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  1. Oooh thank you! Is this the drink for Cococay (which is also the same as a labadoozy?) ? Are you able to order these on board or is it only when you’re at these destinations? My upcoming cruise is my first Caribbean cruise so I’d love to try some tropical drinks!
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone can recommend some frozen cocktails? On my past cruises I have found that these aren’t shown on the menus but you can order, previously I have had pina colada, strawberry daiquiri and a lava flow. I have seen pictures of old menus showing frozen mai tai, frozen rum runner, frozen mojito, frozen Bahama mama and more, are these drinks still available? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello, Sorry if this has been discussed, I have been searching through the forum to find some answers but didn't stumble along anything and I'm in need of some help! I currently have a sailing booked on Ovation on the 7th Feb 2021 from Sydney to New Zealand (We will be flying from London) which we have already used our FCC on from a previously cancelled sailing. It is looking likely that Australia's borders are going to be closed until likely the end of 2021 so we didn't hold much hope for this going ahead for us but have been waiting it out to see what happens. As our payment is due next month I thought I'd enquire about changing the booking to 2022, there is a sailing in March still on ovation with all the same stops but 2 extra nights and it just so happens to be almost two grand less than what the 2021 sailing will be! Originally I was told by my travel agent that it's fine to move it and was in the process of doing so but then realised that due to us already using the FCC on this sailing we wouldn't be able to move it again unless this cruise is cancelled? I'm a little confused about the process. I'm worried that if I make the payment I'm going to have less option in terms of moving this date and the 2022 price increasing. Princess have just announced they have cancelled all Australia and New Zealand sailings through to May 31st 2021, are Royal likely to follow suit? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello, thanks for your reply! I requested a quote twice through their website but didn’t hear anything back ?
  5. Hi guys, My first time posting a new topic! In the past I have always just booked my cruise directly with Royal Caribbean. This time I am looking at a New Zealand sailing in Feb 21, return flights from London to Sydney with a hotel stay for the night before sail. As this is quite a lot to do and I’d probably forget about losing a day on the plane and end up in Sydney a day late ?? so I thought it will be best to leave it in the hands of the professionals. I reached out to a travel agent called vision cruise who got back to me with a cost of just under £5000 which I thought was great! However I did do a mock costing on my own for the same room type for the cruise as far as Royals website would let me go without booking, including gratuities and tax I believe. The same BA flights on the same days and the same hotel they had quoted and it came out in total just under £4000. It may be that I’ve just missed something off but is this something I could put forward to the company to see if they could match or explain why the costing is so different? Or maybe you guys might know from experience!
  6. Ah this is where it gets even more tricky! The booking is for four people (two couples) in two separate rooms, although this is a group booking it is still under two booking numbers for each couple so I believe the costing is for two people? As nice as it would be to get the 125% by just subtracting gratuities and taxes etc I don't think it will work out as much as it should be just a straight refund for the hotel/flights etc which are currently included in the above package price! I think like you said with this one it means another phone call with a few more questions and just counting on the breakdown that does come through on the fcc is correct! Thanks for your help
  7. Hi, thanks for your reply! Hopefully I have attached the right picture, this seems to be the only pricing I ever received, the other information I have just breaks down all the bits that are included in the package in more detail (flight times, hotel name etc) but doesn’t specify costings. Not to worry if it doesn’t make any sense! Hurts my head even looking through it ?
  8. Thank you for your reply! Yes we opted for the fcc, got to have something to look forward to! I was a bit confused on whether the 125% for the cruise planner items were redeemable before sail or only whilst onboard so I opted just for the refund and had an email today confirming the amount and process for that which is good! I’ll have to take another look through my initial email with the booking confirmation and then just keep waiting on the fcc email to pop up! Thanks again
  9. Hello! This is my first time posting here but have been reading through the forum for a while. I am wondering if anyone would have any advise on how to work out what the fcc should work out to be? We booked our cruise directly through royal caribbean (I’ve learned now my mistake!) for a sailing on allure in June as a package which included the cruise, flights & transfers but also included tickets to Portaventura theme park and 2 nights stay in the resort hotel. I still can’t seem to get any answers as to if the themepark tickets are refundable. As we booked this as a package I’m not sure on what the individual costs are. After reading through this thread I’m wary of the breakdown that eventually comes!
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