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  1. lol, now only my 16yrs old fully vax Pfizer with the shot intervals can cruise within the intervals. I'm Moderna vaxed. my shot interval is out of the 28 to 42 days window. my wife is Pfizer and moderna vaxed, shot interval is out of the 28 to 42 days window. 10 yr old son not vaxed.. Patience young Grasshopper.... sheesh lol
  2. OK, So now policy has been changed yet again. RCL will accept Mixed Vaccines. Now the doses must be separated by at least 28 days and not more than 42 days That eliminates the majority of Canadian cruisers.... lol lots of cancellations are coming in the next couples of weeks
  3. Correct Don is traveling to Miami, according to our Beloved Canadian government Travel advisory. USA is still on the list "Avoid non-essential travel"
  4. I hope so. My wife is furious at Royal right now and she's made up her mind.. She's had enough and won't cruise anymore.
  5. I have a cruise this coming Jan 2022 with my family of 4. I'm full Moderna, my 16yr old is full Pfizer, my 10 yr old not vax'd. My wife combo Pfizer & Moderna. So.......
  6. I'm set to sail Jan 10 2022, out of Port of Miami on Freedom
  7. My Feb 2022 Sailing on Navigator was moved to Freedom of the Seas. Freedom was my first. Can't wait for my kid's reactions. this will be their first sailing ever
  8. LOL I'm might book a cruise just to get that T-Shirt.....
  9. If the federal gov doesn't do anything, I can see the CDC will avoid the CSO date(nov 1). I'm sure the CDC will present a report of their findings that a certain % of USA population was not vaccinated. A potential risk for Covid to stay = no sailing ?? just thinking out loud..
  10. I watched the video where the Alaskan Senator asked the new CDC director a timeline for cruising. I was quite surprised the misleaiding answer. Did the CDC laid out their true intentions on the table? Are they going to make cruising very difficult to operate after Covid-19?
  11. My family of 4 have a cruise booked out of Miami to Bahamas/Coco Cay for Feb 10. All nighter at Coco Cay would be awesome my gut feeling - the trip will be cancelled, because we were to sail on Navigator.
  12. my personal opinion, I do see Trudeau adding a probation period after all of us are Vaccinated. Canadians have a strong population that will refuse the vaccine, so this will be a problem..
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