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  1. Also, you might find a roll call group on FaceBook. In the search section put your ship name and dates. There are FB groups for both of my upcoming cruises. Enjoy your cruise!
  2. Bring battery operated tea light candles to use in your cabin or on the balcony.
  3. Just for fun, share if you have ever had these cruise experiences. --Sailed alone --Sailed with a sweetheart/spouse --Sailed with other family members --Done a repositioning cruise --Missed a port call because of weather --Had your port of disembarkation changed because of weather --Sailed in or out of a port in your home town --Sailed in or out of a port in foreign country --Gotten sick on a cruise --Ate at the midnight buffet --Had formal tea on a sea day --Visited a cruise line's private island --Toured the ship's galley --Toured the bridge --Had a wardrobe malfunction on board --Sailed on a cruise line other than RC --Had the chef make something special for only your table I have only been on 7 cruises, but I have done all of them! Let's hear from you. Feel free to add to the list!
  4. I make up a mini medicine cabinet. One sleeve each of antihistamine, anti-diarrhea med, gas-x, Pepto-Bismol, Benadryl, Mucinex, etc. Small bottle of calamine lotion, tube of antibiotic ointment, a few bandages in common sizes, antiseptic wipes, etc. Mine fits in a small make-up bag. It is nice to have what you need without paying ship prices, or realizing you need it after the ship store closes.
  5. Teddy, still hoping you get an upgrade!
  6. I would never fly in on the day of a cruise. Too many chances for things to go wrong. My humble opinion.
  7. Have you used the Key on a recent Anthem sailing? What was your experience? I purchased it for two of us at $25.99. DH loves adventure and hates crowds and waiting, so I thought it would be worthwhile. Now we have a potential to Royal Up to a Junior Suite for about the same amount. That suite perks would eliminate some of the crowd factor (dinner at Coastal Kitchen, Suite seating at shows, etc.) Trying to decide if I should cancel the Key and try to Royal Up. Any thoughts?
  8. For me, I think it has to do with inner ear and chronic sinusitis. I believe taking Sudafed ( the little red ones) helps me with the minor irritation that I sometimes experience. I had it really bad when I took a re-positioning cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii. (Five sea days before first port.) My brother, who is a commercial fisherman, told me to eat or drink something and lie down or at least sit down and close my eyes until the feeling passes. So yes, that was me, staggering down the street and then lying on a park bench in Maui with a Sprite in hand.
  9. We have successfully used Air BnB in other cities. My advice is to read every word of every review, and look carefully at every photo. I look for 100% positive comments, and make sure there are several comments. If there is some feature offered but not shown in a photo, there is probably a reason. You can always ask the host questions before booking. (Is the bathroom on the same floor as the bedroom? Is there a coffee pot and coffee? Etc.) I check in early afternoon, so I am not scrambling in the middle of the night if something is wrong. If something does go wrong you can dispute the charge on your credit card. We have had some good and some great experiences with Air BnB. Good luck to you!
  10. I agree with all the great advice already given! Also, don't forget if meals seem overwhelming you can always order room service. (There is an upcharge, but it might be worth it to you.) You can also have "do it yourself room service." Make a plate and take it to your room if you like. On my next cruise I plan to order continental breakfast (for free) delivered to the room and "do it myself" and bring back some sausage and eggs one morning. If I time it correctly I will have hot coffee and pastries waiting when I get back with the hot stuff. Also, to echo what others have said, don't worry too much about planning everything. On my very first cruise I had no idea what to expect, didn't even know how we would get from the airport to the ship. I got my luggage and looked for someone in a Royal Caribbean shirt with a clipboard. She sold me a transfer on the spot. I boarded, checked into my interior state room and had a blast! You are way ahead of that learning curve. Have a great voyage!
  11. Thanks for the info. Trying to decide on whether to buy The Key or not.
  12. Back in the dark ages, we could purchase internet packages on board with a certain number of minutes for one flat price. (90 minute package for $25, eg.) I will be on Anthem next year. Will that be an option or will I need to purchase a package for daily use? If it is an option, can you tell me the cost? Thanks in advance!
  13. Point for the team who has a photo of a person wearing a T-shirt from a location farthest from your embarkation port.
  14. Agree with all about letting the steam from the shower help. To kick up this process I sometimes put a hanger with clips on it on the bottom of the article of clothing while steaming. The weight seems to help pull out the wrinkles even more.
  15. I take a mini medicine kit. One plastic sleeve each of Benadryl, anti-diarrheal, mucinex, ex-lax, Sudafed, Pepto-Bismol tablets, etc. A few band-aids, small tube of Neosporin. Much cheaper and more convenient to have it if needed. I also take a mini can of Lysol in case one of us gets sick, we can manage the germs to protect the other. I also put two Clorox wipes in a Ziploc bag and wipe down the entire cabin first thing, just in case.
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