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  1. So we took my boyfriends 11 y/o to get tested for the PCR test but the person in the drive thru Window says results may take 3-5 days? the website says you typically get results in 48 hrs. What if she doesn't have the results in time? I'm so nervous now.
  2. thank you so much! praying it does not rain. Sounds really good, now I am really looking forward to it.
  3. thank you so much, appreciate your answer.
  4. Thank you so much! appreciate your answer. We cannot wait!
  5. Hi all, my first post. I have been watching the youtube blogs religiously, driving my family nuts , anyway.. My question is regarding the day beds, I did rent one for our day, however it said one spot left.. what does that mean? there are 3 of us, I would not be sharing with a stranger, correct? I could only put my name in when booking. all our other excursions include all 3 of us. thanks so much!
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