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  1. Well, we'll go under that bridge when we get to it. My main concern is just knowing exactly what I'm looking at for sleeping arrangements. I haven't seen any pictures like the ones above. If it's like those above, I'm very happy.
  2. Liberty of the Seas. If this is what we have, this will be great!
  3. We set sail this Sunday. 2 adults and 2 kids (six and eight) in an Interior 1V-2V room that we booked ourselves. I know the room is small. I need to get a realistic picture of where the kids will sleep. I've seen several different pictures of what the rooms (may or may not) look like. I'm prepared to take a cot, sleeping pads, or even a hammock that I could hang with ultra strong magnets if we need them. I called RCI and they said there were two overhead bunks, but I haven't seen a picture of that *anywhere*. I just want to be prepared. Also, we have a wheelchair that I'm hoping to break down and get in the closet. Maybe it will stay in the shower. It may have to sit right in front of the door. Can anyone conclusively verify what I can expect in the room on the 9th deck?
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