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  1. Hi, wondering if anyone can point me to the correct place to look for what you can do on the ship being vaccinated and the areas that open to everyone? I know that the casino is supposed to be for vaccinated only and I think a few other places like the Schooner Bar? Also what about specialty restaurants? I understand and know that everything is in flux, and might change at the drop of a hat. Thanks in advance
  2. 3rd year in a row, this June we are tying to do an Alaskan cruise (originally it was for the kids HS graduation) at this rate it might be for college graduation. Might be the room also we have booked the same room three years in a row, hopefully this June 2022 will be a go! Happy Holiday to all!
  3. Only 800 + more days left!!! Here we come Australia, long time off. Totally worth the wait, only thing missing is Captain Kate
  4. For those who have been in a Star Class recently, about when will/should the genie reach out to you before the cruise? I know that in a normal suite it is usually a week or so before. Any help would be wonderful, thank you in advance
  5. We are going to Alaska, doing the pre tour and then the cruise on the Radiance, anyone one else?
  6. Grand Suites on Oasis- and Quantum-class ships are eligible for Sky Tier perks, such as concierge service, unlimited internet and all-day dining at Coastal Kitchen. On older ships, you do not automatically get unlimited internet so that is why I was asking the question.
  7. I have seen a wonderful comparisons of benefits Key benefits to suites on Oasis Class and this is very helpful. It seem like a great idea for the older ships, however I am not sure. Any thoughts on this Key to Suites?
  8. My suggestion would be if flying leave a day early, we had to fly (not for a cruise...bummer) and our plane was delayed for over 2 days during the latest AA melt down with flights. However, it is getting to be the colder months and you may hit wintery conditions and that could make your car driving a "trip and a half". You would also have to pay for parking during the cruise and that could be $$. My overall pick getting closer to the holidays is to drive, 10 hours is not that bad
  9. Early spring 2022 we have an Alaskan cruise that includes a pre tour, my question is when it is time to check in what time do you try and get or do you automatically get to board once the per tour is over? Do your recommend getting the Key? I realize that this is a bit in the future, it seems like time really flies and the more you know the better prepared you can be.
  10. With the Royal up, can you go from an inside room to a suite or can you only go one level up. At one time I read that it was just one category, not sure if this has or has not changed. Thank you
  11. Fully agree, first RC cruise in over 2 years since "The Covid" started tired of being land locked. Counting the hours
  12. Hi, I was wondering what time is check-in available/start? I have a date for my check-in however I am not on Eastern Time zone. Thank you in advance.
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