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  1. We will be there overnight. Would love to be able to get some ship pictures at night. Thanks for the tip on queens staircase and the lighthouse!
  2. Any photographers in here (hobby or pro)? @twangster maybe? Wondering if there are any areas in Nassau that offer some great landscapes or nice architecture. I am just getting into it (about 1 year down) but since I now have an extended time in Nassau I would like to try and get some nice scenic areas or street photography.
  3. I'll take any Casino time over no Casino time!! Local ones there close at 6pm? Seems so strange!! Very different than ones here in the US
  4. With the recent adjustment to our schedule on the 9/16 Mariner we arrive at Nassau at 4pm and dont leave until 9pm the next day. The change is perfectly fine with me, and I think its a great thing that Royal is doing for the people in the Bahamas. My question is if anyone knows if the Casino will be open while docked since it is overnight. I have yet to be on a sailing that has an overnight so this is something new! I had planned to use this cruise to help vault me to prime before the casino year ends in April. Thanks everyone!!
  5. Would be very happy if it were 3:2....everything I have seen says 6:5 but nobody mentioned high stakes
  6. What is your experience with other blackjack players at high stakes? I play high stakes at my home casino (not due to being a high roller) mostly due to two reasons. The first, if I have to play with someone, they typically know what they are doing. The second is that I often get the table to myself. A slight third reason is that drinks are free in there, but I don't usually drink too much when gambling. Our high stakes is $50 min which is about what I would play on any table. My cruise next week is my first cruise where I will actually pay attention to the casino more than just an hour or two one night. Unsure of the blackjack table layouts and high stakes.
  7. I share the same thoughts, more with the $300 total mark. I put in a bid at 150pp to go to GS, if its gets accepted great, if not, I am still in a JS and don't see the perks work more than $300 on a non Oasis or Quantum class.
  8. thanks for the clarification @twangster and @Lovetocruise2002
  9. I thought GS and above also had a bridge tour? or is that only on 7 night sailings?
  10. how interesting @CGTLH!! I had no idea the crew had access to all of these areas. I have seen entertainment staff around the ship at times but thought it may have been limited to just them and some higher officers.
  11. Yes you can certainly still use MEI. I don't have an agent that lives near me either. We communicate through email, phone calls or text messages.
  12. We went ahead and changed ships all together, and glad we did now since our original sailing has changed. I wouldn't have minded going to San Juan instead of St Kitts as St Thomas was our intended destination.
  13. Gotcha. Well I officially have not been on my first trip with them, but pre cruise they have been extremely helpful and quick to respond to any questions I have. Good luck and happy cruising!!
  14. I may be taking this incorrectly, but you are looking to change TO MEI correct? Not that you had a bad experience with MEI. In regards to your question, I just recently switched to MEI and will use them from now on...Stephanie is my agent and shes awesome!
  15. We will be making a stop at PC on our upcoming Anthem sailing. We would like to go see KSC (worked there when I was in college) to share what a great place it is with the wife and kids. My question, is that there are two tours offered on my sailing; "Kennedy Space Center Day Tour (afternoon arrival)" and "Kennedy Space Center Shuttle". The price between the two are almost identical. The one thing I am worried about is that the kids (3 & 5) may not want to sit in the guided tour or move at the pace of the tour. I am leaning towards the unguided that is just the shuttle to the Visitors Center. Does anyone have experience with either of the excursions? Thoughts? Also....might be a silly question, but the admission to the complex is included in the excursion cost correct? Thanks!
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