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  1. Yea, the pasta was even listed in the menu with a nice description. The waiter said order the entrees with him. Once we ordered the pasta he said to get that off the Buffett. So once the entree was “completed” it did not match the description at all!
  2. Last month on Ovation the details were pretty much the same except one fact. Most entrees were served from the kitchen but a couple were from the buffet. Our son ordered pasta and that was one of the serve yourself items. So it may not be variety just from ship to ship but specific dishes.
  3. Some of your question are already answered so I’ll just try to cover some items that were not. The dress code is not well enforced so you can pretty much wear what you want to a certain extent. It is Alaska and while you may have some nice weather, last mont we were only able to wear shorts on a couple of days. It is likely your cruise will also have 2 formal nights. Again you can wear what you want but expect that most will be in dress pants and collared shirts, some will have suits on and even a few tuxedos, so dress to your comfort level. As mentioned you can work with concierge to book some activities and those are items that have set reservations like iFly and certain times for the NorthStar. Only Star Class has a priority access for activities that do not have reservations like bumper cars. To help you plan here is a link to the cruise compass for our cruise last month that @twangstershared. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compasses/ovation-of-the-seas/mon-2019-05-13-0000 I don’t want to disrespect that you can try to keep your normal schedule and be in bed at a certain time. But you will be on vacation, so it is likely that you should consider allowing for a little variety and flexibility to your day. First of all you will be in the Alaska time zone which is an hour behind Pacific, so even if home is on the west coasts there is a time change, more so if you are from somewhere else. Second since you are on vacation your schedule during the day will likely be different anyway.
  4. DS who is 11 was able to do pretty much anything on the ship. NorthStar, bumper cars, trapeze, iFly and climbing were all possible and have very clear age/height restrictions posted. He was even able to do a number of those own his own, including driving by himself in the bumper cars so I think you teens should be fine. Since I went with him on the NorthStar I didn’t check but he might have needed an adult for that. He also did make a few different drinks at the Bionic Bar while on the Ovation. An adult has to scan their sea pass card and confirm their age by inputting g their birth year but then he could do the drink selection. He had a blast with the make your own. The attendant the helps at the Bionic Bar even offered to assist with getting some ice after he had created a drink that he forgot to include some.
  5. Are you departing out of Miami or Fort Lauderdale? There is a passport office not far from the Miami port that does “emergency” passports. You need to make an appointment but turn around can be same day. If you are already traveling with your birth certificates you have the documents. https://www.us-passport-service-guide.com/miami-passport-agency.html
  6. One viable option would not be going directly to guest services, but to interact with any of the stateroom attendants in the hall. It is very easy to find any of them in the hall near the room and just ask if they are covering your room. If not, mention you wanted to meet your attendant and share the issues. They all work in close proximity to each other so usually the message travels quickly. Jay, with this being your kids first cruise by themselves, they did a reasonable thing. But wanted to point out that there are usually different avenues available.
  7. Wow, I really hope the OP doesn’t read this and take it literally. They seemed overly concerned that the door would not be able to be locked already. The Magic is true to a certain extent, and yes they are observing you but the room stewards are doing so from a low tech perspective. There are security cameras in the halls but the stewards are in the halls around your room and simply using their own eyes and ears. If you are in your room it is pretty easy to know if your neighbor just came in or left. Since the steward has your room and those right around they can see you leave or sometimes hear you leave. The guests also tend to follow the same patterns as outer guests. Between direct observation, basic human behavior patterns and the privacy/cleaning magnets it is a pretty low tech system.
  8. Are you concerned about this because you have heard it or is there another reason? The United Kingdom, France and most of Western Europe are on the same level. So would you be as reserved and not venture out in Paris, London or Rome? The information is valid but not much beyond normal safe practices you should always use while traveling. Also there are specifics that are mentioned that would not probably apply to you.
  9. What do you consider to be safe? That may be a good starting point to get an understanding as if you should be getting off the ship or not. There are bad people everywhere and you should always be aware of your surroundings, pay attention to where you are and where you are going and be conscious if your valuables. To me Nassau is no more risky that any other city in the US or foreign port.
  10. Not sure which ship or room you are referring to but as Twangster mentions there is no bad view. Wanted to share that we sailed with him but had the starboard/aft. There were opportunities to see whales, seals, eagles, etc. It doesn’t seem to be as specific to location but more being in the right place at the right time. As for the landscape views it is pretty constant so you just have to be looking. Based on our room and everting we were able to see I think you will be fine. Just take the time to enjoy.
  11. Pretty timely, this thread about losing a SeaPass card was just on the boards. The more fun topic is if you are in port and get left behind with all the famous dock runners videos. We got a lot of insight while speaking with a crew member who was often the one standing at the port waiting for folks or transferring the passports to the port authorities. They shared the most common reason for people having passports or even all their belongings removed from the ship in these instances. It is usually not the careless “lost track of time” pier runner. Usually some sort of situation or emergency causes the guest to request to leave early, or stay behind, and the crew will usually retrieve the passport at minimum.
  12. Agree with @Skid about the buffet style except for the entree, but we were on Ovation not Anthem. I’m guessing they are similar. One thing to note about the pasta that was on the entree list. If you ordered that they told you to serve yourself that off the Buffett too. All other entree dishes were prepared and served from the kitchen. We tried it since we had done everything else at least once and it was fine. It was included in our dining package. Having tried it I would say we would we would not choose it again if we were charged or on a shorter itinerary.
  13. Since I was up by 4:30 most mornings, I was often up and out of the room. A number of times deck 15 was not an option due to the pressure washing and I went up to the solarium only to find that inaccessible also. It was possible to sit in the indoor pool even though it was earlier than the pool hours stated in the cruise compass. When I would return later, usually around 7, it would be open but i never found a specific time that they opened the doors. The cruise compass stated the solarium hot tubs opened at 6:30, did you find that is when they opened the area for public access.
  14. Two of our drivers mentioned that the tides are pretty extreme. In Juneau our driver said this spring the difference from low tide to high tide is 26 feet over the course of the day. The other driver in Skagway mentioned the old Pier at Dyea was built over a mile log to accommodate the tides changes.
  15. Thanks for the great pics and all the information. It was fun to follow along while sailing with you, would have loved to say hi and even though it was never certain, we might have crossed paths at some point. I was up early most mornings and probably walked past you one of those days or on the bridges wings. My son has been following some of the threads and was also looking for you too, but a couple days in the club became more important!
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