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  1. Wasn't there a kids show that had a school on a cruise ship? Since the priority seems to be opening schools right now, to the point of changing metrics to fit the current case/death/percentage positive counts, maybe all cruise ships should open up a little school onboard...
  2. Well, I have to say that this is the answer I was expecting. It is disappointing, but I will keep watching prices. There is definitely time for that.
  3. Hi there. I have travelled widely throughout my life, but I am going on my virgin cruise voyage in August '21 to celebrate my 50th birthday. We chose an 8 day Southern Caribbean cruise out of Miami, which was initially on the BOTS. A couple of weeks ago they had a fantastic sale on drink packages and also some shore excursions. I bought Unlimited Beverage Packages plus Voom for less than $1000 per person. We also snagged a beach bungalow on Labadee for $175. As many are aware, they swapped our ship for the Independence while keeping the itinerary the same. In the process, they also canc
  4. I am on the Aug Southern Caribbean Cruise that was changed to Independence. I am happy about the ship change, but a little nervous about any possible itinerary changes and cabin reassignment.
  5. Do you know for sure that the itinerary isn't changing? The email we received for our Aug Cruise on Brilliance said that it would visit "similar destinations."
  6. Testing has always been one of the the best ways to control spread of the virus (along with social distancing and masks). Unfortunately there are individuals that control these things who do not want more tests to be made available. Even though this may not help those who want to cruise in the near future (if it becomes available), if there is a change in Washington, testing may become way more obtainable. I was also reading that RC had ordered a bunch of rapid tests (can't find the article). It would make sense to not only have testing done prior to departure, but also a rapid test before
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