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  1. What is your bucket list cruise destination? For me it would be Antarctica
  2. My husband and I and 2 friends are on this sailing. Who else is onboard? Officially less than a year away
  3. I agree; something just didn't taste right. I always asked for a glass of ice and once I had it colder and in a glass, it tasted perfectly fine to me.
  4. My wish is pretty minor in the grand scheme, but I would like to have a search feature. For example, I love watching the love and marriage game show. It would be helpful if I could try to filter through a search tool to see what day/time my favorite events are being offered so I can add it on day 1 to my calendar.
  5. I loved taking my step children on their very first cruise (and first time out of the country). Being able to introduce them to new cultures and have them try new things like taking a UTV ride in Aruba (which was equally scary and exciting for me as well) was amazing. Everything to them was new and exciting and it was great to experience cruising through a newbies perspective as there was no comparison to any other ship or to the overall experience pre vs. post covid; just pure enthusiasm the entire trip.
  6. My husband and I are on this sailing! Looking forward to celebrating NYE aboard.
  7. This sounds like something I would do - I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep that night anyway. Just so nervous I’ll have an issue at the terminal but this thread is putting me more at ease. Thanks everyone!
  8. So I am definitely letting my anxiety get the better of me. I know Royal Caribbean says you have to test 2 days prior (not 48 hours). However, I ordered the emed at home test and I'm afraid if I take it early in the morning (around 5am) that it's going to be an issue at check-in since the the test result on the app at time of check in will say 3 days since negative test result. I'm going to print the result as well, but I would imagine the time would still be on there. Has anyone actually had experience with this and it hasn't been questioned? I know I should just wait until later that night to test, but I have anxiety about taking the test in general so I'll be anxious all day waiting until after work to take it as well. Yes, I completely admit that I'm an over-thinker...in desperate need of a cruise so I can relax!
  9. Completely agree it will be a great time no matter what. We are in Palm Bay!
  10. Yay, Can’t wait! I’m going as a family group of 13! Still waiting for them to name the replacement stop for Grand Cayman…
  11. I know this sailing conflicts with the group cruise but we had booked this before I discovered the wonderful world of Royal Caribbean Blog... Anyone else on this sailing?
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