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  1. Cancelled March 17th and 21st. Redeploying to Australia. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/02/14/royal-caribbean-will-move-spectrum-of-the-seas-offer-complimentary-cruises-australias
  2. I have just read news that Westerdam cruise of Holland American Line was denied entry to the ports of Thailand, Japan, Philippines and Guam. And there are NO ill people on board.The ship departed from Hong Kong Feb 1st and was denied entry while already in sea. That is the problem for ALL cruises in South East Asia.
  3. Dear Guest, We’re looking forward to welcoming you aboard Spectrum of the Seas next month! Last week, we implemented a new travel regulation related to the coronavirus, which we shared with you recently. We understand that this created some confusion since your sailing differs, as it sails out of mainland China, requiring travel there. So by default, creating a scenario where you would be denied boarding because of our restriction on travel through China. Sorry, that was not our intention. That email was intended for rest of the fleet. Unlike our sailings all over the world, whe
  4. Royal Caribbean has canceled eight cruises out of China through early March and is taking more precautionary steps because of the virus outbreak that began in China. PBS. Org
  5. Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan quarantined after passenger diagnosed with coronavirus
  6. I noticed that RCI has deleted cruise sale from Shanghai on Feb 13th though there was no stating that officially.
  7. The March 21 sailing of Spectrum of the Seas is currently scheduled to depart from Shanghai as planned. The company will be monitoring any developments relating to the coronavirus and "We'll notify impacted travel partners and guests immediately if any changes are made," the company said on Tuesday in a post on its official Twitter account. Newsweek.com
  8. Will RCCL somehow inform its customers about the port of departure changes? I failed to find any information on cruise cancellations from Shanghai on official RCCL site. Should I call them or wait for official letter?
  9. In addition to the two cancelled sailings previously announced, the cruise line has cancelled an additional sailing of Spectrum of the Seas through February 8th.
  10. Royal Caribbean Cruises said it is canceling its January 27 and January 31 sailings of "Spectrum of the Seas" — its only ship with a home port in China. The company said it would provide full refunds to guests with reservations on both sails. Cbsnews.com.
  11. I doubt RCI will relocate the ship. It houses several thousand guests and more than 90 percent of them are Chinese. My guess is they will wait till the end of February to see the development of the situation . Last week I sent a message to RCI but still no answer. They have some 7 cruises from Shanghai in February. Let us see what happens to them.
  12. Dear Ken23, If you have new information please let me know. And thanks in advance.
  13. Cruise operators have cancelled trips from ports in China and offer full refunds. Passengers are also able to choose other dates this year as an alternative, Costa Cruises has announced. Royal Caribbean International is offering free cancellations for the Spectrum of the Seas scheduled to set sail on Monday from Shanghai. The five-day cruise involves a stop in Okinawa, Japan. Passengers may also change their dates, Royal Caribbean International said. The operator will not allow people who live in Hubei Province, or have visited Hubei in the 15 days before departure, abo
  14. Cruise from Shanghai and coronavirus Booked for March 5th cruise from Shanghai to Japan for 8 nights. Got many doubts about going to Shanghai and on Spectrum of the Seas. Worried about bad news from China. There would be more than several thousand passengers from different regions of China on board. Any advice or opinion about the situation ? If cancelled within next five days still possible to get 25 percent back. Or risk and go?
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