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  1. The CDC guidelines on Cruising expire July 31 I believe. So if not renewed CDC is out of the picture.
  2. So got an email last night directly from Royal saying my cruise has been canceled. THey gave me 2 links, one for full refund and one for the FCC. I clicked on the refund and filled at the form. It then said I will get a full refund in 30 days. NOW, i booked through Costco, is Royal going to take of this refund or do I need to call Costco?
  3. There is such a big debate going on about this. I am curious too what they will give back now.
  4. With Disney now canceling, you have to figure ALL will soon follow. I would think by weekend Royal will also suspend operations.
  5. Yeah I have a may trip on oasis I am on the fence about myself.
  6. Well since it's so new they have nothing to go on. Only thing they can do is try to compare it. But, saying that, scientifically, it makes sense. UV is known to kill all viruses and bacteria. And dense air when it is humid viruses cant travel that far. All of that is a fact.
  7. Well, looking at it as a lay person, as of right now it kind of makes sense. Look at where the big outbreaks are. Washington damp and cool and Upstate NY damp and cool. Southern regions, yes we still have it down here, but not major outbreaks. Down here in Florida a lot of us have UV bulbs in our AC units that kills viruses. As we go into Spring and Summer the sun gets stronger and the UV from the sun will get stronger. Hopefully that will stop the spreading and help with containment.
  8. This is very interesting article from one of the biggest experts on Coronavirus. Dont know if it has been posted yet. https://www.accuweather.com/en/health-wellness/coronavirus-expert-says-the-virus-will-burn-itself-out-in-about-6-months/679415
  9. Everyone knew that was coming. THis is not the first pandemic. H1N1, Swine, ebola, etc.......... This should not surprise anyone
  10. Thanks for the reply I always thought with first option 25% on credit card And then the rest goes to FCC and NOT original credit card. I do have trip insurance so how would that work? Man this is crazy. Thanks again.
  11. Am I missing something or maybe I read something wrong? My cruise is 55 days away, If I cancel right NOW I thought 25% of the price of the cruise goes back on original form of payment and the rest goes to a FCC for later use. Am I wrong on that? This is all so confusing now lol lol
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