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  1. The Drink Calc does not factor in gratuities. The drinks/cocktails/spirits onboard range from $11 to $13, while beer is about $7 to $8. The drink calc is used to compare your drink cost vs the drink package price before gratuities since you would have to pay gratuities either way. 5 drinks a day/person usually pays for the package. Plus you get bottled water, fresh squeezed juice, soda, Specialty coffees, and I am sure I am missing other items.
  2. @twangster, this is a great brochure you created. Did you go around and price each of the drinks out and create this from scratch or did you get a copy form Royal?
  3. Jump on that, on most ships the Surf & Stream alone is $17+....
  4. That is strange, I was on the ALLURE in August and go off and back on in St Kitts and I have NO PASSPORT, although that link you supplied states that in St Kitts it is required. This may not be a very good link to follow regarding those rules.
  5. Do you have this app created in any sort of spreadsheet format or something you can share that can be downloaded an used offline?
  6. I don't get it, every time you think there may be a better sale out there, Royal finds a way to not make it any special of a sale. Booked clients with a BOGO 25% off and heard about the 30% off each coming in October, so I was looking to get my clients in at a better price but when I checked they raised the price of the cruise while giving the larger discount and it would actually cost more instead of less. And these cruises are more than a year away and clients were recently booked in the last 30 days. Very embarrassing and frustrating.
  7. I heard that when going to certain islands, like Labadee, some have suggested a Jellyfish protector Sunscreen. Is this something that we should be worried about?
  8. I like this one the best because it does not have a cord.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Wall-Outlet-Power-Strip-With-3-Usb-Charging-Port-3-Ac-Outlet-For-Cruise-Ship/113764796558?_mwBanner=1&ul_noapp=true&pageci=0024bfaa-d4da-4c3d-a779-e6def6b8af69
  9. @brycemo, Do you have this in a spreadsheet and if so, would you be kind enough to post it as an attachment in this posting? Thanks,
  10. I am more concerned about the Deluxe Beverage Pkg portion. Wife does not drink as much as I do. Last cruise we did about 55 drinks, mostly martini's about 8 specialty coffees, about 20 waters, and about 8 Fresh Squeezed OJs. I was not sure if that faired enough to really cover and we spent $57 / day / person including the Internet. That was a deal but this pricing concerns me. Any thoughts?
  11. On my Oasis Sailing in November 2020, I only have an difference of $10 between the Deluxe Beverage Pkg ($59) and the Deluxe Beverage Pkg w/ Internet (Surf & Stream) ($69)
  12. Wow, this is great. Anyway of posting it as a Excel file attachment?
  13. What is the Maximum Discount that anyone has seen in the Cruise Planner for the Deluxe Beverage Package?
  14. Did anyone out there NOT get the Deluxe Drink Package and did an A-la-carte for drinks? Can you give a estimate of what basic drinks like Tropical (Pina Coladas), Vodka Mixed (Vodka & Cranberry), and maybe a Martini would cost onboard?
  15. Look at next to last paragraph... If Guest cancels the booking, Guest’s cruise fare will be refunded in accordance with RCI’s standard cancellation policy, and Guest will receive a refund for the Total Amount of the Upgrade. So it looks like a FUL REFUND of the upgrade is in order...
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