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  1. From Toronto, ON To Port of Miami.. hmmm. I have driven to Florida before no issues. I would rather fly to be honest.
  2. Man .. I'm royally pissed.. I was advised by the travel company the reason for the cancellation was due to last payment not submitted even when they had advised me the last payment submission was extended. I had full intentions in paying the remaining balance before the due date,... Even though I can't see any sailing for the remainder of 2020.. but you never know. the other travel agent has assured me the Nov sailing will be canceled. I would rather have paid my last payment then the sailing cancelled. It was a mistake on their part and I don't know how to deal with thi
  3. My travel agent has been having bad luck in reaching RCL to manage my bookings. My Nov 2nd sailing was recently cancelled, and it has been 2 weeks with no luck getting through to RCL Frustrating....
  4. ok.. SO If plan on working with MEI travel for RCL cruising trips for my family, then maybe it's worth getting an RBC Gold USD Visa. use that CC for all of my future RCL trips. This way I can get better incentives offered in the US? We'll just need to deal with the currency exchange when paying it off
  5. ok, so I'm trying to understand this. for every 1000.00 USD it costs $32.85 CAD (1314.03 CAD x 2.5% FEE CC) current exchange rate So to avoid this 32.85 FEE CC, or any exchange rate, you get an RBC Visa is USD currency to pay RCL's cruise invoice. so when it's time to pay off the RBC USD Visa balance, you are using CAD currency? still an exchange rate right there. Why do all of this to save 32.85 CAD per 1000,00 USD? unless you are always booking suites and above. then maybe. I don't see the cost savings.. by planning a trip for my family of 4, usually we a
  6. At today's bank rate per $1000 USD = $1314.03 CAD and this is before the 2.5% fee CC charge for foreign currency transactions. So $32.85 CAD for every $1000 USD? (1314.03 CAD x 2.5% FEE CC)
  7. Hi folks I currently work with a Flightcenter Travel Agent, She's great, but the company had a major temp layoff and store closures across Canada. She was affected. I was working with the agent on my Nov 2nd Miami sailing (now cancelled) I was trying to get the agent to do a Lift and shift. I also have a Mediterranean cruise in May 2021. We don't know her future with the company, so I'm asking any RC Canadian members here, who they love to work with for Cruising vacations. (as a backup)
  8. changed for me and I'm using Chrome
  9. Look on the bright side. CDC has extended the ban for an additional 76 days and not another 100 days..
  10. thanks for heads up. I had purchased 2 passes for my kids for Thrill water park at 105 CAD each which now is cancelled. with my onboard credit, I paid 2 new passes for a total of 72.87 CAD. nice
  11. tried this myself, and it looks like there was an update, looks good
  12. I'm on a Nov 2nd Sailing, and I'm pretty sure I will not be sailing..
  13. Thanks, wasn't aware Oasis class ships can only port out of Miami and Texas..
  14. Question: Where will RCL, Carnival & Norw.. port their ships to pickup their passengers to sail into the Caribbeans? It certainly will not be Florida and/or Texas in the next 4 to 5 months.
  15. I understand the state Florida is in. All I want is safe passge to the port of Miami and board the ship on Nov 2nd. Wishful thinking.
  16. I agree, the chaos it would cause.. let's hope they still go monthly..
  17. Didn't CBC released news yesterday, there might be talks of closing the border for a year?
  18. Besides RCB forum for info, who do you recommend on Youtube for Cruise news?
  19. Well that makes me feel uncomfortable...
  20. CDC doesn't have enough information to decide when sailing would resume. It's quite clear CDC doesn't want to work with the cruise lines. They had more than enough time to work with cruise lines to create prorocols to deal with covid-19.
  21. Ok thinking outside the box here. It's a stretch. Wondering if CDC had called up CLIA and asked them to extend the no sailing. To dodge the incoming complaints and make them look like the bad guy.. lol
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