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  1. I’ll add, that there was an issue that the credit was not there initially. Once they fixed the issue they gave an extra $10 credit for the trouble. Just guessing that the extra credit, when applied, might have done something to the limit we had set. Just a theory, but still watch the limits.
  2. Just reinforcing to keep an eye on the folio. Our son had a credit on last cruise and for some reason the cut off limit did not work. He ended going over by a few dollars by the time we realized.
  3. Another vote here for going in with an open mind. On our very first cruise we did feel some motion and just put up with it and kept on with our vacation. To make a long story short, turns out that was some of the roughest seas we have ever had, so everything has been a easy after that. Our family actually even likes at least a little bit of motion, perfectly calm waters is almost too boring. Weather and conditions will change and you can’t do anything about it so just enjoy. All you can do is pack appropriately for cold And waterproof if you are doing something like an Alaska cruise, a jacket or umbrella for rainy days and sunscreen and swimsuits for everything else. Get out there and enjoy!
  4. Also note, the boarding area can change at different ports. It is not uncommon for boarding to take place on a higher deck at ports of embarkation. In Alaska the tide difference can be as much as 27 feet. They actually moved the boarding due to tides at one point during the day at Skagway.
  5. Have been there once for work and once for a cruise. For work, had to be closer to the work location and it wasn’t too far from Granville but not a place I would recommend because it was fine but nothing special. Before our cruise we did two nights at the Marriott Pinnacle. It was a good location and we were able to walk to everything we did except for one thing, we took the train. We walked over to and around Stanley park. It was a little long but not bad. The item I wanted to share was that we had a few minor hiccups at check in and at our first meal but the management was great. They called, sent a cheese plate and drinks, etc. to compensate us for the troubles. The property had a nice pool and gym so it covered those bases too.
  6. While I doubt that I am in total agreement with Mr. Frommer about the cruise recreation options, I do see something to his point. One of the reasons we liked our first cruise so much was it was a true get-away. Since it pre-dated the onboard internet, it seemed like a real escape from the daily grind. Our favorite cruise was also one of those early ones. It was 14 day Panama Canal and it only had 4 port days, so very relaxing. It is nice to have the option to do things but there still should be some room to relax. Sometimes it is nice just to lie on a deck chair, sip a cocktail and watch the water. No worrying about “gotta get to....” or “gotta post that...”. So while he maybe focused on certain aspects that I do not agree with, I can also find a theme in his statement about the “loss of relaxation” and there is some truth to that aspect.
  7. Ok, let me get the puns done first. If YOU are a big wildlife photographer then I guess any camera setup will be small compared to you and your body. Or if you are a BIG WILDLIFE photographer a cruise may be disappointing as it will likely only have smaller animals. Ok yea, those were dumb. Really just wanted to ask, particularly Twangster, if there is really enough wildlife to view? Our experiences have been that cruises in the Caribbean have had less wildlife than others. Alaska obviously had the most. Surprisingly, we also saw quite a bit of sea life along the Pacific side of Mexico heading down to the Panama Canal. Even our 2 European cruises - Norway, Iceland, UK had more than all the Caribbean cruises. It seems the most likely animal to encounter on a Caribbean Cruise is the Party Animal. (Sorry just had to put that last one in there.) I don’t know much about cameras and agree that any setup will be fine. But the OP may not find as many subjects to shoot. Therefore if it matter to his setup, landscape and scenery shots would be plentiful.
  8. I tend to be up early but not due to sleep issues. It is always nice to just have a walk around while things are quite and less crowded. Sometimes you notice things that you might not have if there were people moving about. You may find new shortcuts or hidden little spot if you just explore. If the weather is nice (tropical or Caribbean cruises) it can be relaxing to just grab a deck chair and lounge. While it may not be a deep sleep, you may end up catching a few more winks or get to see a beautiful sunrise. If not, then you can be the first in line for the breakfast buffet!
  9. Quick word of caution, while it is probably extremely rare, genie assignments can change. We had a couple of gifts from our local area and one was personalized for our genie. The day of boarding we were notified that our genie was changed. So we were stuck with that personalized item. We passed along the other gifts and a little extra $$$.
  10. Awesome, combo of events for your pre-cruise! And LET’S GO BLUES! I haven’t been there for a game but have been in the area around there for work a number of times. The traffic around and on the expressway can be really heavy at times and likely, after work/before game time it will be busier. If you have the car and are free, being vacation and all, it might be a good idea to head over a little early and grab a bite to eat at the mall area or one of the places near Sunrise Blvd and Flamingo. Otherwise I would just do Uber or something over there. Have fun!
  11. Since I live in the area, unfortunately I don’t have a lot of direct experience there. A friend from overseas stays there for work conferences each year. He has been at a few other hotels around town and is happy with this one. So the accommodations seem fine. As for dining, I have been over there to visit and have drinks but not to the restaurants. He does occasional meals there and is relatively happy with those. If you don’t mind a short trip out, there are a ton of dining choices about 2 miles north of the property. The property is an easy cab or Uber to Disney Springs and there are two other cluster of restaurants right along 535 at I-4. If you don’t want to go off property, a number of those probably offer some sort of delivery or Doordash/UberEats.
  12. Since the OP is from Sweden... ...Being from Florida and having sailed the coast of Norway I would be tempted to say Miami in February is similar to Norway in July. I won’t because Miami is probably consistently warmer.
  13. I’ll agree that the switch to Star Class and the perks will be a great trade off for the change in sleeping arrangements/shared space. As far as the sibling in-fighting it gives you one more “distraction” with Star Class. Anytime you see things seem to be escalating just ask “Do you think we should ask (insert genie’s name) to (get us some/arrange reservations for)?
  14. The “best viewing times” might be a little open ended so just sharing the Northstar rides with an associated charge should be only when the ship is at the glacier. The charge was $50. @twangster can always provide more details.
  15. There are way to many things to do and hotels in central florida to ever give an exact place/event that will appeal to an individual and their budget via an Internet forum. So the question is kind of vague. For hotels you have everything to choose from, starting at the Waldorf-Astoria or Four Seasons down to simple low cost options. That said, there are also some items that might help begin planning or for other people to give suggestions. I’ll start with a few key details about your travel and give some general big buckets to start from. First thing is defining - overnight stay. If you are truly just doing an overnight that probably entails arriving in the evening from your travels. With boarding starting in the mid morning then you likely will benefit from just getting a hotel, getting a good nights sleep and then coordinating travel to the port. If an evening arrival is the case, then there are really two viable options. Grab a hotel at or near the airport and travel over to the port in the AM, OR travel over to the port after arrival and get a hotel near near the coast. That will allow you to relax some in the morning, or pick up some last minute items and then head over to check-in. If you are planning on arriving early enough to have a full day before boarding then you have a few more options. - One option, an probably the most viable, is to head to the coast/port area. You have the beach, space center, dinner at the port watching ships sail away all as options. Plus you have a short trip in the morning to the port itself. - Some folks like to do a day in Orlando parks. Since most of the theme parks are about 1-1 1/2 hour drive to the port it is pretty easy. If you don’t want to do a park ticket they have shopping and dining areas that the general public can access. There are plenty of low key attractions (Gatorland, etc.) Also there are a few outlet malls (and regular malls) for those that want to just shop. There are also special events and things start rolling at Daytona in February so that might be an option depending on you actual dates and interest. Those are just some thoughts, happy planning!
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