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  1. In my humble opinion, life is too short to wrangle my own straws on vacation. I did find that if my paper straw gets yucky the bar staff are always willing to give me a new one.
  2. I just got off Anthem on Sunday. We were the first cruise after the delayed voyage due to the scare. I didn't see anyone in masks or in any way subdued because of the virus. A few people were seasick during high seas on day 7, but that is a different story. Go!
  3. We were just on Anthem. Reports are that the ship was at capacity but we never had more than one minute wait for MTD. (Four nights, two people. We dined elsewhere the other nights.)
  4. On our recent Anthem cruise we really enjoyed Solarium Bistro for dinner. It was calm and quiet. Buffet style salads, appetizers, sides and deserts. Cooked to order entrees. We tried the skirt steak, salmon and shrimp. All were delicious.
  5. Posted in dining by mistake. Anyone know how to move or delete this post?
  6. On our recent Anthem of the Seas cruise we made a nifty DIY door decoration with our name on it. (Wooden anchor we spray painted red and embellished with white letters spelling out our last name, then glued on magnets to the back of it.) I hung it above the peephole just incase a little person walking by was tempted to touch it. Someone took it on the first day during sailaway! We walked up and down the passageways near our room in case it was a prank and someone put it on a different door. No luck. It was really gone!. We mentioned this to our stateroom attendant who notified the head of housekeeping. They told us that Security could probably get it back for us because there are cameras every where in the hallways. We went down to guest services to fill out a request and were interviewed by security. By the next morning we had a message on our phone that our item had been retrieved. It had not been damaged. Hurrah! (Not sure who would want an anchor with our names on it!)
  7. Agree. I also don't like the hard sell on products after and the request for a larger gratuity than the compulsory 18%. I get my massages back home before and after.
  8. As others have said, it is all personal preference. Just got back from a cruise on Anthem. We were so glad we didn't pay for any extras on Coco Cay. We got off the ship around 1030, found two loungers together with an umbrella just a few steps from the water and were too full from breakfast to even eat any lunch. (We only had the mozzarella sticks, which were tasty.) We would not have had any more fun with a beach bed, cabana, beach club or floating loungers. Just my opinion.
  9. Add on (related) question. Can I make same day reservations for dinner in the MDR using the app? Say we decide at 3:00 p.m. that we want dinner at 6:00 p.m., can we reserve it then? Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. Taking Sudafed (little red ones) seems to help me. I think they promote ear drainage.
  11. I was sailing with my parents on Valentine's day with no sweetheart of my own. The headwaiter came at dinner and gave each lady a long-stemmed red rose. Very nice surprise.
  12. We usually use clear packing tape on our luggage tags. Cut a strip of tape a bit longer than the paper tag, put the tag face down on the sticky side, then slide that through the luggage handle and fold it up, sticking the tape to itself. Never had a problem. Good luck!
  13. Also, you might find a roll call group on FaceBook. In the search section put your ship name and dates. There are FB groups for both of my upcoming cruises. Enjoy your cruise!
  14. Bring battery operated tea light candles to use in your cabin or on the balcony.
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