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  1. Can anyone tell me what retail shops are on the Symphony? Kate Spade?, Coach?
  2. Actually, I have one more question @Lovetocruise2002. Do you think the Oasis Lagoon Cabanas will come down in price? They are sitting at $999 right now.
  3. Thanks @Lovetocruise2002. I am gonna book it right now!
  4. Prices are showing 499 for thrill Water Park and Cabana. If price drops, will RC give a refund?
  5. Hi all. Does anyone know prices of Personal Training on the ship?
  6. You must be getting so excited. I will be sailing Symphony in the Four Bedroom villa and I only have 89 more day!!! WOOHOO
  7. You have an awesome memory!! Yes we are star class! So excited! Thanks for the info!
  8. Hi all. We have officially made final payment and starting to make sure we have the right clothes. Do any of the past cruisers know if there is a white party, or themed nights? Any help is much appreciated.
  9. @YOLO Its good to be here!! You all are the best!
  10. @Lovetocruise2002 my hope is that I can do a blog like yours. I know it won't be as fancy, but I can give a solid effort! But have no fear, I will take tons of photos of the entire suite! My family already knows there are people who want to see it before all of our stuff is thrown about! If you have any special requests, just let me know. We sail November 30, 2019. Ahh...111 days to go!! Does Tapas at Vintages come with SC?
  11. @Lovetocruise2002...I can’t tell you how awesome your review on Star Class was! Thank you so much!
  12. We are on the Symphony. We have 8 people traveling with us. It’s my parents, my grandma, my husband our two kids (D 3 and S 6) and my brother. Bare minimum to have this room! Lol. My goal is to not ever step foot in the windjammer. What are the the chances of the room being ready at 12:00? Is it something we can request from the Genie?
  13. We sail in star class for the first time and my family and I were considering lunch options for embarkation day. Our first thought was Chops but I have recently learned all about the private lunch for people who bought The Key. I am actually not a huge fan of CK lunch, so we would rather not go there. What are some other options? Could we arrange Chops lunch in our room? What restaurants are open for lunch? My only reserve about eating in our room is that we have the 4 bedroom villa, so I wouldn’t want to assume it would be cleaned so quickly. We are driving and expect to arrive 11:30 or so. Another thought was to go to Vintages. Are the tapas included with Star Class.
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