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  1. @AshleyDillo Great Job in this day by day account of your cruise. Thanks for allowIng us to share your experiences.
  2. Thanks for this daily blog.... enjoy the rest of your cruise...
  3. I have to really wonder if these Cruise Planner deals are really just a ploy. I just spent $55/person in the cruise planner during the Black Friday event and if this is the deal on the Oasis when I travel next November, I will die. That it oils have cost on $52.50/person. WTH...
  4. Oasis now has an actual Escape Room not a pop up. The Oasis has a pop up Laser Tag Room which is in Studio B.
  5. Not in Drydock anymore, just completed sea trails, and should be leaving Spain in a few days
  6. After installing the digital key, the home screen of the Royal Caribbean app adds a door icon. In addition, the bed icon also allows guests to control the stateroom television from the app. from a previous post https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/04/29/royal-caribbean-app-allows-guests-open-stateroom-door-spectrum-of-the-seas
  7. The deck plans have been updated about a month ago.
  8. Did they recently change the name? Did I miss something? Wasn't it called the Refreshment Package?
  9. Do you always get all of these benefits with a STAR CLASS CABIN? That a value of Drink and Internet $500-600, Dining on sale $200, Gratuities $100, that is about $700-800 value without the additional extras. What is ROYAL REPLENISH PACKAGE?
  10. This completely destroys the view from the Solarium....
  11. OASIS will be AMPLIFIED then and will have everything that all of the other OASIS CLASS SHIPS have. I would pick the Oasis since it will be upgraded.
  12. Enhanced DL or ID requires the same documentation so the are equally acceptable. They are both equivalent to a Passport Card.
  13. This is the week after Thanksgiving, 2020
  14. I am cruising on one of Royal's Holiday cruises. Scheduled out of Ft Lauderdale on Nov. 29, 2020 on the Oasis. What should I expect? Is it Crowded? Is there anything special that I should not miss? Any additional helpful information would be appreciated.....
  15. Welcome to the Group JustMeCindy, I would suggest that every where there is food being served, I would contact the Head Waiter or someone on staff and let them know about the food allergy and if the need they will make someone separately for your son so he can enjoy his meals without any issue. The staff is very accommodating and helpful when it comes to these things.
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