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  1. I am neither a very good stock market follower nor a long-time "cruiser", but having read this blog in preparation for the Alaska trip that didn't happen (it will next spring), I decided to put some cash into what I determined to be a solid market. Y'all seemed to show me that there are a real loyal, dedicated group of folks who do cruise.. Having mentioned it to my banker son and my other son who spends his time following Army camps, they didn't heed my recommendation very well. As of today, I look like a genius (my banker son even said he didn't know I was that savvy). I just wanted to say thanks for the confidence and the advice. Even if for some reason the whole ship thing sinks, I will still be able to say I've made a lot of money at RCL! Oh, and I'll pay the tax on money that I didn't have before. 😎 - Meanwhile, I get some onboard credit!
  2. Let me join the choir singing praises to all agents in general and my Travel Agent, Patty King, who spent hours on the phone with RCL and confirmed that my FCC has been figured correctly now and that my OBC is also, apparently, correct now. My greatest concern was that there was neither a standard procedure for figuring FCC nor sufficient oversight for the process. That said, our TA (who also spent hours on the phone so I didn't have to do that) is a classic example of a professional and a great reason to use an Agent when booking your cruise. I was a believer in enlisting a TA before, but now am even more so. We'll be cruising the 9 day out of Vancouver next May! One last note: it appears that my "insurance" will be returned - it is just a separate transaction.
  3. I got the taxes, gratuity, and air fare refunded, but no sign of the Protection Plan on either my my refund or (certainly) not on the Credit... I'm short at least $1K from my original payment! My TA is going to work the issue, too. Hopefully she can get someone with a "figgerer" to "figger" it out....
  4. I'm in a similar situation. Even if you subtract the Cruise Cancellation fee (which they shouldn't and I will fuss about since I didn't cancel - it''s a reimbursement) they still granted me over $2000 less than I should get and more than a $1000 less than I paid for the berth alone. This can't fly - or float.... My guess is that they brought in some temps who don't know the business. At least I hope that's the problem. I'm looking for my first cruise and I can go somewhere else (and sell my stock).
  5. I went for 110 and I'm holding out for a bit more gain... at the least I'll own* some of my cruise ship! {*one or two square centimeters } ;-))
  6. I bought a bit higher, but and have lost some $ but I bought some air stock after 911 and did OK. My lesson learned is that I waited too long back then after the rebound and lost some profit in the long term. I have a fair amount of confidence in RCL because of both their history and their clientele....
  7. I think that we've decided to use your advice. Having reviewed many of the posted menus (with a big special thanks to twangster and his post about ROS southbound - albeit 2018), I think I we'll just do the MDR with maybe a night of special dining. Good advice and we appreciate it.
  8. Since this is our (my wife and I) first cruise (always wanted to go to Alaska), we've pretty much decided to just do the standard fare (MDR / Windjammer, etc). How about some advice about why I might want to use the UDP or some special dining? We've leaned toward an Italian night (she likes eggplant), but really thought most of the evening meals would be very nice. Neither of us is a picky eater - connoisseur is not in our dictionary(ies).
  9. Just a simple heads up that the Deluxe Beverage Pkg is $48 PPD / Voom 1 device $60 PPD (with DBP), It has been that for 3 days now. Looks like they need takers for the southbound 5 June trip!
  10. You're a prince(valiantus)... thank you. For some reason, I could not find a reference to services.
  11. I know this may not be of interest to some, but my spouse and I will be on the southbound (AK) Radiance cruise in early June. Both of us appreciate the opportunity for Christian worship, even when we travel. I see a "bible study" listed (individual) while checking out former Compass listings. Can / will someone inform me if there is a worship experience / opportunity typically provided? I would expect it to be on Sunday. Any help out there?
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