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  1. Shoot! I had hoped it would have been open later too, but I guess it makes sense if it is pool side. We will for sure take advantage of it though! Thanks for looking up this info.
  2. When Freedom of the Seas gets upgraded during dry-dock (happening now I believe!!), they are adding an "El Loco Fresh" poolside. Will this be a complimentary restaurant like Wind Jammer and MD, or will it be additional? Thanks!
  3. Can't wait to follow along! We are doing the ABC's plus St. Marteen in May on Freedom!
  4. Again thanks. Do you happen to have a link for the online rental?
  5. Did you use porters for embarkation and disembarkation? I have read that they will help get through the chaos, but cost a fraction of the Key. We will take any tips you have, as we are cruising for the first time in May with Freedom.
  6. Thank-you for this! Sounds wonderful! Was it easy to follow the map?
  7. Will anyone be vlogging this cruise, being a group cruise and all?
  8. Thanks all. Good to know and confirmed my initial speculations.
  9. We have a balcony room on FOS. Just a few questions: how private is the balcony area? From pics, it seems the balconies are separated by removable partitions, not actual walls, that are even slightly see-through. So, is it likely we will hear/see our neighbors? Is smoking allowed on balconies (not for us, just want to if we will have smoke from other rooms wafting over)? If it is just partitions, are they easily moved? Wondering if it is safe to leave valuables out on our balcony (binoculars etc), or could it be accessible by neighbors? TIA!
  10. I think we are sold on the Trikes! The only thing we wanted to be able to do, is also swim at the beach. But, I think we will get back in plenty of time to simply find a beach close to the ship for the rest of the afternoon.
  11. We are trying to decide between the Trikes at https://trikes-aruba.com/ or the off-roading Jeeps through https://abc-aruba.com/tours/jeep-tours/island-ultimate-safari/. The prices are similar with the Trikes being just a little cheaper. But the Jeeps excursion is longer and seems to do more. Any feedback on either of these? TIA.
  12. I agree 100%! I was SHOCKED at how rude other reviews were (not from this site!), in their lack of cultural sensitivity. It was very clear to me that THEY were the rude ones! LOL!
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