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  1. Hey Sabrina - please put me in for September 20th, 2020 on Oasis! Thanks!
  2. You've definitely got to do it at least once, and cruising is an easy and affordable way to see it!
  3. Day 5 Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier Waking up early, I quickly got dressed and headed for the Solarium wings to capture our approach into Endicott Arm. And I'm glad I did - what an amazing sunrise! Did I happen to mention yet that Alaska is beautiful?? Looking through my binoculars, I spotted the first bit of calved glacial ice floating As we were pulling in, ever so slowly you could begin to see the fog rolling in Soon after, you couldn't even see the glacial ice any longer due to the fog At this point,
  4. Ok, so major props to anyone who can pull off a truly live Alaskan Cruise blog. There's always something to do or see and you don't want to miss anything! I don't want to leave this blog unfinished so I'll attempt to wrap it up. Let's see.... I think we're on: Day 4: Skagway We knew going in that today was going to be a chillier, dreary day, but such is weather in a temperate rain forrest. At risk of sounding like a broken record, the scenery coming in this morning was just amazing. Looking down at the dock, I realized that the ship must have been cleare
  5. Royal IQ was suuuper buggy when I was on. The cruise compass hardly ever loaded and you couldn't reserve anything in the app at all. Dinner reservations never showed on the calendar either. I'm guessing that they were concentrating on porting over to the new app during my cruise.
  6. Darn you, @twangster! Enjoy your cruise! Also, I’m not sure if @Matt‘s influence has spread fleet-wide, but the spaghetti bolognese was an option every night in the MDR.
  7. Never did get a concrete answer, but someone in our party was up at 4 am, and we were already docked by then. At any rate, I was still asleep with visions of sugar plums (or Chop’s filet) dancing in my head.
  8. Haven't heard anything as of yet - we depart Victoria at 6 PM tonight, so I'd imagine it would be sometime late tonight or early tomorrow morning. I'll let you know if I find out a concrete time.
  9. Day 3 Juneau Alaska We weren't scheduled to arrive into port until around noon, but I wanted to be up early to catch the sunrise, and I'm glad I did - it was amazing! One thing I'd found that is really important on an Alaskan cruise is to move around to all sides to take in all of the scenery as it can be drastically different depending on where you are - for example, here's one side of the ship: And here's the view from the other: As we were eating breakfast in the Windjammer, we were lucky enough to see some whales spouting and then breaching - I couldn
  10. Couldn’t make my reservation on day 2... Too many windjammer days later, I’m not getting anywhere near that scale
  11. So unfortunately our cruise suffered the same fate as that of @RatedPG's - there was too much fog on the approach to the Dawes glacier, so the Captain turned us around in search of whales instead. Now that today's more of an extra sea day, I'm sitting on my balcony looking for whales and catching up on my blog. Let's rewind all the way back to": Day 2: Sea Day We woke up early to catch the first sunrise of the cruise and it did not disappoint - I didn't have my phone at the time, so there are unfortunately no pictures. Much of the morning was spent viewing the Canadi
  12. Apologies for the lack of updates - I’m finding that an Alaskan cruise is not your typical laid back Caribbean cruise. Up early, out late. You definitely don’t want to miss anything! Stay tuned for more pictures and updates later. Now it’s off to Skagway and the White Pass railway. Here’s a taste of yesterday’s Mendenhall visit.
  13. Good morning from Alaska’s inside passage! Pictures do not do it justice (at least mine anyway). But what an amazing sunrise this morning! Will catch up on the blog later tonight after a visit to the Juneau and Mendenhall Glacier.
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