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  1. Any updates to the Cruise Director List for Oasis of the Seas?  Looking to fi d out who will be onboard in May

  2. I'm following along as I have this cruise booked as well.
  3. The Asian market isn't known to consist of big drinkers...to think of all those Sabor margaritas that will not be poured. :(
  4. You and Nicci are going to have a great time. I'm pumped for you.
  5. Put me on the Anthem any time of the year. I absolutely love the ship and I am elated that we get her year-round. Any cruise is a dice roll...heck we had a hurricane form in January this year. Well debated, Hoch!
  6. I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on the elimination of Dynamic Dining on the Anthem of the Seas effective with the November 27, 2016 sailing. The deck four restaurants, American Icon and Silk, will become MTD, with a single check-in station in the hallway, and guests will be sorted to one or the other depending on availability. The deck three restaurants, Grande and Chic, will become standard first or second seating with assigned tables. The venues will remain the same physically, but the menus at all four will be the same. Apparently, the changes will start showing up in Cruise Planner in the next few weeks for sailings on or after November 27, 2016.
  7. I was able to use OBC to purchase my drink package through the cruise planner prior to boarding the Anthem in June. So not necessarily specific to Oasis and if my previous sailing is any indication this has been around for awhile now.
  8. You posted this already...and 73 people read it. Are you looking for more viewers?
  9. You should be more than fine, southbound Miami rush hour traffic usually dies down around 9:30 AM.
  10. I do the same at Bayonne and have never had anything but good experiences with the porters. Drive around in the circle, drop off the luggage and proceed to the garage. Sorry others have had negative experiences.
  11. Correct, you will receive a cancellation notification from Royal Caribbean with respect to any of your Cruise Planner reservations and should see a corresponding credit card refund within a couple of days. You will have to go back into the Cruise Planner for your new cruise for any reservations you wish to remake. Sometimes the C&A desk will do this for you, but depends on how nice the planner is you speak with. :)
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