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  1. Well, we "splurged" for our first ever cruise (Radiance nb next week - 6 May) and were just contacted by our concierge, IIona. A pretty standard (cookie cutter) letter but I still wonder what is to expect on a Radiance class? Not many of the various options (we do have the unlimited dining package (or whatever)). Any advice? Any experience with IIona? Oh, and can I send her a schedule of when / where we'd like to dine or do I wait? Finally - and perhaps a bit "off the wall" - what happens if we decide to NOT go to a specialty restaurant after scheduling or if I want to change? Do I get some sort of penalty (you know, "loss of down and yardage"???? - OK, a bit of attempted football humor - after all it's NFL draft season). Edit: after reading this I recognized that in 2 weeks I'm likely to look at this post and shake my head... As Alan Jackson (country singer) noted in song, "I'm a work in progress".
  2. Thank you, all, for the responses. Indeed, I don't run much anymore but I do get some miles in walking. I guess even the walking is not likely to be easy. I'll do the treadmill likely.
  3. Q: Generally speaking, what is the distance on the jogging / walking track on a ship? I'm interested, mainly, on Radiance but wondering if they are fairly standard in design / length (width?). Thanks, y'all.
  4. Just a quick request since I'm a new cruiser. What is the Sea Pass like. My question centers around how I might carry it. I have several different types of lanyard (I think I'd prefer to carry it like that). Does it have a hole that I can clip into or do I have to use a lanyard with a pocket (of sorts)? Can I punch a hole in it if it hasn't one? Thank you all for your continued response to this newbie.
  5. This may seem almost too simple for most but for a new cruiser it's helpful for planning: What is a Sea Pass' description? Is it credit card - ish? Does it have a pre-punched hole for attaching to lanyard? I know it has to be like my arm... never leaving my body... but, well, perhaps someone can describe it (or better yet show a photo -doctored, of course). Oh, I'm on Radiance of the Seas. Thanks, folks!
  6. Our agent arranged for the hotel which is connected to the RCL terminal. Perhaps it's worth a look - I'll admit it seems a bit pricy.
  7. I see you're an N. KY person... We're in W. KY just north of Ft Campbell... enjoying the Bluegrass State. Retired (military)
  8. Thanks, Lexter.... but that would be my last choice... so it goes! I still will have my powder!
  9. Sorry, can't answer your question. We're on the N. bound, too. 1st Cruise - we've been trying to celebrate 50th Anniversary for 2 years with an Alaska cruise. Finally, we're on this one (after 2 other cancellations ). Hope you can find a buyer. See ya' onboard.
  10. Now that is good. Thanks Smokey. (and say hello to Sheriff Justice for me... )
  11. Thank you for your effort. Now the question is whether Radiance has the Freestyle machines. It seems to me that I read that not every ship has them yet. I guess I'll find out in a month.... (by the way a local fast food place has a Freestyle machine and it doesn't have the Powerade option. I guess that varies, too.... I'll carry some of my electrolyte powder with me... Can't even have a glass of wine without insuring I have enough!!! )
  12. I wonder if it is the Powerade Zero. I drink that at home, too.
  13. Thank you. I generally do the same since I spend a lot of time hiking / on pilgrimage. I had never heard whether or not the commercial things are available on RCL. Just an aside, I generally take along Ultima Replenisher (lemonade / 0 Kcal)
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