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  1. Love this idea! Is it true that there are also some complimentary items we can order for breakfast room service, in addition to coffee?
  2. Thanks for the feedback! We are mid-ship, 7th deck and are doing Southern Caribbean, ABC islands and St. Marteen.
  3. We have a balcony room on FOS next May. Never having cruised before, I imagine enjoying sitting on the balcony on sea days, watching the water pass by etc. Is that a reasonable expectation? Are the balcony's too hot during sea days? Too cold? Too windy? Just right?
  4. Thank-you! Good to know! I am less interested in swimming, and more interested in a nap with a view!! 😉
  5. Curious: I assume that chairs by the pool are the most coveted and populated. What about chairs that are on deck not near the pools, but more to view the sea? Are those often all taken as well? (newbie here!). TIA.
  6. That is a good idea. We did like the idea of seeing the Flamingos, so weren't sure how to do that without an "excursion".
  7. That is our sailing too!! See you then! 😁😁
  8. We will be on FOS in May 2020 and doing the ABC islands, plus St. Marteen. Thinking of doing excursions on Aruba (ATV tour) and St. Marteen (Speedboat tour) for sure. Any thoughts on not booking anything for Bonaire and just finding non-excursion activities to do on our own? In other words, would that be a good island to not formally plan anything for? Think we will do the same for Curacao.
  9. Thanks for this!! We were wondering the same about this excursion. Sounds like a win!
  10. Yeah, that would have been concerning! I hope you were careful with your luggage when you got home!
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