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  1. @Lovetocruise2002, I am curious, do your girls (or the older one) read your live blogs when they are not on the cruise? (BTW, great live blog.)
  2. It might just be to charge to your Seapass card and paid by a credit card with real good benefits (as long as you are Prime or above and are not charged the 5% fee by RC). Might even bring home extra cash. I get triple points for travel and restaurants on one of my cards, so I have no problem using that for all my RC stuff, including getting cash from Casino Royale.
  3. Thanks for the heads up @twangster. Fortunately my one RC cruise I have booked I already purchased VS&S.
  4. And you will likely get offers for additional select free cruises. Casino Royale sends a mailer every 6 - 8 weeks, plus you can also get them in a email also. Depending on your level of play, it could be for a inside, ocean view, or sometimes a balcony stateroom. If you like the higher level staterooms, upgrades are usually pretty reasonable.
  5. Me too...if it is not too much trouble. Thanks.
  6. @RickinSTL if the cruise you are sailing on you used a travel agent, the Next Cruise person can usually pull up that information and assign your travel agent of a new booking through them.
  7. I saw this in the cruise planner, or someplace else, but did not purchase it...and regretted it a bit. I like to do those backstage things when I can. A few cruises back I went to a free Q&A session with (on I think Adventure OTS) 8 of the ships singers and dancers...and enjoyed it on sea day. Definitely I would do again on a sea day without something else at the same time.
  8. @jenna lee, if you and your boyfriend would like to try something unique, and are a bit active (and a water sport), I highly recommend the America's Cup Racing Experience. They have a bunch of real (retired) America's Cup racing yachts that they do a mock race, with guests like yourself helping crew the actual boats. Real fun (and can be a bit of a workout depend on which station you are assigned). I have done it twice now, including a few weeks ago, and had a great time (and the boat I helped crew won our race). I booked through Royal on the cruise planner, but I believe you can also book directly with them
  9. @Cez you might want to check out the Plugshare app or website. If you do not mind parking away from the port, but close by, there are a few options around Newark Airport. At one of the Hilton's by the airport, they have a few electrical outlets in their garage, and you can usually find online coupons for parking way under $10 per day. And just take a 15-20 minute Uber to the port. I have parked there for airport trip, and the place seems safe (but did not try and charge). Another possible option, if you want to park at the port, and are not in a huge rush after your cruise (and your car won't totally drain the battery during your cruise) is to go to the Liberty Science Center museum after your cruise. This is a great stop if you have kids, to visit. They have a bunch (maybe 12) free L2 J-1772's, but do have to pay for parking when there. This is a great place for kids. If you drive a Tesla, there are a couple of Superchargers close to Cape Liberty. There are two in Jersey City (one at a mall) about 9 miles north from the port. As well as another Supercharger in Kearny, about 12 miles NW.
  10. @Matt (or anyone else), do you know if James Van Fleet also keeps a look out for Celebrity Cruise line ships. I have a cruise booked for November, with some cruising rookies that might be more relaxed if they knew he was also watching over those ships.
  11. Happy Happy (late) Anniversary. I hope you all have a fantastic cruise, enjoy.
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