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  1. On Oasis the "piano man" (in the elevator) announced that we are being treated to ... the elevator music
  2. Daughter, 7 at the time, decided to try the climbing wall. She did ok but just could not get past one point and was frustrated. Next time she came to try again, one of the (female) sports staff put on the harness and climbed alongside her, pointing out where to put the foot or where to grab, and eventually literally pushing dd's bottom up to help through the challenging spot (there were no other people waiting).
  3. In our family we have reliefband classic, as well as emeterm band - both work great, emeterm looks better than reliefband classic, and is not as expensive as the newer reliefbands. In fact, used emeterm today to wipe out nausea caused by meds I'm on. Daughter always wears reliefband (emeterm is too large for her) in the backseat of the car.
  4. Stopped reading those - time for author/Insider to stop milking a single cruise with such garbage. No more advertising money for them from me...
  5. I wish testing for common cold, flu and the like was more common - and most importantly, people would not go on vacations or work in the office if they have one of those. So sick of (pun intended) catching something on vacation or in the office.
  6. Apologies somehow missed this credits machine did not work anyway and our young lady spent >$50 over several days.
  7. Yes, I've been using the classic one since we started cruising (7? years ago) and now our 8 years old daughter uses it on car trips, and I have bought emeterm bracelet for myself. Both work great - emeterm supposedly can be used without gel but is more effective with it (works for me without, some people who tried did need gel).
  8. :(. Sorry there are no appointments. I was able to get an appointment as I had a bit more time before the cruise than you have (the appointment was scheduled for just 2 business days before the cruise, per their rules). There was someone very recently who was allowed to board with a photo of old DL iirc (lost wallet), expired passport is way stronger identity proof than that.
  9. Not to mention having peace of mind for covering any contingencies that could result in a need to fly internationally (everyone, regardless of age, needs a passport for that - which was the reason why my daughter has a passport).
  10. $60 expedited service fee if I recall correctly.
  11. Depending on where you live and when you are cruising - same or next day in-person passport service may also be an option. See https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/get-fast/passport-agencies.html and yes, cruise qualifies for international travel definition (did this for daughter back in September as her passport was expired, though being 7, she didn't strictly need the passport).
  12. On Anthem both in Dec 2021 and two weeks ago, there was a water kettle in my balcony cabin.
  13. In September on Oasis, $25 credit was posted to account on the last day of the cruise. Make sure minor's card is used in arcade, offer is only for minors.
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