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  1. I had the deluxe drink package and tried alot of different drinks at differnt bars onboard the AlotS in late august sailing. I really enjoyed the smoky sunrise at boleros. I pretty much got one whenever I passed by. I also got the Azul Margarita at the Sabor Bar. I also love the Japanese Strawberry from Izumi.
  2. I'm on the allure we saw you guys at roatan and Cozumel. They extended us as well. Currently at Costa Maya with the navigator and will be making the two sea day journey back to ft Lauderdale. I'm happy they extended all the prebooked package s at no cost. Allure also had many people leave at Cozumel and a few at roatan. Stay safe out there!
  3. Update: For those sailing on Allure today. I have seen the updated itinerary on the royal app. Looks like ports have changed due to the hurricane. It will now be labadee, Falmouth Jamaica, and Cozumel. Let's hope for safe sailing for anyone else on this cruise! See you on board!
  4. Hello cruisers I got in to ft Lauderdale today for my Aots. I was talking to family members and we have heard that there may be a last minute itinerary change to deal with the tropical storm/hurricane brewing currently in the Caribbean. Can anyone give me some advice. Also if there is a last minute itinerary change how do you deal with previously booked excursions at previous ports? The other weather related issue is what happens if inclement weather affects the cruise port and we are delayed from docking on schedule etc. Any advice about my upcoming sailing would easy my mind.
  5. Hello All I'm getting ready for my cruise on the AotS in about a week. A lot of video blogs suggested to bring magnetic hooks to hold swimsuits, hats, etc. I also have heard that most ships have walls that you can stick the hooks to. I am going to be in an ocean balcony stateroom and wanted to know other cruisers experience with magnetic hooks. Any other room organization or packing tips would also be highly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Hello Cruisers, I am excited to go on my first royal caribbean cruise on AotS in a few weeks. We are leaving out of port everglades. I have asked cruisers that have been before their embarkation experience at port everglades. Many people have told me to be careful with the porters that work there as they do not work for Royal Caribbean, but rather work for the port itself. I have heard that they maybe rude and mishandle your luggage. I was told to just ignore the aggressive porters and just bring my own luggage to the loading area. How has your experience been at port everglades?
  7. Hello Everyone I'll be going on my first RCI Cruise on the allure in August. I have purchased the deluxe drinks package and will be arriving at port asap to get on board. I know that rooms won't be ready till about 1. I know I will not have my seapass when i first board, but would still like to take advantage of my drinks package. How do I get a drink without my seapass initially? Thanks
  8. I have two young ones 5 and 3. We are not bringing car seats just for the transfers. Has anyone used Uber or lift with the drivers providing car seats?
  9. Hello All My family and I are sailing out of Port Everglades on the Allure in August. We are staying near the airport at a hotel in Dania Beach Fort Lauderdale. My hotel can arrange for transfer to the port the following day. Do any other cruisers have any company they use for transfers to the port in Fort Lauderdale? I just wanted to get a good price range and solid options. Thanks
  10. Hello Cruisers! My upcoming cruise in August is my first cruise with RCCL. I am very excited. I wanted to know more about the MDR. Our travel agent booked 3 staterooms for us and we all have the same dining time at the MDR. Will all the staterooms be seated together? Also more family members just decided to join us on the cruise and booked their own stateroom through Costco. I would like to get this stateroom also seated at the same table. Does anyone know how I would go about do so? Thanks
  11. I recently also purchased a egift card and tried to use. The terms of my gift card stated that I could not use it for onboard credit nor could i use for cruise planner purchases. I was only able to use it to offset the cost of my cruise. You also had to be very careful as the redemption isn't done via the website but by a royal Caribbean redemption email. It also takes at least 5 to 10 business days for them to process. So you want to make sure you get it applied to your reservation soon than later.
  12. Hello cruisers! This will be my first time on rccl. I am sailing with the allure of the seas. My family and I plan on eating most dinners at the mdr. I noticed on the rccl website that there is a dress code for the mdr even on none formal nights. I wanted to know how strictly do they enforce the dress code for dinner at the mdr on a regular night not formal night. I do plan on dressing up for formal night but plan on wearing a nice pair of shorts and a polo shirt with boat shoes for dinner. I also have two little ones that I don't really want to dress up other than on formal night.
  13. Hello everyone I am booked on the allure out of fort Lauderdale. I. Currently looking at flights. I see that there is a 10:15 am flight out of fort Lauderdale. If I'm due back at port if fort Lauderdale at 6:15 am is this enough time to get to the airport especially if I am thinking about doing the express disembarkation?
  14. Hello Again Newbie cruiser here. I am very confused at the Voom internet as well as how it is combined with the drinks package. In our state room we have two adults that will both be getting this. Does this mean we each get one device that will be connected to the internet or does this mean that one device in the state room gets connected to the internet. Thanks
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