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  1. I had a head waiter tell me that they stopped doing the midnight buffets because lots of people came to take pictures of the ice sculptures and fancy foods, but no one ate very much. Of course, nowadays people take lots of food photos. I do it, myself.
  2. They use warmed smooth stones as part of the massage. Sometimes they will lay a series of stones on your back while using one to massage your shoulders, etc. Blissful!
  3. I cruised with my parents for their 50th. We bought a gold mini cake topper for about 79 cents at Hobby Lobby. I had it in my purse and when the waiter brought out the cake for them I stuck it in while he was singing. It showed up great in the photos. You could do something similar for a room service breakfast or even a special cocktail.
  4. Has anyone attended one? Can you give me a description of it? Thanks in advance.
  5. Does anyone have advice on how to take a day trip into New York City? We will be driving to the port and staying in a hotel nearby. We might go a day early to try and see some of the city. I particularly want to see the Statue of Liberty. Thanks!
  6. I like to wear a sundress to dinner one night, maybe with a shawl or shrug, then wear it again the next day on the ship or in port. Cuts down on my packing. However, unless you are worried about airline baggage fees I say take as much as you want. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. A couple of questions for you knowledgeable cruising card holders.... Has anyone ever seen a bonus higher than 10,000 points for signing up? Will I get double points paying for an RCCL cruise through a travel agent? Thanks in advance.
  8. I just checked the Cruise Planner for our Feb 20 Anthem sailing. One option is a free reservation for the Solarium Bistro dinner. Has anyone done this? What did you think.
  9. As others have said, it all comes down to personal preferences. I won't sail unless I can be in a balcony cabin. I love having my own outdoor space. I usually go to the port very early and am among the first to board, so there are less crowds early on. On board, I just wander around until I find a cozy and quiet area. I rarely book excursions, sometimes don't even get off the ship. Everything is quieter and less crowded on board on port days. The Windjammer Café is very peaceful during dinner time in the main dining room. I am sure you will have a great time and as you take future cruises you will figure out what works for you. Enjoy!
  10. I did an eleven night repositioning cruise from Vancouver thru the Hawaiian islands, ending up on Oahu. I loved it. The seas were a bit rough the first couple of days, but I have had worse in the Caribbean. Those first five sea days made me feel like I was on a voyage from long ago, with everyone relaxing and enjoying a slow pace. As RC Voyager said, there were a couple of times it was obvious that it was not the well-rehearsed routine for the staff. Many of them were going to Hawaii for their first time. I think it was exciting for all of us. I hope to do another one again one day.
  11. In the Caribbean we usually just get off and walk around a little bit, then go back and enjoy the quiet on the ship. (Lived in Hawaii and Florida for years, so the beach is not a particularly point of interest for us.)
  12. You might want to go to a luau. There are usually native crafts, dancing, etc. Depending on where you are snorkeling can be really nice, too.
  13. If you like to do it yourself, we had great fun in Rotterdam riding the water taxis. We also did a ferry to the Kinderdijk, which is a UNESCO world heritage site for windmills. Enjoy your trip.
  14. It may be difficult for crew members to exchange coins for their own home currencies. Many of my friends in Germany would "buy" dollar bills from me to use for tips when they travel outside the EU. BTW--If you meet a staff member and develop a relationship with them, it is kind to offer to exchange euro coins for euro bills if you have them. (Some people have a number of 1 or 2 euro coins they have been given. Their bank won't take the coins, but if you give them a 20 euro bill for their coins, their bank will exchange the paper bill or allow them to deposit it.)
  15. Think of whatever you need to make you comfortable at home, and consider bringing that. I travelled with my father who was having knee issues, so we brought a small folding camp stool, which he used to elevate his leg when relaxing. We also used it to hold the room service tray during breakfast on the balcony, etc. I don't always take one, but in this case it was great. My husband likes to sip on coffee all morning long so I bring an insulated mug from home for him so he can carry it around with him wherever we go. I wouldn't take it for me, because I would never use it. If you get chilly easily, bring a wrap for dinner. I have a small black jeweled coin purse that I carry to dinner. It is just big enough for my room key, a lipstick, and a mint. It is small enough to put on the table beside my plate. I stow my receipt from any drinks at dinner, reapply my lipstick, then off to the show! When I cruised alone I had a small purse that was large enough to hold a paperback and I carried that around with me all day so I could read while waiting. Think of your comfort items and bring them for yourself! Enjoy your cruise!
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