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  1. From my own personal experience traveling to assist a group of Neonatal Intensive Care Units with some of their patient workflows, I had to travel. I did wear my mask and distanced as best as possible. But more than one non-mask wearing Person came up and stood less than two feet away, and the drunk guy ranting in the hotel lobby about it being dumb and his right to not wear a mask spewing his germs all over are the issue. While I did my best, all of their germs were potentially transferred to all the premature newborn Babies that have almost no immune system. So yea, great let’s try and kill babies by not wearing a mask!!!! There are plenty of examples of non mask wearing people trying to enter stores that require masks or otherwise getting into altercations about not having one on, when It is posted as an expectation or they are simply asked them to do so. You know the rules when walking in so “be kind” and follow their rules.
  2. I’ll respond the this and the other item in your post and then hopefully done with this thread. Masks do not guarantee protection for the user because virus particles are so small they can still pass into many masks, that is why the N95 and other PPE are an issue. The way masks do help is that it reduces the spread of your germs out to others. Trying to be as low tech here, so leaving out a lot of scientific detail. If you have ever seen your breath on a cold day, that is the moisture we exhale with each breath. If you sneeze, cough, sing or talk that vapor can actually travel farther than the foot or two we see with a typical breath. That can carry disease to others. By wearing a mask you are trapping that exhalation, so any germs that could be spread to others would be reduced. If you can find the wear pants so you don’t pee on others analogy, it is much funnier but same principles. LOL
  3. Agree that some will love deck 17 and others may not. Our Star Loft Suite is scheduled for December so hoping that cruise happens but I know that we like the isolation. We have done some other lines in a similar isolated environment and it is fine for us, we are mostly there to relax and decompress so we don’t need much of the other “stuff”. Contrasting what we expect on the December cruise with our past experience with a GLS on Ovation, there was too much out and about for relaxing, the lounge and CK (And other things) on the Quantum class are just too spread out. We loved the cruise and experience and had expected more activity anyway.
  4. There’s is a key problem with your logic. The point is wearing a mask is NOT to protect the wearer but others. Your surgeon is not wearing one to protect himself. He is protecting you from his germs. A mask stops you from spreading your “spittle herpes” from your orifice.
  5. Since you are not from the US you get a free pass on this, but the constitution does not give Carte Blanche to do what you want. The rights granted also come with responsibilities. First one’s actions should not infringe on others right to freedom to pursue “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. While it may appear that restrictions impact this right, it goes both ways. By not following guidelines, mandates or laws to protect our citizens your actions could impact others rights to the same. It is pretty easy to take just a few of the responsibilities to justify restrictions to mitigate the spread of the virus. Respect the right of others, stay informed and participate in your community and defend your country. It is not patriotic to spread disease that can kill your citizens, cripple your economy, reduce hospital resources and generally propagate a negative impact on your Community.
  6. So did the green or purple blow a Tire that caused the pile-up? Or sorry thought. It was NASCAR!
  7. Probably a dumb question since they are the same class but can anyone share some key differences between the Quantum and Ovation? State room would be the same and itinerary pretty much the same so just trying to see if there is anything that might give one ship the edge.
  8. Not sure how they calculate the space ratio, probably some version of square footage of public space vs number of guest, but that is pretty close the the other Q class ships or slight better.
  9. We liked the Q class ship, there are some +’s and -‘s compared to other but it seemed to have more things that worked well. Sorry for bringing up another site but cruise ship deck plans has a good detail about space and feeling crowded. Since the OP’s cruise is 12n, during the school year and a repositioning that decreases odds of families and ales more singles and doubles likely per cabin. Which should help it feel less crowded.
  10. Have two small things but they can both be frustrating in their own way. - Getting up early to go for a jog, thinking “I have a good jump starting the day”, get about halfway or more along the jogging track and find a rope and a team of pressure washers. - Finding a nice quite, relatively secluded spot to relax for a little bit and to enjoy the scenery, views or ambiance of the location. After taking things in for a bit when I’m ready for a little siesta, a group or activity of some sort comes along disturbing the peace.
  11. On our cruise, we had some special circumstances and timing of the sail away. Because of that we asked for a specific dining location and time for that evening. We submitted the request via email before sailing and there was not an issue. So as long as you have what you want in mind for that first evening is communicated, expect that it will happen. The more details you can share, exact time, orders etc. the better it will be. Knowing the genies they may even through in a few surprises. On another day we had a later shore excursion so the evening before we just asked our genie to have dinner in the room when we got back. We ordered the Seafood tower (that might be a Star Class Requirement!) and some appetizers and they timed it nearly perfectly for our return. On the coffee question, I can share that our party did get specialty coffees on our own. Since I am the only coffee drinker And I am usually up early and either out for a a run or just to walk about, we never made a request for morning coffee. I have heard that some genies will do that on their own, so there is probably some variability. If it is important the options are either communicate that or make a direct ask of them to bring some.
  12. Like you we found a wealth of information from the people on this thread and others on these boards. We were able to relax and enjoy the experience and let the genie work their magic since folks on here eased our itch to plan. There are some great tips and info so far but I wanted to address your item about specifically planning before hand. When we did our Grand Loft Suite last year due to a few reasons we had two specific dining requests that we submitted to the genie via email prior to the cruise. If you know that you want to do something specific, especially that first day, don’t be afraid to ask up front when you get the email from your genie. You could actually make all your requests before boarding but that takes any some of the fun that accompanies spontaneity. Enjoy!
  13. Great info! Quick follow up on this item. We have done the one cruise in a suite so far on Ovation and did breakfast in room, Grabbed a quick bite in the suites lounge or usually had Coastal Kitchen. Is the suites breakfast In Chops available on all ships?
  14. @WAAAYTOOO helped answer questions about the GLS for us not long ago. I can add we did Alaska last year in 10720 and were very happy. It was our first time in a GLS so we did not have many expectations about the room going in. We have done suites on other Cruise lines. For out party of three the room was large enough but we do understand it is one of the smaller suites. Since we were doing the Alaska cruise having the three balconies was really a bonus. Being on the corner and able to walk out to the side balconies on either level, as well as the back payed off. The rear balcony was fine but I feel that we saw more scenery and wildlife since we had the side also. It seems that the main benefit of the corner is if you expect less time at Open sea and more direct scenery having the corner might be a relative trade-off for the space. I’ll also add we did make the switch on our cruise next year to the middle lower room, I think 8324. So we can share more but it is almost 10 months away.
  15. There are some great tips and info in this thread so far. One thing I think you should remember is that the general layout of the ship is the same even if it is much larger. Your will find the top decks still have the public spaces for sunning and swimming as well as other activities and some places to get drinks and eats. Progressing down you will find mainly Decks with staterooms until you reach the lower public spaces which will have theater, shops Restaurants and Casino. Yes, there is much more to do and lots more stairs and walking but if you are typically on the top decks to sunbath, swim and play person, then that will probably hold true for the larger ship. If you recognize your normal pattern of where you spend your time on the smaller ship it will help with your planning for the larger one. Unless you are doing a longer cruise like a trans Atlantic understand you will not be able to do it all. Have fun and happy planning.
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