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  1. Is bottled water available at Playa Del Mia?
  2. Would there be any problem parking a big GMC pickup in the terminal 5 parking garage?
  3. I just saw a 2021 Mariner Cruise Compass for the same week and itinerary that we will be on next month, and I noticed a "Dress to Impress" dress code on day 3 and a "Wear Your Best" dress code on day 5. What is the difference?
  4. I'm logged in fine... that's no problem. I can see all the excursions and packages...just can't do anything with them.
  5. It says the same thing for every excursion and package.
  6. I went into the Cruise Planner today to check out some excursions for our December cruise and although I see all the excursions, I get this "Currently unavailable, but we’re working on it." Is that just for my cruise or is it down for everyone today? FOLLOW-UP... 2 days later I'm getting the same thing on EVERY excursion, using a different laptop and different browser. Just as the other day, the "Reserve" box is gray instead of blue, even for those excursions that show spots still open. Could it be because our itinerary changed recently? On the app on my phone only 1 excursion shows up for Cozumel even though there are at least 50. This cruise is on Dec. 10 on the Mariner out of Port Canaveral. NOTE: I called RCCL and I've been on hold for a while, waiting to talk with someone about this. ANSWER: I just got off the phone with Mike from RCCL and he said that the itinerary change is the reason why I cannot access any excursions at this time and it might take a few days.
  7. I take one Bonine (or less drowsy Dramamine) every night before bed while on a cruise. Not only does it help me sleep better but it stays effective the entire next day without any drowsiness!
  8. We were notified by an RCCL email 4 days ago that the itinerary for our Dec. cruise has been changed. How long will it take for the changes to be reflected online under "Plan my cruise" or in the app? Our cruise was booked through an MIA TA.
  9. Replying to Matt's comment about OBC... unfortunately that won't do us any good because most specialty lunch times are booked BEFORE the cruise, especially on a shorter cruise. They are almost all booked now for my Dec. cruise. So if I want a specialty lunch reservation, I have to book now, using my own charge and the OBC cannot be applied later. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thx!
  10. I agree with most of what you said...I was just sharing my own experience. I believe I had an inexperienced TA. What I don't agree with is that they do the work. I still have to book my own excursions & packages and keep an eye on related price reductions. I thought the TA would do that, but apparently they don't. At least this agent doesn't. I will try another TA in the future.
  11. I planned my last few cruises myself using RCCL's website but decided to try the travel agency linked to this blog for our next cruise. The agent got us a better cruise fare than RCCL's website and also promised us a $75 onboard credit (compared to RCCL's $50) and a complimentary specialty dining experience if we booked a balcony cabin. So I went ahead and booked two balcony cabins with MEI Travel. However, the agent informed us later that the complimentary meal was available only to those on Oasis class, so she replaced it with a $50 onboard credit, which she said we could use toward a specialty lunch. However, I found out that neither of the onboard credits will be available until our 2nd cruise day, when it will be too late to book a specialty lunch. When I booked directly with RCCL before, I was able to use the onboard credits to purchase excursions or book dining reservations BEFORE the cruise. Also, I informed this agent early on that we would not require airfare since we live less than 2 hours from the cruise port, but she has since asked me several times about airfare. Maybe I just got an inexperienced agent this time, but I'm hesitant to use MEI Travel in the future. Just my thoughts!
  12. I'm in the Pittsburgh, PA area, and it's also been giving me a blank page when I go to view different cruise dates. It's happening on both my PC and my phone, using different browsers. I started to notice it yesterday (Nov. 27) and just tried it a couple minutes ago, with the same blank page showing up.
  13. Our reflections on "The Key" package: We would definitely buy it again, especially since we don't stay in suites and get those additional perks. What we liked about it: We arrived at the port at 11:00 and boarded immediately, although our scheduled boarding time was later. There were special lines at every station for Key passengers. We had a very nice lunch in the MDR (Chops Grille menu) as we waited for our stateroom to be ready, although the quality of my husband's steak wasn't what it would have been at Chops Grille. We received a beautiful fruit plate in our room. We had WiFi & streaming included the entire time. We had priority seating at shows, but didn't really need it. After breakfast on debarkation day, we were escorted right off the ship by a crew member, bypassing hundreds of passengers waiting in line. Our luggage was very easy to find in the "Key" section of the terminal. What we didn't like about it: The special breakfast in the MDR on debarkation day was like having leftovers. The pastry tray (which included delicious items on previous days), did not have any muffins, croissants or donuts, but instead had a piece of raisin bread and a couple little cinnamon rolls. We would have done much better in the Windjammer. We didn't take any shore excursions that required tendering, so having priority boarding didn't matter. We would definitely purchase The Key package again for future cruises if the price was right. (I believe we got it for $140, and that included both of us.)
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