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  1. They had adjusted embarkation from Sydney to Brisbane like a month ago. We were fine since it was 2022 we still had not booked flights. Today they just took them whole cruise away. Our letter states the whole cruise is cancelled. Radiance letter states they are now moved to our ship.
  2. So we had booked Tokyo - Seattle in May of 2021 while on Ovation in Alaska in May 2019. Because of everything going on in 2020 we decided to lift and shift to the Sydney - Honolulu, April 11th, 2022. Thought we were good. Today we got the notice that Royal was making changes to 6 ships and “cancelling” our cruise. The actual words “our April 11, 2022 Quantum of the Seas cruise has been cancelled”. While we were disappointed we did understand. It was hard to take that we would have to take a refund and book something else. No 125%, no price match, and really not many optionS since
  3. May have to reach out to you all about moving a Club Royale cruise week have in December. Since it will likely be cancelled we figured it was just going to be lost. After a quick look at this thread it sounds like it might be possible to move it. We were lucky to upgrade all the way to the Owners Loft Suite for a good price so doubt that will happen but it would be nice to at least move it to another sailing.
  4. We did the Oasis a few years ago when our son was 9 and that was about 3 weeks before Christmas. The promenade is the main area that was decorated. A few other spots had some decorations but overall it didn’t seem to be all that different. There might have been a couple of holiday specific activities but with so much to do on an oasis class ship you have your choice to engage in them or not. One nice thing was a picture from formal night by the tree became a Christmas card.
  5. I’ll give a brief background first. Our TA was in the fall last year, UK - NYC and we had a TP booked for next May Tokyo - Seattle but L&S to Sydney - Honolulu in 2022. Of note probably our favorite cruise has been a EBPC which was 14 day with only 4 port days, so safe to say we like sea days. If you are not a fan of sea days you might find either one to be less than ideal but there are plenty of options for activities. For anyone who likes relaxing or a less hurried day the TA and TP would be great. There is as much or as little as you want to do so even someone who likes the a
  6. Wow, 4 b2b that sounds awesome!!!!!! Hope you guys have a great time. Wish we would have known before we did the L&S to the Monday on Quantum. We were trying to decide which Sydney - Honolulu to take and it didn’t really matter at the time. I did look at the rooms to see about switchIng and it looks like 10720 was the only one left on the Ovation sailing. We probably are not going to change since right now because we have 8724, and you sold us on that stateroom. So unless 8324 or 8724 opens up we are locked in place. We’ll just have to wave bon voyage to you from the Sydney shor
  7. 2021 or 2022? Not sure that Australia will be accepting foreign visitors, especially from the US within the next 9 months. It came down to Ovation or Quantum and the only difference was on left on Sunday and the other on Monday. We L&S’ed to Quantum Sydney - Honolulu leaving on the Monday. Figured that give us the Sunday for checking out Sydney if we get stuck with taking a Friday flight due to the work week. If you both are leaving the day before and we can get the right room , maybe we could move again. Not sure what the rules are once you move things.
  8. There is going to need to be a good deal of flexibility on everyone’s part (and patience) for a return to cruising to be successful. There will have to be a combination of plans and objectives. The plans need to be clear and well thought out but still have flexibility but the objectives, although clear and well thought out, must not be compromised. The objectives have to all start with “how can we keep our guests and crew safe while adhering to the laws and regulations of...”, and “instill confidence in our product to our guest, staff and our business partners”. If all processes
  9. Giving this thread a bump and update. A few months ago we were about the one year to go. Now this cruise is down to single digits for months. We had decided to stick with this cruise back at the one year to go mark. We even booked our flight and had a nice find on business class to Tokyo with miles. We were waiting to book hotels as there seemed to be too many question marks. And things continued to evolve. With rising cases and travel bans by other countries on the US we made the difficult decision to switch this to a Trans-Pacific in 2022. So our room is open but the cost is
  10. Agree that some will love deck 17 and others may not. Our Star Loft Suite is scheduled for December so hoping that cruise happens but I know that we like the isolation. We have done some other lines in a similar isolated environment and it is fine for us, we are mostly there to relax and decompress so we don’t need much of the other “stuff”. Contrasting what we expect on the December cruise with our past experience with a GLS on Ovation, there was too much out and about for relaxing, the lounge and CK (And other things) on the Quantum class are just too spread out. We loved the cruise and
  11. So did the green or purple blow a Tire that caused the pile-up? Or sorry thought. It was NASCAR!
  12. Probably a dumb question since they are the same class but can anyone share some key differences between the Quantum and Ovation? State room would be the same and itinerary pretty much the same so just trying to see if there is anything that might give one ship the edge.
  13. Not sure how they calculate the space ratio, probably some version of square footage of public space vs number of guest, but that is pretty close the the other Q class ships or slight better.
  14. We liked the Q class ship, there are some +’s and -‘s compared to other but it seemed to have more things that worked well. Sorry for bringing up another site but cruise ship deck plans has a good detail about space and feeling crowded. Since the OP’s cruise is 12n, during the school year and a repositioning that decreases odds of families and ales more singles and doubles likely per cabin. Which should help it feel less crowded.
  15. Have two small things but they can both be frustrating in their own way. - Getting up early to go for a jog, thinking “I have a good jump starting the day”, get about halfway or more along the jogging track and find a rope and a team of pressure washers. - Finding a nice quite, relatively secluded spot to relax for a little bit and to enjoy the scenery, views or ambiance of the location. After taking things in for a bit when I’m ready for a little siesta, a group or activity of some sort comes along disturbing the peace.
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