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  1. Matt said WOW bounds are now supported on Oasis.
  2. Was she supposed to go to Freeport before Miami?
  3. According to shipfinder she is still in Spain.
  4. We are on the May 3, 2020 sailing. Can't wait.
  5. I thought the renovations were suppose to be done by Dec of this year. So why are the new deck plans saying starting May 3, 2020?
  6. First time going on Oasis (or any cruise ship for that matter) NEXT May and I am very happy she is getting such a big update before I go on. Of course I dont have anything to compare it to but, will be awesome.
  7. Thank you very much I was hoping the Genie could make the reservations for all of us. I just dont want to ask them something they cant do or feel uncomfortable doing since the other party is not in Star Class. Thanks again!!
  8. Been going over all the threads and have learned so much in the past week. Thanks to all. A quick question i have for those that have traveled in Star Class and had friends come along who were not in Star Class. We have 2 friends that are sailing with us that have a regular ocean balcony room (actually the room directly next to our suite) what's the best way to have the dinner reservations so that we can eat together? They say they will be buying the unlimited dining package. I know our Genie will take car of all our reservations but how do we all get to be seated together? Is that even possible? Should they book all their dinners on their planner and then we just tell our Genie that info so he/she can try to get us the same reservations and table? thanks so much again everyone!!!
  9. Excellent!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to post that. I will start right away looking over all those posts. Thanks again.
  10. Thank you both for the quick response. I really appreciate it. Obviously going to take a little to go over everything and see how everything works. But I am excited to learn it all. Thanks again!!!
  11. Hello all!!! This is my first post as I just booked my first ever cruise yesterday. Actually this will be the first cruise my entire family has ever been on and we are all over 40. So I guess we are late in the game. LOL!! I have been searching these boards all day getting as much info as I can from all of you. You all give such great input and this site is amazing!! I booked a 2 bedroom ATS Suite (A1) category Room 8330 on Oasis of the Seas for a 4 night cruise NEXT May 2020. There are 4 of us traveling. I originally looked on RCI main website nothing was available. I went onto Costco site and their availability was much much better so I booked through them. I am searching this site and reading about how these rooms have MINIMUM of 5 people. Since we are only 4 is this a Costco mistake? I am little nervous that I am going to get an email or something saying your room and reservation has been canceled. Thank you all for your help and i am sure I will be speak to you all again!!!!
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