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  1. Spent a day at Magic Kingdom mid-week last week, and I agree - Disney is very good with doing all they can to keep people safe. Airports, on the other hand... Ugh...
  2. Don't know if it is across the fleet, but at least on Anthem on sea days, kids can be signed-up for and dropped off at 5pm to go with staff to Windjammer for dinner, and then stay on for the 7pm session.
  3. On sea days, even though Adventure Ocean hours are 2-5 and 7-10 in the afternoon and evening, there's an option to leave kids at the AO at 5 (sign up for that the same day), and staff take them for dinner to Windjammer. Our 5 year old loved that
  4. Long-time lurker here, but just had to come out of the shadows for this one. Was that the flight from EWR to Las Vegas last August, by any chance?
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