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  1. We will be making a stop at PC on our upcoming Anthem sailing. We would like to go see KSC (worked there when I was in college) to share what a great place it is with the wife and kids. My question, is that there are two tours offered on my sailing; "Kennedy Space Center Day Tour (afternoon arrival)" and "Kennedy Space Center Shuttle". The price between the two are almost identical. The one thing I am worried about is that the kids (3 & 5) may not want to sit in the guided tour or move at the pace of the tour. I am leaning towards the unguided that is just the shuttle to the Visitors Center. Does anyone have experience with either of the excursions? Thoughts? Also....might be a silly question, but the admission to the complex is included in the excursion cost correct? Thanks!
  2. We were on that sailing. Ended up changing to a different ship/sailing.
  3. The loophole seriously works? Everyone in my party has iPhone. Felt like I was going to be stuck buying Voom just to message each other
  4. I did forget to mention the key piece. We are driving in. And the plan is to park at the terminal for the cruise. Unless others suggest parking at hotel and using their shuttle to port (I typically avoid this option at other ports).
  5. Can anyone give some insight on some options for hotels in for the Bayonne port? Bonus if they are Hilton brands. I am looking at the Double Tree in Jersey City as it seems to offer a great view of the NYC skyline, but wondering about location. There is always the option of staying near the airport. We plan to get in for a full day before the cruise to go over and see the 9/11 memorial and maybe a few other things around depending on time, so ease of getting to NY is also a bonus. Thanks!!!
  6. Slightly changing topics...but any clue as to when it will be available on Anthem? I find it hard to believe their newer ships don't all have this ability.
  7. I am not typically that person.....a cruise is better than no cruise! But we booked this specific sailing due to the stop in St Thomas. If its not going to make it there, we can easily go on another sailing that does or pick another route all together.
  8. Whats everyones thought on December Allure sailings? They have not changed anything yet, but unless they are planning a repair I have not seen, I don't see how they couldn't change the itinerary. Anyone have insider info? Thoughts? We are considering switching to another ship/sailing to avoid this issue. Yes I know that ports can change at any time, but trying to get ahead of this one since its expected and not a one off thing. Thanks!!
  9. Got it! Thank you!!
  10. Which app? I’ve got the “brochure” app which doesn’t have the info anywhere I could find. And the other Royal app that has my reservations does not have anything for my sailings.
  11. I tried to search but didn't find much (maybe user error), but is there somewhere I can find the MDR menu for sailings? Similar to the specialty dining and cruise compass options on the homepage. More specifically I would love to see the MDR menu for Allure and Mariner. Thanks!!!!
  12. Looking through the cruise planner there are many different options that involve stingray city and I am having trouble picking between them and hoping someone here has been on one or multiple of these and can help add a little color to help me decide. Dolphin Swim and Stingray City - GC12 Dolphin Encounter and Stingray City - GCH9 Stingray City and Barrier Reef Snorkel - GC88 Stingray City and Calico Jack's Beach Break - GCN8 Deluxe Stingray City Sandbar - GCI3 Catamaran Sail and Stingray City - GCC7 Neither of us have swam with Dolphins so that does have some of our interest, the reef snorkel and Calico Jack also interest us. We have never been to 7 mile beach where Calico Jacks is, so any insight there would be much appreciated! Thanks everyone!!!
  13. Somehow I knew you’d be the first with an answer! i knew about the only dinner thing, but not about the “only if space available”. Wonder why it’s listed on my cruise planner and will let me get all the way too checkout? Thanks for the heads up though!
  14. We are booked on Allure of the Seas in a Jr Suite and I am having trouble making our reservations through the pre-cruise planner. Not sure if this is due to us being in a Jr Suite and possibly having to wait until we get onboard to make reservations for dinner or if its due to the fact we have 3 children traveling with us. Does anyone have any insight or ran into this issue before? Thanks!!!!
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