebooking our flight we sailed out of Orlando on harmony
  9. I meant to say 15$ a day think is 20$ now
  10. LYes they have parking at port It used to be 15$ assume not sure how much now
  11. The last nite youwcan go to gustservices and pay your balance off but it will be really crowed I would go early and pay it you may still have a small balance if you buy any thing that last nite. You can also put cash on card any time
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