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  1. hmmm that's great news. hmm let me touch most of the food in front of me until I make a decision on which one I pick to eat.... ughhhh
  2. Has anyone used the enhanced proof of vaccination(which includes a QR code) as a form of proof to gain entry into the US and satisfy Royal's requirements?
  3. When our lovely Federal Health Dept announced revised testing requirements to come back to Canada(dropping the PCR), they did mention the federal Transport Minister was to announce the guidelines & protocols for the cruising industry in the following weeks. (March time frame) I assume they are ready to open the Ports in Canada..
  4. Canadian Government will provide details for Cruise lines in the coming weeks
  5. Thanks for the confirmation. It confirms that both of my nieces were allowed to fly home (Testing negative with RT-PCR tests)
  6. question Is there such a thing if you didn't get the booster shot and 6 months have past since your 2nd dose, you don't qualify as being vaccinated? Reason why I ask is because my niece was denied to fly back home to Canada according the Florida Health dept (via CDC rules/guidelines).
  7. I guess you will be scheduling your appointment with Switch Health on disembarkation day or using voom service before disembarkation day?
  8. My understanding is the Antigen test must be administered by a lab, health care unit. Quote" As of Feb. 28, a negative rapid antigen or PCR test results will be accepted to meet entry requirements. These tests will need to be administered by a laboratory or health care entity, meaning doing a test at home won’t work." from this link https://globalnews.ca/news/8619015/new-border-rules-covid/ I think this excludes the switch health test kits
  9. Honestly, no clue.... but under the travel advisory, the Canadian Gov still said to avoid Cruise ships.. Still preaching Doom and Gloom Travel on cruise ships outside of Canada You should continue to avoid all cruise ship travel outside of Canada. If you decide to take a cruise outside of Canada despite this advisory, there are some important facts you should consider. If an outbreak of COVID-19 or another contagious illness were to occur: you could be subject to quarantine procedures onboard the ship or in a foreign country the range of consular services available on cruise ships may be significantly restricted by local authorities, especially in situations of quarantine the cost of medical care could be very expensive if required, and you may need to pay for your medical bills immediately in cash The Government of Canada won’t pay your medical bills, including COVID-related expenses or medical evacuation. If you’re infected with COVID-19, you won’t be able to return to Canada on a public flight until 10 days have passed. You shouldn’t depend on the Government of Canada for assistance to change your travel plans. The Government of Canada will continue to evaluate the situation and make changes as necessary to ensure the health and safety of all Canadians.
  10. https://globalnews.ca/news/8619015/new-border-rules-covid/ via this link Quote: When it comes to travelling on cruise ships, the government also says they will have a plan. “I can assure you that we will have more to say very soon about how testing for cruise ship travellers arriving at Canadian ports in time for cruise ship season this spring,” Alghabra said.
  11. my parents were Snow birds for a couple of years in a gated retirement community(Springhill) and enjoyed it. We have family in Springhill and Lake Placid when I think about retirement plans, my mind brings me in a journey of places I visited and reminders of my Parents experiences. Had a recent chat with my wife concerning this and she had a smile on her face. She said "We could rent our current house for additional income and buy something in Florida" hmmmm
  12. Curious, So how does RCL stop healthy asymptomatic cruisers from boarding the ship so to avoid Covid spread?
  13. agreed, but once in your system, symptoms or not, it stays in your body for months
  14. I apologize in advance for this warning. But I have to say something My brother in law went on a recent cruise out of Miami on Freedom of the Seas, returned to port on Jan 14 to fly back home "Canada" Paid for 4 Rapid PCR "RT-PCR" tests to satisfy the Canadian Gov requirement to fly back home. He stressed before the purchase they required PCR tests to fly back home" Once they received their results, his wife tested positive for Covid and they wouldn't do a retest, the wrong test kit was used to determine the results, they used Antigen test method. They were then in touch with the Florida Health Dept to work out the plan for quarantine procedures. Again He and both kids received the RT-PCR test, his wife received the Antigen test even though they paid for 4 RT-PCR tests. My brother in Law had to go back home, he wanted to bring his kids with him. Florida Health with the CDC guidelines denied his 11yr & 16yr to fly back home. 11yr old only received 1 shot - tested negative, was told has to stay with mother to quarantine 16yr received both shots, but 6 months has passed since the last shot, she also couldn't leave. He was on the phone several times with Nomi Health to find out why they had used the wrong testing method. They apologized and advised them to get retested after the quarantine. So quarantine was over, they scheduled their test and flight to go back home. All tested NEGATIVE.. IT WAS A FREGGIN FALSE POSITIVE. if she would have received the correct testing method from the start ???? They later found out locally and via family in Florida, this is not the only case. There has been many cases like this specially coming from Miami Airport.
  15. I can't wait to hit Diamond as well, My wife doesn't drink so that defeats to purpose on buying the package. I usually drink no more than 2 drinks per day.. So Diamond status will be more than enough.
  16. I will counter that, My brother-in-law entire family (Wife, 2 daughters & son) got covid just after the holidays. It started with my nephew, then my brother-in-law, then his wife, then both girls. they wore masks throughout the ordeal, washed hands and daily house cleaning & laundry. Infected family quarantined away from family members. They are ok now...all got their tests to show proof for positive results, followed the Canadian guidelines/procedures.
  17. on my brother's recent Freedom sailing, he asked for a booze card and was told, they no longer offer it.
  18. my wife doesn't drink alcohol period(cost savings). so my option would be to get 1 to 2 boozy drinks per day. it's too bad they don't offer the card (like the coffee card) anymore.
  19. you can try https://www.travelguard.ca/travel-insurance/all-inclusive
  20. my brother was telling me he was speaking with a resident island Crew member. He mentions the plan was to have 4 islands. Coco Cay, Labadee converted and an Australia location. He forgot the 4th location. As well they plan on adding a Lazy river in CoCo Cay. Also he claims RCG purchased a resort in Nassau..
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