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  1. I have to agree with what everyone else has said. I was on Anthem a few weeks ago, and I was really impressed with the internet. Even though we had constant cloud cover for several days, it was much faster than any Carnival ship I've sailed.
  2. I'm sure I walked by you many times! I was up there at arrival, or in the afternoon, either at the bar or in the hot tub. It was an amazing cruise!!
  3. I hope your cruise continues to be wonderful! Thanks for the beautiful pictures.
  4. This cruise will be so great! I did a partial transit with Carnival last year and it still seems surreal. Staying at the Queen Mary is my favorite way to start off any sailing from either LB or San Pedro. I'll definitely be following. I was a bit worried about the weather getting back to Salt Lake today, but, much like last year, Denver got hit harder than we did.
  5. Good morning! We’re in American Icon for debark breakfast. As soon as I get home I’ll fill in the missing details of our last night onboard. We have a late flight, so we’re in the last debark group.
  6. Good morning from a very comfy, rocking and rolling Anthem of the Seas! If I didn’t live in the west, I’d always sail out of Cape Liberty. I LOVE how this ship handles slight seas like this.
  7. Thank you @Matt for this blog and the podcast, it’s the only reason I’m here. This is one of my best cruises out of 27 so far!
  8. So, just a quick update, captain just mentioned ten min ago before we departed, that around 1-3am we’ll encounter 50 knot winds and 20 foot seas until around 11 am tomorrow. I’m currently in Wonderland for the first time and am blown away!
  9. We made it to Garrison Brewing, and I sat and relaxed while my mom looked in the shops at the pier. Now we’re back aboard the ship, having a little downtime before our first Wonderland experience tonight. Happy Halloween everyone!
  10. It’s a little wet, but I’ve really enjoyed walking around. We explored the Maritime Museum, which was really cool, especially the second floor with the Cunard and Titanic displays. Now we’re just walking around Grafton street. Hoping to stop at Garrisons Brewing on the way back to the ship
  11. Good morning from a cold, gray Halifax! Hopefully the showers hold off for about 5 hours. This morning was a bit interesting with a code Alpha right in the middle of the Captains good morning message. Hopefully the guest with the medical issue is ok. Of course this delayed the clearance of the ship, which caused people to be very sultry.
  12. Just got to watch a bunch of guys from housekeeping and laundry play soccer at Seaplex. They’re damn good!
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