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  1. Isn't there the library and/or card room for that on many ships. Though, no pool in those places.
  2. Great live blog @Lovetocruise2002. It was fun to read all 18 pages of this live blog post being on this cruise. Not meaning to hijack, but a few of my random thoughts. It was fantastic meeting everyone on the Group Cruise. One of my favorite cruises so far...by far having 80+ other groupies to hang with was fun. As has been mentioned about eating in the Two70 Cafe is a hidden gem...the Solarium Bistro is another great place to avoid big crowds. One funny moment was on day 2 or 3 I was eating dinner up there, and I get a notification on my phone of @Matt doing a live periscope, and I look around the small room, and two other tables were listening in. Where ever I would go, I would usually see a friendly face, or a red MEI lanyard (thanks @AnnetteJackson .) As mentioned, the flow of people is not very good, especially around the Royal Theater. What made it worse, there were major shows/events scheduled when a major show ended, and another event started in 10 or 15 minutes afterwards. People trying to get in (and blocking the hallways) while the theater was letting out. Also noticed a few shows/events that started 10-15 (one was 20 or 25) late. I don't remember this happening so often on my previous cruises. Being on three Voyager class ships in the past, Anthem my new largest ship...I did miss the openness of a promenade. Looking forward to joining more group cruises in the future.
  3. You might try seeing if a Youtube review of your room has been done. Go to Youtube, and in the search box put the ship name and cabin number. You might get lucky and someone has done a walk through video of your cabin.
  4. They have a bunch of different boats (something like 3-5), with each one being unique. Either when you check in, or when you get on the boat, they will make "assignments" for all. You can tell them you want a easy one, or nothing (or in charge of the cooler, handing out water, ect). When I went, I asked for a easy station, and every few (maybe 5) minutes, me and another person was instructed to spin this crank for maybe 20-30 seconds. Not bad at all. Have fun.
  5. If you and the family are a bit adventuresome, you might want to look into the ST. MAARTEN YACHT RACE (if still available for your day). The passengers help out crewing the America's Cup yachts during a mini race...and you can request easier positions. I did this about 16 months ago when I was there for a week and had lots of fun, and have it booked again for my July (RCBlog group) cruise.
  6. Does anyone know, on my last cruise (on Majesty) I purchased a 5 drink card. But only had 3 drinks. I kept the card...can it be used on another sailing, on another ship?
  7. I do not know the specifics, but I heard Anthem has minimal clearance in and out of the port due to the Verrazano Narrows bridge...not sure if high and low tides effect safe passage. Tonight is a full moon, again not sure if this effects the tide level.
  8. How about a 8 nighter? Empress OTS April 4, 2020 going to Miami, Florida • Key West, Florida • Havana, Cuba* • Cruising • Labadee, Haiti • Cruising • Perfect Day At Cococay • Miami, Florida without Key West, on Majesty OTS 5 nights - January 25, 2020 or March 7, 2020 or April 4, 2020 Fort Lauderdale, Florida • Cruising • Labadee, Haiti • Cruising • Perfect Day At Cococay • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  9. Has anybody done RC "Labadee Snorkel Safari" or "Labadee Speedboat And Snorkel" excursion? Wondering what to do on Labadee (not into the zip line or coaster).
  10. My friend and I did this "tour" about a month ago on CC. As mentioned above, it is a tour where you are in a group of about 10 or 12 and following the leader in a single file, not a free for all. Some straight runs fast (I hit 36 "mph"), S curves, sweeping turns, ect covering a good distance. We had fun for almost a hour.
  11. And it is lobster tail, not a whole lobster for the "free" one. On Adventure OTS in March, I ordered this lobster and prime rib (made my own surf and turf)...and the waiter brought me double tails and prime rib...all at no extra charge. Though, a few weeks back, on a 3 day Mariner cruise in the Caribbean, at Chops, my friend got the upcharge lobster , and it was a whole lobster.
  12. Did anyone this morning cancel and rebuy a item in the cruise planner and NOT get a email confirmation of the cancellation. In the past, I got a cancellation email, but did not today when swapped the DBP for a lower price.
  13. The (Crispy) Chicken sandwich was very good.
  14. I did a Uber from Miami port, to FLL port on 4/8 (around 9am), a Monday, and a Uber X with two people was $80.70
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