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  1. Welcome aboard Roleen!!
  2. Yes, for my next cruise, on July 2019, it gone too. Well, I guess that we must consider booking the full day pass... if not, my children would kill me. 😉
  3. +1 for STOMP. I enjoyed it a lot in Madrid few years ago.
  4. Great community! Congratulations to everybody that make possible this wonderful space of sharing info, comments and opinion to helping each others. Cheers for 9000 more!
  5. Symphony Of The Seas- Western Caribbean and Perfect Day at CocoCay; 6th July 2019.
  6. Hi, my name is Marco and I live in Madrid, Spain. Next summer, my wife, our two boys and me will be in Miami to sail in Symphony Of the Seas in the Western Caribbean & Perfect Day Cruise. It will be our fourth cruise, our second RC Cruise after the 2017 Mediterranean Cruise with Freedom Of The Seas. We are very excited with the cruise and hoping that it will be a great experience: enjoying the ports, the excursions and, of course, this world's marvel called Symphony Of the Seas. Thanks for this forum and specially to Matt. See you aboard!!!
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