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  1. I'm on this sailing.....was also curious about the Cayman Islands. @cruisellama where did you see that?
  2. Typically yes, and I would strongly encourage it. I've done the tour on Anthem in Dec 2019 with the whole family and just myself in Sept 19 as a self guided when I was on Mariner. It is an excellent opportunity to see so much space history. My guess is that it has something to do with COVID as to why its not showing up in the planner. I would just keep checking back.
  3. Like others have said, its a great experience. They tried to push stuff on us before and after but it wasn't to the point that it ruined the experience. If its a special occasion I would go for it! We always get one on a port day morning.
  4. hey @CHRIS WONG, Are the crew cabins any different on Oasis? Curious how they may have changed from Mariner to Oasis.
  5. Hey @CHRIS WONG, what does your friend do on the Navigator? sorry if I missed it in the vid!
  6. Hey @CHRIS WONG, hope you enjoy the new ship and the challenges that arise! Cant wait to see the next vlog from your new home!
  7. They will fly you from Orlando to Miami? Figured they would just send you via car service! Orlando is about 45-50 min from PC, Miami is like 3.5 hours from PC.
  8. I picked the GC/Cozumel one....GC is one of my favorite ports!
  9. finished up the vlogs yesterday. Do you plan to continue to make some new content? thought it was very interesting! I don't think ill be back on Mariner by March. I am on Anthem in December and Brilliance in March. It looks like we will both be in Nassau on the same day. If you get off the ship would be fun to meet up and grab a beer or something!
  10. Congrats on the promotion! I just got off Mariner a couple of weeks ago. What dates will you be on her? I usually get to know the host pretty well on my recent cruises. Also, going to check out your vlog! Best of luck!
  11. is it really?!? I didn't know that! I thought it was all Royal employees that handled the photos. I could see the print on demand only....has to be WAY less waste. I really wish they offered individual digital. Oh well!
  12. @Clear Laker any links or pics of what you purchased for the 220v and the 110v adapter.
  13. @Pinnacle Dreams I guess we may be able to file it under the ever so consistent Royal policies? lol. Thanks for the info!
  14. @PatsFanBrian UGH! That's what I remembered the last time we looked into it. At that time, everything was printed and on display. I was hoping they changed to a digital option when switching over to the kiosk. Guess not! Thanks for the reply!
  15. Bringing this thread back from the recent dead.... ...is there an option onboard to purchase single digital photos? I would prefer the digital download to a print, but don't think we will get the value of the photo package. Its been a while since we've ventured into the photo area (before they switched to the kiosk) and I cant recall if its only prints that are available for purchase onboard.
  16. @Hoski what have you decided to do? I am still on the fence if we should do the trip. We purchased the unguided tour, but I am still concerned about time at the park. We arrive at Port Canaveral at 12 noon, so probably off the boat 12:30/12:45, which would put us at KSC around 1/1:15. The park closes at 6pm so I would imagine the bus would leave about the same time. The reason I am on the fence is if a 3 & 5 year old would be entertained enough for that duration. Not saying there isn't a TON to see there, but the attention span of a 3 & 5 year old isn't exactly the best!
  17. Kraken Colada/Kraken Lava Flow has to be my fav frozen drink. Mix drinks I typically stick to Kraken and Coke, but my last cruise I was introduced to a drink called Caipiroska by a very good bartender in the Bamboo Room. I loved it and decided to get at least one every night from that bartender.
  18. We will be there overnight. Would love to be able to get some ship pictures at night. Thanks for the tip on queens staircase and the lighthouse!
  19. Any photographers in here (hobby or pro)? @twangster maybe? Wondering if there are any areas in Nassau that offer some great landscapes or nice architecture. I am just getting into it (about 1 year down) but since I now have an extended time in Nassau I would like to try and get some nice scenic areas or street photography.
  20. I'll take any Casino time over no Casino time!! Local ones there close at 6pm? Seems so strange!! Very different than ones here in the US
  21. With the recent adjustment to our schedule on the 9/16 Mariner we arrive at Nassau at 4pm and dont leave until 9pm the next day. The change is perfectly fine with me, and I think its a great thing that Royal is doing for the people in the Bahamas. My question is if anyone knows if the Casino will be open while docked since it is overnight. I have yet to be on a sailing that has an overnight so this is something new! I had planned to use this cruise to help vault me to prime before the casino year ends in April. Thanks everyone!!
  22. Would be very happy if it were 3:2....everything I have seen says 6:5 but nobody mentioned high stakes
  23. What is your experience with other blackjack players at high stakes? I play high stakes at my home casino (not due to being a high roller) mostly due to two reasons. The first, if I have to play with someone, they typically know what they are doing. The second is that I often get the table to myself. A slight third reason is that drinks are free in there, but I don't usually drink too much when gambling. Our high stakes is $50 min which is about what I would play on any table. My cruise next week is my first cruise where I will actually pay attention to the casino more than just an hour or two one night. Unsure of the blackjack table layouts and high stakes.
  24. I share the same thoughts, more with the $300 total mark. I put in a bid at 150pp to go to GS, if its gets accepted great, if not, I am still in a JS and don't see the perks work more than $300 on a non Oasis or Quantum class.
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