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  1. Yes you should be able to board by 11am a drink by 1130😁
  2. Sorry to tell you but as of last week 26 million people had the flu so far and 140000 fourteen thousand deaths way more then 2100
  3. The only time you won’t find a lot of kids is November Ruben the bar tender on harmony told me that the only time there is not a lot of kids
  4. There is cruise planner sale now 57. $ i
  5. Just got an email from rc about itenery change on symphony sailing on aug 29 instead of cosmal will be gone to cococay. Can anyone tell me if the the the ddp is good to use there and grills included
  6. flying in to fll sailing out of Miami spending two day pre cruise not sure to stay in fortluradale or Miami. Any suggestions
  7. Good place to stay for two nites near beaches
  8. does anyone know when the wow sale is
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