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  1. Has anyone taken part in one of the onboard shows called Crazy Quest? If you have the ability to go to that show I highly recommend it. It is very much an interactive/ audience participation show that is only for people over the age of 17. If you like to participate in the show be close to the stage or on the end of an aisle that goes directly down to the stage. If you wonder what it is I will give you a quick breakdown. It is basically a scavenger hunt type game for items in the crowd. For example one of the items was someone from your team had to have a drivers license with an Aust
  2. You are correct. That is exactly what I was trying to refer to. I found the app very cumbersome and many times incorrect.
  3. Just got off Liberty and had Brian Leavitt as the cruise director. I would have to say that he was great. Always very personable. We ran into him several times on the cruise and he was always inviting and full of energy.
  4. I am not sure if I missed it or not but I could not find a Compass on my Royal APP. I am on an iPhone. What are you using? And where was the Compass on your APP?
  5. OK all. Since many of you have been a wealth of great knowledge I will share with you some of my personal reviews from my experience of my sailing on Liberty of the Seas from 5 to 12 May 2019. First, I will begin with the night before and the hotel stay. We stayed at the Four Points by Sheraton in Galveston. In a nutshell, STAY SOMEWHERE ELSE. STAY ANYWHERE ELSE. They upgraded the room to a king suite ocean view. If that was an upgrade I would hate to see the other rooms. The room was dirty and very dated. The carpet was frayed and ripped in several spots. The chairs at t
  6. Here is my very short list: 1: Carnival Pride (December 2003) 2: USS Anzio CG-68 These are the only two ships I have sailed on. Can't wait for our sailing on Liberty in two weeks. Would not recommend the USS Anzio. Food was very comparable to Golden Corral. There was no stateroom attendant. The bathrooms were community style. They didn't offer an alcohol package. The sailing was for only offered in 180 nights. And the port schedule was way too variable.
  7. The biggest problem I see with the Royal Up Program is with the extras. For example, if I am in a Oceanview balcony room and I get The Key Program and get an accepted bid to a grand suite The Key is essentially useless. I would much rather do a Voom combo with the drink package then only to have The Key with a GS. I have a bid in for a JS and GS on my upcoming sailing on Liberty. I would keep The Key if I got upgraded to the JS but would change two things if I upgraded to the GS. If I got the GS I would not get The Key. Instead I would get the Deluxe Beverage Package with Voom and the Ch
  8. Called again and got the same answer. After I got off the phone I actually received an email joining me to Club Royale. I might try to just do the redemption and see. I heard that you can cancel the redemption and return the points to the account if they do not accept the voucher. I will let you all know.
  9. Not if you utilize the drop off option for The Key. We are going to do that.
  10. I do not have any included special discounts. This is my first time cruising with RCCL and I am not using a voucher. The lady specifically said that because of the rate that I booked at I cannot redeem the OBC voucher. I may try again and see if I get the same answer. As for using the TA, they are not the most receptive or attentive bunch. I would not rely in them to actually do anything about it. There prices are great but the customer service is less than desired.
  11. Just got off the phone with a rep for Club Royale. She told me that I could not redeem my $100 OBC voucher since I received such a good discount on my sailing. Thought that was interesting and strange. I did get a great deal, but it is interesting that I couldn't get a discount due to a discount I received. I did earn the ability to obtain the $100 OBC but can't use it. We went originally booked through RCCL but transferred to the USAA travel partner, Member Travel Privileges.
  12. I received my Royal Up email exactly 60 days out from our May sailing on Liberty. Just FYI
  13. Wife and I are going on Liberty on the 5th of May. We paid $44 pp/pn a little while back.
  14. That is actually where I was going with this question.
  15. I was wondering what would happen if the President closes the border to Mexico on how it would affect cruise ships pulling into Mexico? We are going on Liberty in May and have Cozumel as our first stop. Maybe I should start thinking about other ports like Belize or Roatan. I am wondering what others are thinking about this possible glitch in the situation. On another note these latest discounts offered by RCCL on excursions just saved me another $60 off of Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. Good thing I am a Cruise Planner stalker.
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