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  1. Schedule showed berth 92 Port of Los Angeles.
  2. Yes and NO. Ports are within state boundaries and they extend beyond land.
  3. Very complex situation. The ports in Florida are within the state boundaries.
  4. Beyond belief 10 years in the making Im booked on a RCI sailing out of LA! ?
  5. I understand A, B, and C but when I google choice D nothing comes up.??
  6. They are now on https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruises/?country=USA&departureCode_LAX=true
  7. I'm little surprised at the proposed rule, i'll have to look into that. Nuances? I think you are too kind in choice of words.? I know the port and city have approved rebates programs to entice cruise lines back. I would recommend looking into a direct to Long Beach.
  8. Before POLA took down their schedule they where showing a late October arrival NOS. Any new info on dry dock when and where?
  9. Galveston says it's time to sail. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24708-galveston-port-director-to-cdc-allow-phased-cruising-now.html
  10. You have my vote on altering then stacks and a PC transit. I think the delay on open bookings here is probably a ripple effect on the first big announcement decisions, but anything possible.
  11. Just got off the phone with D+ desk, First sailing out of LA is June 10th 2022 3 nights day 1 LA day 2 sea day day 3 Ensenada no pricing was available. Asked when they would go sale no timeframe was given just said a announcement would go out once they are open.
  12. Q class was built with the expansion of the canal in mind. Voyager class was built with never leaving the Caribbean.
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