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  1. The me for the advise everyone! Too add to this, what are the best beaches on each island? I know I def would like to get some beach and jet ski time in
  2. Hi everyone! I am going on freedom this weekend, and am looking for things to do at each port of call. The ship is going Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, & St. Thomas. My gf and I would like to do 2 excursions. What are the best excursions for each of these places? And for the ports where we dont do excursions, were are the best places on the islands to go on our own? We definetly want to do snorkeling at some point, so which island is the best place to do that?
  3. TBH i do not really mind the whole "4 ghost" travelers thing. I still think $1300/room is a pretty great price given that i booked 3 weeks before sailing! I just want to get the beverage package sorted at this point
  4. I am not sure why, but we did this while on the phone with RC. RC told me they would not book the 4person room for only two people. Even when I tired to book on the website, when I put in “2 guests 1 stateroom” it showed as sold out. When I would put on “4 guests 1 stateroom” there was availability
  5. I wish! They specifically said all of the rooms that were coded for 2 guests were booked I suspect even with 2, 2 person rooms it would be around the same price anyway. I will call my travel agent and see if they can switch the ghost guests to underage
  6. Hello! So yesterday, the last two cabins on the Freedoms sailing March 8th opened up and had a great deal of about $1300/room. There are 4 people in my party, but the rooms were for 4 people each, and we would rather have 2 separate rooms for privacy. RC told me i can buy both rooms at the $1300 price and just not have two people in each show up. So technically we are paying for 8 guests, but the 3rd and 4th guest are very cheap, and we will get taxes/port fees back for them as well. Heck, maybe we bring a few friends along as it wont increase the cost of the trip XD! The issue is now i am trying to buy a drink package, and it is saying i have to buy one for every person in my room? I have been on many RCCL and i have never had to do this. The other guest in my room does not drink alcohol for medical reasons, so is there any way around this?
  7. Hi! Yesterday i booked a vacation for March 2020. It is on Freedom of the Seas, and i believe it is the first sailing since it has been Amplified. The other day i saw that beverage packages were 40% off, but for me currently it is still showing the Ultimate Beverage Package as $51/day. Is this the discount price?
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