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  1. Royal should really reword how they display gratuities. On our honeymoon cruise we never ate at the main dining room at all either (just bounced between Windjammer, Cafe Promenade and Sorrentos as well as a night at Chops). It was only our 2nd cruise and we were still kinda confused as to who got what tips and how it all worked. Because of the wording on the tips for food service, we almost gave those tips as extra to our room attendant as we thought those only went to the main dining staff. Luckily we talked to some other Honeymooners we had met on the ship and they explained that it basically was shared between all of the cooks and wait staff.
  2. Yes, as long as you have all the sea pass cards, you can get multiple drinks. The thing you cant do is get multiple drinks at once with one seapass card that has a drink package assigned to it.
  3. I swear, every single time one of these 'cruise planner sale!' posts pops up, I check mine and almost everything goes up! Everything I have been looking at actually went up or stayed the same price with this new 'sale' ? Guess I am just done even looking at my Planner anymore, my cruise is in like 19 days anyway.
  4. Thanks for the response, this will probably be the route I take, just let them have a sip or two every now and then (no chugging or continuous drinking). My 10 year old did mention that she wanted to get a Shirley Temple from the Bionic Bar, so I will definitely pay for her to get one or two of those. I do have odd children, 99% of the time they would rather drink water, juice or a ginger ale over soda any day of the week! Not that I am complaining ?
  5. We dont drink a lot of soda, neither does our kids. Me and the wife got the Deluxe package that also comes with the Freestyle cups that we will get very little use out of. Would you guys look down on me if I were to get my rare fountain drink and share a few sips with my kids here and there? Again, they don't drink much soda at all and I would feel it would be a complete waste to separately pay for a soda for them that won't even get finished. Not trying to steal, just trying to be reasonable.
  6. Me, my wife and two daughters will be sailing in June. One is currently my step-daughter Last year we started the process for me to adopt her. We expected the process to take no more than 6 months, but it has dragged on to now. Everything is in order to go through, but were just notified by our lawyer that a court date to finalize the adoption wont be available till after our cruise. That said, I had to change her name on our cruise reservation to her current (not our) last name. My concern is with check-in and her having a different last name from us. We dont have a passport for her because we have been planning this adoption for years, so was just going to use her birth certificate. We do have a copy of the paperwork her biological dad signed/filled-out signing over parental rights to me (lawyer notorized), would that be enough?
  7. Can confirm, BOGO was removed from my cruise planner and Chops+1 took its place at $25 more per person. Which kinda sucks, because I was thinking about jumping on BOGO with Chops and something else, just the caveat of having to use them both on day 1 and 2 is what stopped me. I guess the fact that Chops+1 lets you pick your first day as day 1 or 2 and the 2nd dinner can be any other day of the cruise is pretty appealing, however. I might end up doing it anyway, but they are going to have to offer a slight price drop first.
  8. Stocking up on bacon; best tip of the entire thread!
  9. Anybody got a link to a virtual tour of an interior room? I guess I want to depress myself.
  10. You have 14 days to use the obc voucher once it is redeemed through the app. On top of that, your cruise must have been booked no longer than a month prior. So basically your best bet is : 1. Figure out what cruise you want and book it. 2. Immediately after, redeem the OBC through the app and get your voucher number 3. Call Royal with the voucher number and they will add it to your account.
  11. Thanks everybody, went ahead and put in a bid slightly over the minimum for the Spacious Interior. Sounds like these rooms are about 2/3rds bigger than my current room and my current room was already near the front of the ship, so that is no issue (probably on a different deck, though, but I can deal, honestly picked the front of the ship because thats where Adventure Ocean is!). A view outside would be nice, but more room is what is really sounding good to me right now
  12. Harmony in June, currently set for a regular, tiny, interior room and just got my Royal Up offer. The only offer that grabbed my attention was a $40/pp minimum bid for a Spacious Interior room. I didn't even realize that they had bigger interior rooms, else I would have booked it to begin with since we are a family of 4 sailing and normal interior rooms are tight! Anybody have any experience with the Spacious Interior rooms? Are they that much bigger, will they relieve some of the inevitable sparse living quarters or will we not really even notice much of a difference? I did a message board search, but didn't find much help.
  13. Cruise ships don't cross the land southern border between US and Mexico, so I don't see how closing the border would effect anything sailing-wise. President Trump isn't declaring some kind of Martial Law where Americans can't visit Mexico, you just won't get there through ports of entry bordering the US.
  14. Wondering if I'm ever going to get offered the 30% off discount for my June cruise. It's pretty much bounced between 20% and 25% off(buy 1 get 1 half) since I booked it a year ago, never seen it go lower Been trying to hold out for that slight drop before I purchase. I understand it is relatively easy to cancel and rebook, but I'd rather not have to even bother going through the trouble if I can help it.
  15. Not just the soda cups, but even the specialized drink cups you can get at some bars really are low quality. I have had around a dozen of them and only one remains to this day. Amazing enough, the one that survived was from my Honeymoon cruise back in 2012, almost 7 years ago, even the lights on the cup still work!
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