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  1. Im going on a cruise around the Caribbean in February and was just wondering to myself. So tipping in the UK really doesn't exist unless your absolutely desperate to give money to servers which in my experience very few people do. I've gone through my life without giving a single tip. I've heard rumours that this is a big thing in the States and aboard US Royal Caribbean Cruises. What exactly is the protocol here, I would never tip with a meal or drink but usually when i'm on Med cruises once I get to know for example the person cleaning my room or some bartender that I talk to near everyday I part with a few quid. Is it somewhat of a social issue over there? Will people be judgy can you get away with it easy. It just seems bizarre to pay all this money for a cruise and then get charged all of these gratuities. I may not speak for the whole of the UK but for me and my family it tends to make us quite uncomfortable. Thoughts?
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