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  1. I could complain about your complaint, however then I too would be complaining and hopefully I don't complain that much!
  2. Also if you are in a suite you can get in line to board an hour early and or an hour after you time. Not fully sure about the key, I have heard different things (seems like it changes like most everything else nowadays).
  3. I wear a mask on board, off board most of the time. I "break the ice" if getting looks that I have really bad teeth (not that I do), this makes me personally feel a bit safer. Up to date on the shots (my choice), and I know people that are sick/ and or had covid that have either not been vaccinated or have been vaccinated - finally something that will not/does not discriminant. We have cut way back on travel and again our choice so far we are not sick and not had covid, and hopefully will stay that way.
  4. Way Back Machine!!! Horse Racing went out about 15+ years ago... It was a blast (silly but still a blast)
  5. All three cruise lines are totally different - my opinion RC is great for onboard stuff and to me the most kid friendly. Celebrity part of RC umbrella, has (I think) in most cases better food, things to do onboard but no slides and not as much for kids. It has been ages since we were on a NCL and I think that might fall in the middle of the pack.
  6. @twangster, yes correct! We were using cellular for the internet - on embarkation day the Voom really is not "on" or much of anything until the ship leaves the port. Lesson learned - it was more of a laugh than anything else. We know better, life goes on...
  7. We were on the Allure 2br Aqua Suite over the holidays last year. Like others have said the walk is a walk, even to get to the first bank of elevators. To us that was about the only con, the ship needs an overhaul, other than that it was a blast. We had a great Genie (Dex), and the ship was about 60% capacity and Covid was running at that time rampant (a lot of the crew and passengers got/had Covid), we still had a great vacation. The Genie experience was close to pre Covid times, on The Allure so we were very pleased, however, not all ships are the same and or Genies.
  8. We have both worked from cruise ships (unfortunately) a few times, when this happens we try and do the bulk before we set sail, since we were docked it was not an issue. The major issue happened when I forgot to turn off the internet when we set sail, we were on the the decks with plenty of time and then remembered a few hours later. OUCH!!! The bill came a month later and other than a shock, we had a good cry and laugh. Just remember if you are docked and using the internet DISCONNECT before you set sail.
  9. @2beagle It all depends on the price of the drink package, and it seems to me no rhyme no reason for the prices - I have seen prices from the mid $ 40's upwards to $ 90's for the Deluxe drinking package. Take the total cost, add 18% gratuities and divide by days. Figure beers are around $ 8, and mix drinks are a tad bit more $$. The last cruise we were on RC made money on us, the cruise before that RC "lost", we over drank... Also welcome to the boards!
  10. We usually go cruising over the holidays on RC minus the few years of Covid and we have done both older and newer ships on RC. We have done a few cruises with extended family last one we were a group of 32, in 2023 we should be around 40! Few of the advantages are in no real order: Don't have to do decorations set up or take down Don't need to worry about being "on time" for events No need to cook and or clean!!!! No need to worry about driving (or being a passenger in a car) - holiday time is notorious for drunk drivers Don't have to travel far to get to "bed" You get to see other places/countries and how they celebrate the holidays Being from up north, it is wonderful not having snow (I have been too cold and it is wonderful to be hot over the holidays) Yes lots of families and kids, to us it is still a blast we are doing just our immediate family this year. Can't wait
  11. Star Class has changed a lot since the restart, have had two experiences with Star Class after the restart and a few before Covid. I am focusing on the restart, one Genie was over the top ~ and the other Genie was not and RC totally heard about both. The Genies due to protocol were not around as much, one Genie we saw every day from a distance (we were walked on and off), and the other Genie we were lucky to see (if ever) even when we disembarked. I have mentioned this before, you "pay a premium price for Star Class" and that is what I expect. Prices on everything is going up and for our vacation dollars I don't want less for more, and when we do the next star class - hopefully RC and the Genies will be better.
  12. The drinks will show up in your onboard folio, and sometimes when the bars are super busy they don't give you a paper receipt to sign. Before they had the drink packages (way back when) we had to check the folio before the last day to hopefully make sure that everything was in check. The deluxe drink package also includes fresh OJ, and bottle water it is not just booze...
  13. Suggestion: Just remember, if you are NOT on an official RC tour and they run late the ship will not wait for you/your group. Too many times I have seen dock runners, and I never planning on being one... If it is not an RC tour you need to give yourself leeway for the "just in case", also make sure your watch/phone/time piece is on ships time and not local time, sometimes they do differ.
  14. We all have TSA Pre Check and also Clear - some credit cards reimburse you for Clear. At some airports this has even a faster than TSA Pre Check. We usually fly out of ORD and you jump the line (even the TSA Pre Check), this cuts out more stress. Also you can add your covid card and it works.
  15. We just booked Hotel Jazz - thank you one and all for the recommendations! Now it is the little thing called passing the Covid test.... Then adventure!
  16. We have rather "large" backpacks and it can fit at least 2 to three days of cloths (top to bottom) and an extra pair of shoes. We also have our toiletries and medicine. This way we care, but not as much when we travel, airlines have never said that the backpacks are too big, just stash them underneath the seats or if we get onboard early enough we put them in the overhead. We live too far from any ports, so we take a plane, we have started to think about driving it might end up being less stressful!
  17. Even before this years "Melt-Down" of airlines we all but once have travelled at least one day before the cruise was expected to leave. The one time we flew day of, the stress was way, WAY, too much. Luckily, we left from a hub airport, and the plan "moved gates twice" and was delayed at least 2 hrs. I think we were the last few to board that time, this was our fifth cruise with RC about 15 years ago - and to this day, NEVER will we fly out day of again too much stress.
  18. Usually a few bars, spa is open for most things (sometimes because it is a port they have a "slight" discount). Some ships also Adventure Ocean is open for at least part of they day, pools open. You will have to check once on board for the rock climbing wall, we have seen it open in ports and also closed.
  19. When we hit Diamond + on a cruise it was 2 days into a 8 nighter, we were at Chops Grille and I asked for something special moving to the next level, so at dessert had "congratulations" written on it! Little things like this make a big impact on loyalty with us.
  20. This is what we now bring on all cruises Universal Travel Power Adapter- EPICKA All in One Worldwide International Wall Charger AC Plug Adaptor with Smart Power USB for USA EU UK AUS Cell Phone Laptop (4 USB + Type C - White + Grey) this is from one of the biggest online stores. Costs about USD $ 24 dollars. Older ships usually have "2" US plugs and "2" international and this will add plenty of much needed power for your devices.
  21. What is the timing on final payment for cruises now? I know Alaska is about 60 days, not sure about other locations. Or are most if not all back to 90 days before sailing? Thank you in advance - knowing full well that most everything is a moving target!
  22. Hi! We have a few days in Barcelona, before our ship leaves, any suggestions of places to stay for those days before we leave? We have looked and not really sure how far out some of the hotels are from the docks. We are not renting a car.
  23. Thank you, I thought so however better to ask then ASSume....
  24. Hi! Are there any special perks/sites on Coco Cay for people who are in Star Class?
  25. In no real order: Open sea...Seeing no land in sight The crew Not worrying about time, needing to be places (more open schedule) Adventure Ocean for the kids that are now adults -- about 17 plus years ago People watching Sorrentos Pizza Being able to walk around day, night, early and or late (always something happening)
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