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  1. Upcoming Cruise - Oasis of the Seas, May 14. 2023
  2. Any updates to the Cruise Director List for Oasis of the Seas?  Looking to fi d out who will be onboard in May

  3. Come join in for this 7 night Perfect Day at CoCoCay Bahamas Roll Call. Come help me celebrate my 60th Birthday. If you are on this cruise, please add you information to the following post... When is your next cruise? https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/topic/17-when-is-your-next-cruise/
  4. Has anyone seen the original post on the Loyal To Royal Always website, Coronavirus Update that was stating Effective June 12, that the would restrict boarding of passengers of age 40 or older if they had any underlying conditions. But it looks like that post was pulled down and replace with the President & CEO Richard Fain update. This was the link that it was posted at https://loyaltoyoualways.com/service/coronavirusupdate/ A google search of "effective friday june 12 in order to sail" which shows the partial Cached posting of what was originally posted
  5. It is your Fare Base minus any discounts. BOGO 50 or 60% NRD, etc. So if you were 1039 - 239 discounts your paid base fare would be $1000 then your FCC would be based on that. So it is you final cost after all discounts and before Gratuities, Fees, Taxes and Port Charges.... Hope this helps to explain it better...
  6. Southampton has a Drydock, they could be fixing the Azipods
  7. I hope they do get a bailout. How fast everyone forgets all of the good these companies do for other in dyer situations, like how they all jumped in to help with Hurricane relief. No one had to ask, then just did. They did not ask for anything in return for their help. People forget the good quickly and always remember the bad things that are usually not able to control. #SaveOurShips
  8. There are many loopholes, but the loopholes are the reasons the Deluxe Beverage Package continues to go up in price. The rules are in place for a reason. By breaking them you are only costing more to those who are legitimately following the policies that are place. Yes there are many different options to beat the system, but why should It cost my fellow cruiser more money. Unethical and unfair to those who are following the correct policy.
  9. For the most precise and clear answer, I would contact Royal Caribbean directly….
  10. The bridge would not have to be movable as there are NO Large Ships going through there. They have ferries and private boats and Yachts that go through so it does not have to been extremely high either. I think it is a very viable option and if Nassau is not paying for it, I think that would be easily approved.
  11. Wow, It looks like they can build a walking bridge from the docks to that area of the Island.
  12. As a Travel Agent, I would be very cautious about doing anything like that as that is not ethical and if you have a Agent that does that, then I don't know how long that agent may be in business but if Royal ever found out they would not be pleased and they would be talking with the head of that agency that agent works for. It could lead to the Agency losing access to the Royals agent booking site as well as the agent being fired. That would not be a good choice for me. The rules are there for a reason and they should be followed as required.
  13. Does the Royal UP program ever offer a 1 Bedroom Grand Suite if it is available? An if so, What would the minimum bid be? Approximately?
  14. I think their idea behind this is that the argument will be that there was no admission to guilt and because of that they will be able to fight with their civil suit. The argument of no admission to guilt does not change the facts that the grandfather acted irresponsible, negligent, and his actions endangered the life of his granddaughter. This will be a difficult case to win for the prosecution as all of the evidence gathered will still be admissible, but I am sure the prosecution will fight to get it thrown out.
  15. MY nightmare would be if RoyalCaribbeanBlog.com shut down, I would have NO WHERE to get my Cruise information from anymore.... ?
  16. Royal Caribbean is filing a motion to dismiss... https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/granddad-toddler-who-died-cruise-ship-fall-knew-window-was-n1117796
  17. Steer away from ALL CARNIVAL Ships...… ???
  18. Does anyone know if Maritime Attorney (Ship Chaser) Michael Winkleman has reached out to all the passenger on the Glory yet..... LMAO.....???
  19. WOW,,,, Great video @twangster, How close of a distance did the Glory actually come from the Oasis?
  20. It is hard to believe that anything was pre-meditated. I don't think the grandfather would go for that. If I was asked to kill my grandkids, I would tell the parents to do the dirty work themselves. Also, the grand father did not bring the child over to the window, the child went there on their own and the grandfather chase after her. You can see this much from the video. It was a tragedy and a poor decision by the grandfather to lift her out the open window. Not purposeful with any sort of intent, it was an accident. One thing for sure, you can see the grandfather first look out the window, and his head extends pretty far, I would think out of the window so he had to know the window was open. Also, when he lifts the child and swings her over the railing you can see it is done in a pretty quick motion, if he thought there was a window there I think he would have been more careful with her not to have her bang into the window.
  21. CCTV footage released by Puerto Rico TV Show - see footage in the following link. Link is at the end of the 3rd paragraph https://10daily.com.au/news/world/a191218zspyf/cctv-of-little-girls-cruise-ship-death-leaked-20191218
  22. follow the directions on the Royal Caribbean Website link below... https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-if-i-am-traveling-with-a-minor-and-i-am-not-their-parent-legal-guardian
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