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  1. Unfortunately neither RCCL nor AON is willing, up to this point, to even give a partial / prorated refund via a cash reimbursement or even an FCC. Neither group is moving on this item in my case. And as mentioned before, they both point to the other guy. But let’s dig in a little deeper on the topic of a prorated refund. First, I would respectfully submit that this is not at all like auto insurance. With auto insurance you have an asset that is being covered day one along with related covered liabilities on day one. All of which could incur a full massive claim the second you purcha
  2. I have been trying to get an acceptable resolution for over4 months. RCCL sends you to AON. AON sends you to RCCL. Circular logic is their game. They point to the other guy and hope you will go away. For my policy, AON is just the administrator - Arch Insurance appears to be the underwriter. At this point, getting an acceptable resolution has become nothing more than my hobby. I kill them with kindness and just drag it out. I do this with both RCCL and AON. I've clearly been screwed, so it makes it easy. Righteous Indignation is probably the best way to sum this one up for me.
  3. Apologies if there is a previous thread on this. I searched and did not find... My June trip was cancelled but neither Royal or AON is willing to refund me my Vacation Protection Plan. I have called and emailed both without any luck. Is anyone having any luck in receiving a refund for their canceled trip? If so, welcome any help in how you accomplished the refund. Thanks
  4. Thank you. Very helpful Odd My sail date was late June. Not May,
  5. After contacting RCCL a few times via phone an email and having to waiting over 2 months for an actual document outlining my FFC it came via email today. It expires May 28 2021. My understanding was that these were going to be good until the end of 2021. In fact, this date does not allow me to book the same cruise I had previously for late June that has been cancled. I have seen where others have this though the end of 2021. Any idea why my date does not go through 2021 - or even allow me to book the same cruise date?
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