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  1. Looking forward to your posts...and ty in advance.
  2. Actually, I have 43 right now. But with my 7 night going solo on the 7 night Blog Freedom group cruise, and then doing a 8 nighter in March in a Jr. Suite, both of them I should be getting double points, which will bring me to 73. And 7 points short of Diamond.
  3. I was thinking the exact same thing. Last week I was plotting out my points, and upcoming cruises. I think I need another 7 day (or a 4 day going solo) cruise from April through November next year, which should not be too hard to accomplish.
  4. It is the crispy chicken sandwich from the Snack Shack, which I believe there might be more than one location on CCPD. Note, at the SS, there is more than one chicken sandwich on the menu, so make sure to order the correct one. @Solus Lupus as far as the other food on the island, it is good, but I wouldn't try and sneak food back on the ship. Depending on which ship you are on, there are likely as good, if not better food on the ship when you get back. You won't go hungry on any RC sailing.
  5. Or send each announcement to all staterooms on the in room telephone voice mail systems. This likely could easily be implemented on all ships quickly (IF anyone from RC is reading this.) To add to this, could also add it to the phone app for people to listen to them in a quiet place.
  6. Also to note if flying into Newark...not sure if this stat is still correct, but back in 2016 United Airlines controlled 70% of the flights into EWR. To some people, that might make a difference.
  7. As a former general manager of a JR on land, glad to hear they still do the dancing (and saw earlier the ketchup smiley face). I have the UDP on the Freedon GC, so I am sure to check out JR a day or two for lunch. I am just now binge reading this live blog, thanks and great job Ashley.
  8. Thanks @KathyC for the great write up, and answering questions. I have my first Celebrity cruise on Equinox in two days, and am excited about it. The lower key factor will be good for a change, especially with some of the people on the trip.
  9. @Lovetocruise2002, I am curious, do your girls (or the older one) read your live blogs when they are not on the cruise? (BTW, great live blog.)
  10. It might just be to charge to your Seapass card and paid by a credit card with real good benefits (as long as you are Prime or above and are not charged the 5% fee by RC). Might even bring home extra cash. I get triple points for travel and restaurants on one of my cards, so I have no problem using that for all my RC stuff, including getting cash from Casino Royale.
  11. Thanks for the heads up @twangster. Fortunately my one RC cruise I have booked I already purchased VS&S.
  12. And you will likely get offers for additional select free cruises. Casino Royale sends a mailer every 6 - 8 weeks, plus you can also get them in a email also. Depending on your level of play, it could be for a inside, ocean view, or sometimes a balcony stateroom. If you like the higher level staterooms, upgrades are usually pretty reasonable.
  13. Me too...if it is not too much trouble. Thanks.
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