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  1. They are asking for unvaxed kids to have a PCR test. any PCR test? RT-PCR? I'm tired stupid question and it's Friday. my brain clocked out once I woke up this morning. RT-PCR -> Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction
  2. 11yr unvaccinated - new US gov requirement: to fly to Miami requires a test 1 day prior to flight -Antigen?? 1 test Pre-Cruise testing requirement: a PCR test(3 days Prior) for Pre-Cruise testing requirement - 2nd test at Embarkation: an Antigen test - 3rd test
  3. okay, Am i reading this correctly? "We'll now only accept a negative PCR test result to satisfy the Pre-Cruise testing requirement for this age group." Okay PCR test require to embark. "Additionally, instead of taking a PCR test at embarkation, unvaccinated guests age 2 - 11 will receive a complimentary antigen test" So which is it? PCR or Antigen
  4. I guess, i can bring OTC allergy meds and advil just in case in my next cruise
  5. okay final update I called Ontario's Provincial Vaccine Information line 888-999-6488. I have called this number so many times to be turned away "you need to contact your public health" connected with an agent, you can tell by his voice and the manner he spoke, he knew what he was doing. Awesome, a seasoned call center agent. explained my situation and he emailed my wife's 1st dose information sheet. I thanked him profusely.. Got off the phone and review the document in detail. I spotted something... her 1st dose information sheet mentions that she had received 2 valid doses. So I replied back via email to the call center agent "David" of what i was seeing "1st & 2nd doses information sheets both says she has received 2 valid doses". He replied back explaining the 1st dose information sheet was printed as of today with today's information. (2 valid doses). So I printed the 1st dose information sheet and the email conversation with the call center agent(as backup). Let's hope it works
  6. the province of Ontario has used the old QR technology to generate our Advanced proof document. Which has led to Fraud. It is very easy to forge. any other QR readers aside from the one created by Ontario(Verify app) will fail to read it. I tried numerous QR code readers, none worked.
  7. update: My wife said, if she's not able to get the 1st dose information receipt, she's not going.. So i guess we're holding off in cruising until it all changes.
  8. Update: My wife received an email and they are not able to provide the 1st dose information sheet. All records are locked up. Last option is for her to visit a Service Ontario location and request the information.
  9. Just make sure you have both Dose information sheet given to you after each jab. That's what you will need.
  10. Update: Finally reached someone at Peel Public Health who knows what I'm talking about. This person had recently handled a request for the same situation "missing does information". Since my wife is missing her 1st dose information sheet, I gave them what they needed. (my stress level is down a little now). He sent a request to their internal data team to send(via email) my wife's 1st dose information ( ETA 2 to 5 busines days). Crossing my fingers. Stress level is much higher..
  11. exactly, same as Ontario.. that is concerning. @Lovetocruise2002mentioned, they have accepted it online. Now it's matter of accepting the same(QR code version) info at embarkation. I was on the phone for most of the day with Ontario (several tel#s), peel public health, going in circles. It seems Ontario no longer has access to the 1st and 2nd dose information sheet you have received after it was administered. both information sheet had been replaced with the Ontario's QR code version. which is missing the administering physical or medical services provider. Since my wife can't find her 1st dose information sheet.... Will she be turned away at the Port?
  12. Reason I ask, I'm trying to rebook a cruise for my family and need help in clarifying the requirements to show proof Myself and my 16yr old are fully vaccinated, have proof of Vaccination on the 1st and 2nd dose, as well the new QR version of proof of vaccination(2 doses). My wife is fully vaccinated, has proof of 2nd dose of the vaccine as well the new QR version of proof of vaccination(2 doses)). But missing the 1st does information. Wil she be accepted to board the ship, if she's missing the 1st dose info, even though she has the the digital vaccination proof of 2 doses? My 11yr old will be considered not fully vaccinated.(but will have received his 1st does)
  13. not all Shoppers will perform the rapid antigen test. you will need to locate a location that offers it. (15 mins wait) 40.00 each And certain location at Walmart's Pharmacies can do it as well (15 mins wait) 20.00 each
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