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  1. Day 5 - Miami Debarkation Day Finishing up our cruise course On the last morning of the cruise, I woke up at 6:15am. I packed up the last few of my things and then took my camera and went to the sun deck to watch the sunrise. It reflected beautifully off the buildings in Miami as we got closer to port. Sun rising over Port of Miami Joining us in port was the Navigator, a Carnival ship, and a Norwegian ship I grabbed a quick breakfast from Windjammer and sat out on the pool deck to eat while watching the ship come into port at Terminal G. Royal let
  2. Day Four - Perfect Day at Coco Cay - Back to Chill Island & Departure I made my way back down towards the area of Chill Island by Diver's Den. I passed by some live musicians playing near the Chill Grill that were very good. I found more lockers for use on the back side of the rental area, again with nothing indicating that they were an added cost. At 1:00pm, much of Chill Island was packed, but I managed to grab a chair by a lifeguard stand as a couple was leaving. Wayfinding map of the island Musicians playing by the Chill Grill I decided to go back out sn
  3. @TonyK I recently snorkeled at Coco Cay earlier this month. I didn’t see how much snorkel rentals were going for on the island, but if you booked ahead of time on the Royal Caribbean site it was about $30 per person for an all day rental. This included a mask, snorkel, and life jacket (possibly flippers too, not 100% sure though). I bought my own snorkel & mask set on amazon for about the same price. Whether you bring your own gear or rent, everyone is able to use the same snorkeling area by Chill Island. If you do decide to snorkel at Coco Cay, I recommend doing it earlier in the day as i
  4. Day Four - Perfect Day at Coco Cay - Oasis Lagoon, Lunch & Island Exploring I'd planned to stay a bit longer to read at my recliner, but had a chair-neighbor rather loudly taking work phone calls, so I packed up and began to explore around. I walked back towards the marketplace and Chill Grill, where they were setting up for lunch. Around that area I found I great spot with some empty hammocks in a little shade, so I continued reading there. A quiet spot with four hammocks between Chill Grill and the Oasis Lagoon. I definitely recommend this area, at least in the morni
  5. Day Four - Perfect Day at Coco Cay - Chill Island & Snorkeling Woke up ready for my nice relaxing beach day around 6:45am. Went to the Windjammer for breakfast and then up to the sun deck to catch some photos of the island. The ship docked around 7:00am, and we shared port with Anthem of the Seas. First time seeing what some of the bigger ships look like! Also watched the crew taking supplies out from the ships onto the island for the day. Ready for Perfect Day at Coco Cay Empress got clearance a little before 8:00am. I gathered up some things for the day (sunblock, to
  6. Day Three - At Sea After the belly flop competition (and a cone of soft serve ice cream), I headed down to the Schooner Bar for the Game of Thrones Trivia at 1:45pm. The trivia consisted of 15 questions. Each team got a paper to write their answers on, but there were a limited number of pens, so I’d recommend bringing one with you just in case. Each question was read twice and given about 15-20 seconds to think of the answer before moving on to the next question. Once all 15 had been read, teams swapped papers to go through the answers. For being a team of one, I did pretty well with 13 o
  7. Day Three - At Sea Woke up around 8:00am and got ready to get breakfast in the Windjammer. I wore my swimsuit and a sundress over top, as I knew I wanted to try out the pool and whirlpools before it got too busy. At the Windjammer, I got kiwi (again), cereal, bacon, and some breakfast tea from the coffee area. Sat in the same barstool area spot as the day before, looking out at the ocean while having my meal. It was a bit cloudy this morning, but was very cool to see spots of sunlight out in the ocean. After breakfast, I went to the sun deck to enjoy the views, and used o
  8. Day Two - New Year's Eve Festivities After hanging out on the sun deck to watch sail away and the little bit of sunset, I popped back down to my stateroom to quickly rinse off from the day's humid walking. When I had taken a shower the first time, I couldn't figure out why the water got so hot, despite adjusting the knob down as low as I could without turning the shower off. This time around, I realized there was actually a second dial, to the right of the one in the center, that controlled the temperature. The one I had been using was just for pressure, so I thought I'd include a photo f
  9. The tables and chairs were moveable, so you could definitely arrange some to work for your group of three. There is also cushioned bench style seating in the rows, so you could do two people in chairs and one on the bench around a table.
  10. Day Two - Key West Afternoon Activities After finishing lunch, I decided to make my way to Kermit's to grab a slice of key lime pie. On the way, I stopped by a cute second-hand shop, though I didn't purchase anything. I spent some time looking through the many key lime flavored items at Kermit's, there's so much! Candy, jellies, lotions, soaps, and even some surprises like olive oil and salsa. The also had samples of their limeade, which was delicious and very tart. I got a slice of pie and headed to their outdoor seating area. It's a nice, secluded little place with a koi pond, and a goo
  11. Day Two - Hemingway Home & Museum After my second go around at the conservatory (where I watched a butterfly nearly hitch a ride out on a woman's straw hat), I decided to check out the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum, at the recommendation of my step mom. I started walking down Duval Street, and eventually crossed back over to Whitehead Street to get to the Museum. This sign on the way there made me laugh, and also want one for my apartment. The Key West Lighthouse across the road from Hemingway House had a lot of visitors as well. Entrance to the museum
  12. Day Two - The Butterfly Conservatory One place that I had checked out ahead of time, and knew that I wanted to see, was the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. I spent a little time in the marketplace around Mallory Square before heading up Whitehead Street towards the conservatory. The conservatory itself is on Duval Street, but I wanted to walk up a little more scenic way first. Lots of gorgeous homes, museums, and plant life to be had. I saw a couple of beautiful Banyan Trees. They make such lovely branch structures. Before I got to Key West, I
  13. Day Two - Morning in Key West I woke up around 7:00am the next morning. My ear plugs worked wonderfully, but I was woken up partly by what I am assuming were vibrations from the ship coming into port. A little scary at first before I made sense of it. I hopped into some athletic wear to go try out the gym, located above the Viking Crown Lounge. It was quite busy, but I suppose a lot of people had the same idea of getting in a workout before the day in port. I picked out an elliptical, but didn't stay terribly long. I realized that I'm so used to streaming music, I only had about five song
  14. Day One - Evening Activities & MDR Dinner I had the later, 8:30pm seating time for dinner in the main dining room, so while I waited, I decided to catch the night's movie being shown on the pool deck, Crazy Rich Asians. Loved the movie, though viewing angles were a little awkward. I appreciated that the movie had captioning as well. It definitely got colder up on the pool deck now that the sun had gone down, so I grabbed a towel at the towel station as a stand in for a blanket while I watched the movie. Once the movie finished, I popped back down to my cabin to do a quick change
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