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  1. I priced up a cruise from Southampton to sail this year. I looked at the solo price and the price if I added a non-travelling mystery companion. The solo price was more than having two people in the cabin!! Ridiculous. In the end I chose to sail with another company. I only wanted a week's cruise, I didn't mind where to put me onto diamond level in C&A. Oh well, there's always next year to try!
  2. Thank you @twangster for another amazing blog. The ship looked lovely with lots of space for a small ship and places to relax and hang out. And, as always your pics were fantastic
  3. Yes - even on an inside cabin!!
  4. On sailings from Southampton there will be a kettle in your stateroom. If it only has tea with it (which mine did last year) ask for coffee and your stateroom attendant will put some in for you... or leave them a note! Enjoy 🙂
  5. Last year I cruised 12 nights from Southampton to Baltic capitals - fabulous - but could have been a day or two longer as it can take a day or two from Southampton. Several of the ports were back to back days - a day off in the middle would have been a great rest day. Last month I did a 7 night crusie and was just starting to relax and get my bearings around the ship when it was time to get off. Longer is better!!
  6. I sailed from Southampton last year. I'm Emerald status. My friends had not cruised before. We were all permitted to join the Emerald (or however it's classed) queue when checking in. I did ask on arrival if that was ok
  7. Thank you so much for sharing your cruise. This time last year I was on a very similar cruise - Navigator from Southampton - it's great to hear of your experience.
  8. Usually on ships departing the UK Royal have a kettle in the cabin. If there isn't any coffee (for some reason they sometimes only put tea in) ask your stateroom attendant and they can get some sachets for you
  9. Jamie Fentiman was great when he was CD on a cruise out of Southampton I took a couple of years or so ago
  10. Thanks for such a fab review. I can't believe this is the ship I sailed on last summer! It looks amazing. Thanks for taking us along on your cruise Sarah
  11. I was on a Baltic cruise from Southampton last June. I am 44, my friends are between 55 - 65. The age range seemed to be mainly 50+. Very few families - but it was in school term time. Where are you thinking of sailing from? Depending on the itinerary as to age ranges. For example, in my experience, Med Cruises from Southampton attract an older British passenger as they don't need to fly.
  12. On Indy you do not pre-book any shows - it's a first come basis. Grease is usually shown a few times, so pick a time that suits you and pop along early to get a good seat. There is usually a theatre show each night - some are from the Royal Caribbean singers and dancers and other nights have a "headliner" act e.g. music, comedian, magician. The show in theatre is usually twice each night - times around first and second main seating dinner so that the majority of guests can go along before / after dinner. As far as I can remember the only thing you'd need a ticket in advance for are the ice shows. When the tickets are available for collection will be advertised in the Cruise Compass - the daily newsletter left in your cabin - this gives details of all the activities available. There are also parades and singing events on the Royal Promenade - again advertised in the Cruise Compass. I hope this helps - have a fab cruise Sarah
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