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  1. Steer away from ALL CARNIVAL Ships...… 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Does anyone know if Maritime Attorney (Ship Chaser) Michael Winkleman has reached out to all the passenger on the Glory yet..... LMAO.....🤣🤣🤣
  3. WOW,,,, Great video @twangster, How close of a distance did the Glory actually come from the Oasis?
  4. It is hard to believe that anything was pre-meditated. I don't think the grandfather would go for that. If I was asked to kill my grandkids, I would tell the parents to do the dirty work themselves. Also, the grand father did not bring the child over to the window, the child went there on their own and the grandfather chase after her. You can see this much from the video. It was a tragedy and a poor decision by the grandfather to lift her out the open window. Not purposeful with any sort of intent, it was an accident. One thing for sure, you can see the grandfather first look out the window, and his head extends pretty far, I would think out of the window so he had to know the window was open. Also, when he lifts the child and swings her over the railing you can see it is done in a pretty quick motion, if he thought there was a window there I think he would have been more careful with her not to have her bang into the window.
  5. CCTV footage released by Puerto Rico TV Show - see footage in the following link. Link is at the end of the 3rd paragraph https://10daily.com.au/news/world/a191218zspyf/cctv-of-little-girls-cruise-ship-death-leaked-20191218
  6. follow the directions on the Royal Caribbean Website link below... https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-if-i-am-traveling-with-a-minor-and-i-am-not-their-parent-legal-guardian
  7. Also, if your sons friend is a minor, follow the direction on the Royal Caribbean website link below...
  8. Here is the information you will need.... https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-if-i-am-traveling-with-a-minor-and-i-am-not-their-parent-legal-guardian
  9. Honestly, to me it looks like you are losing $3500.... You are already under the minimum of 31 day to receive any sort of refund. As of 30 Days, you lose 100% of your cruise fare.
  10. My Wife and I had Chocolate Martini's and Coconut Martini's in August on the Allure of the Seas and it was all included in the Deluxe Drink Package
  11. Thinking about getting a Beach Lounger for Two in Labadee. does anyone know which beaches that they have them on?
  12. Great Photo @CHRIS WONG, Can yo post more Holiday Photos.... I will be on the Holiday Cruise in 2020 and I would love to see how it is decorated in advance.
  13. NEW TERMINALs and Roadways opening up in April 2020 at LaGuardia (LGA) Aorport
  14. @AshleyDillo Great Job in this day by day account of your cruise. Thanks for allowIng us to share your experiences.
  15. Thanks for this daily blog.... enjoy the rest of your cruise...
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