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  1. ScooterScott22

    Coastal Kitchen Question

    Hopefully with all the wonderful information people have on this board you will get an earlier answer but will be sailing her in May and I’ll be happy to give feedback. I would expect they can find a way to accommodate the choices. My question for you would be with the portion size. Our son will be 11 at the time and will eat kids food up to more exotic cuisine so we have no issues with choices. Since you guys are 14 even if they have the right choices, will the portions be large enough with the kids selections. Granted it is a cruise and they should be able to find selections elsewhere throughout the day to keep them fulll. Also folks have reported that you can get food from the buffet and bring it into Coastal Kitchen but not sure if that applies to dinner service.
  2. ScooterScott22

    Compare the KEY benefits to suites benefits

    Love the grid and the information. I do understand that it may still have some edits in the future I do have one question. There is a line for “VIP theater seating” and a line further down for “ Theather seat waver”. The thread helps clarify the first one but I was trying to understand the second one. I was guessing it had to do with reservations before boarding. In my mind I was thinking it could be someone standing there waving you to your seats, an antebellum south style fan that they leave at your seat for use during the show or is it a person gently waving a palm frond over you while you are seated to keep you cool. 😁 (Although silly that last one is possible since the grid shows that it applies only to the Star class.)
  3. ScooterScott22

    Ovation in Alaska?

    Awesome, now the countdown begins!
  4. ScooterScott22

    Who’s in port?

    Like above post, my starting point is the CruiseTT website. That is usually pretty accurate but it seems that it does not get updated with changes, should they happen. Has most of the same info but slightly different arrangement.
  5. ScooterScott22

    Tipping for Large families

    You missed the point, it is about creating a relationship with the person and part of that is the tip. It is easy to engage with them in some chit chat and get to know them a little. I love to hear about their backgrounds and families. Some of the things that can share are very interesting and can range from helpful tips about cruising or personal stories. We have been lucky enough to have seen prior servers and stateroom host on subsequent cruises. It is always nice to have someone remember you from years ago and they are doing so because you are nice and not because you are an A**. Watch how Chris Pine’s character in the movie Horrible Bosses 2 treats his cleaning lady and you can see it is more than just the money.
  6. ScooterScott22

    Tipping for Large families

    Why remove a few dollars from someone who has access to your room and all your stuff? Do you want your tooth brush messed with while you are out of your cabin? Do you really want to mess with the person bringing your food each meal? The people handling my food and personal belongings are the exact people I want to have a good relationship with and if that means a few extra bucks, it is worth my peace of mind. It is an especially nice way to “thank” a person who has taken a job, months away from their family at a time to make more money than they probably could at home. (Which is still less than most people taking a cruise are making.) Edited to add - besides, many time my experience is the kids get more attention than the adults, especially from the wait staff.
  7. ScooterScott22

    Boldly Go... Star Trek the Cruise IV

    Insert obvious “science fiction loner in the basement” comment here.
  8. ScooterScott22

    Earliest flight out of Houston

    Just be careful, the storm last week closed the port and the inbound ship did circles out in the gulf until they were allowed to enter. I believe they were 4 hours late.
  9. ScooterScott22

    Ovation in Alaska?

    We will be on that sailing, so haven’t been on yet but have done a lot of research. Looks like the biggest “change” for the ship, from what is out there in the inter-webs, is the switch from Kung fu Panda to Johnny Rockets. But I haven’t seen any updates on that thread lately.
  10. ScooterScott22

    Roller Coaster on a cruise ship???

    Sorry I have to chime in on this. I love cruising. I love roller coasters. But sorry they don’t really go together for me. Cruising is for relaxing and roller coasters are for thrills. A roller coaster doesn’t add to my cruise experience and limiting the scope of the coaster to fit on a cruise ship, probably makes it not very exciting. Water slides and flo-rider rides sure but not coasters, keep the coasters at Cedar Point.
  11. ScooterScott22

    Crew member overboard

    Thanks to those who gave updates, I had hoped to have more after this evenings news. Sad to say it sounds like the cameras were checked but multiple hours after the event. Hoping for the best for his friends and family.
  12. ScooterScott22

    How would you take this?

    I thought you second line was going to read - “will be the first in the concierge lounge, linger over the food holding everyone else up, take as much as they can on a plate and leave half of it on the table as they leave”. 🙄
  13. The local news just reported that a crew member went overboard from Harmony of the Seas. Ship was reported to be ~200 miles from Puerto Rico. Search is underway.
  14. ScooterScott22

    It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like A Storm Last Week

    Awww... made me miss JVF. He was on the local news here in the past.
  15. ScooterScott22

    Nassau Safety Alert & Advisement

    Thanks for sharing. We haven’t stopped in Nassau in a few years and it never seemed bad enough to receive a written warning. I wonder what factors might be causing this increase? Are the tourist people just not paying attention and it is giving criminals more opportunity or is there a rise in the criminal element. Maybe the severe hurricane damage from 2017 has caused some shift in demographics or just greater need and risk taking.