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  1. What about a scavenger hunt with his favorite drink at the last stop. Get him a quick catch up of the ship's layout.
  2. So we will be getting on the cruise after you and I will be celebrating my 50th. So save some food and drinks for us ?
  3. My husband always gets the soda package and I never get any of the packages.
  4. We are traveling the week after on Jun28th . Cant wait!
  5. We took our oldest on a cruise when he was 5 we had a newly retired principal and teach at our table. You could see when we sat down they had a confused look like someone was punking them. As the week went on they confessed that they both agreed at the first of the cruise if there were any kids around at dinner they were going to ask to switch but stuck around all week and ended up sending us a lovely note after the cruise.
  6. I never buy the Voom package since it gives me a chance to unplug from the world. I always take dry erase markers that we use on the mirror to put where we are going to be. Its an easy way to keep up with kids and husband. If we travel with a group we put a dry erase board on the outside of our cabin door.
  7. It is not close to the port but there was a bus leaving the beach as we arrived so they gave us an option to leave early but we didn't
  8. When we went two years ago they take you to the resort and drop you off and there isn't anything around to wander off and explore. I'm glad I always have blow up rafts(in packages)and snorkel/mask in my beach bag so it gave us something to do. We loved the ATV just not the beach break.
  9. I bring a bottle of Champagne and as soon as the room is ready I start chilling it and it is perfect for sail away. Then my ice bucket is ready for my second bottle of wine.
  10. How do they sell that bit of Heaven so cheap!? ?
  11. We have used car air fresheners and just put them on the air vent. Works great!
  12. I have been wondering the same thing, I was hoping the Helipad would be open.
  13. My son(18) found a lot of people his age at the athletic stuff (volleyball, baskeball... etc) then they would make plans around the ship. His favorite was to get into the adult only shows since he was finally allowed.
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