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  1. Does anyone know, on my last cruise (on Majesty) I purchased a 5 drink card. But only had 3 drinks. I kept the card...can it be used on another sailing, on another ship?
  2. I do not know the specifics, but I heard Anthem has minimal clearance in and out of the port due to the Verrazano Narrows bridge...not sure if high and low tides effect safe passage. Tonight is a full moon, again not sure if this effects the tide level.
  3. How about a 8 nighter? Empress OTS April 4, 2020 going to Miami, Florida • Key West, Florida • Havana, Cuba* • Cruising • Labadee, Haiti • Cruising • Perfect Day At Cococay • Miami, Florida without Key West, on Majesty OTS 5 nights - January 25, 2020 or March 7, 2020 or April 4, 2020 Fort Lauderdale, Florida • Cruising • Labadee, Haiti • Cruising • Perfect Day At Cococay • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  4. Has anybody done RC "Labadee Snorkel Safari" or "Labadee Speedboat And Snorkel" excursion? Wondering what to do on Labadee (not into the zip line or coaster).
  5. My friend and I did this "tour" about a month ago on CC. As mentioned above, it is a tour where you are in a group of about 10 or 12 and following the leader in a single file, not a free for all. Some straight runs fast (I hit 36 "mph"), S curves, sweeping turns, ect covering a good distance. We had fun for almost a hour.
  6. And it is lobster tail, not a whole lobster for the "free" one. On Adventure OTS in March, I ordered this lobster and prime rib (made my own surf and turf)...and the waiter brought me double tails and prime rib...all at no extra charge. Though, a few weeks back, on a 3 day Mariner cruise in the Caribbean, at Chops, my friend got the upcharge lobster , and it was a whole lobster.
  7. Did anyone this morning cancel and rebuy a item in the cruise planner and NOT get a email confirmation of the cancellation. In the past, I got a cancellation email, but did not today when swapped the DBP for a lower price.
  8. The (Crispy) Chicken sandwich was very good.
  9. I did a Uber from Miami port, to FLL port on 4/8 (around 9am), a Monday, and a Uber X with two people was $80.70
  10. Unfortunately, RC does not use (a good thing environmentally) small paper umbrellas in drinks.
  11. Last summer I was on my first cruise with my sister, and her family to Alaska on Explorer OTS. On the second night, we had dinner in the MDR. For dessert, a bunch of us also ordered espressos or cappuccinos. When the Assistant Waitress brought out the coffees, she puts down my nieces drink, and I start laughing out loud. She used a small oblong gravy boat instead of a small coffee (espresso) cup. Of course all our meals in the MDR we would look out for this waitress, as well as kept ordering espresso/cappuccinos to try and get a gravy boat again.
  12. Another possible option if you gamble a lot (and have good credit) is to get a line of credit with the casino. I did this last summer before my first RC cruise, allowing me to withdraw money, charging it to my SeaPass card, without the 5% charge. Then paying it off on my credit card which I get very good points with (triple points for "travel"). Here is the RC link. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/casino-credit I believe, as with most lines of credit, this will put a "hard inquiry" on your credit report.
  13. Maybe when they finish all the construction, they could offer a All Access Island Tour with behind the scene areas.
  14. Great thread @Bish. Thanks for all the details before, and during your family's great trip.
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