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  1. Thanks so much! Yes, that does help!!
  2. Thanks! This is all good advice. Now, to make decisions on what we want to do!
  3. January through....?? We sail May 2020 and hope to go Southwest, but right now they only list through December.
  4. We cruise next May with this itinerary. Have seen others talk about the kayaks to Pinel island. Good to hear your review! Did you do anything else on the island? We are considering going to the beach with the airplanes. Did you go to Curacao and Bonaire? If so, any recommendations there?
  5. So, what do you do in Curacao if not the beaches? We will be in Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao and St. Marteen. Trying to decide which island do do what! It is overwhelming!
  6. New to cruising: We sail to the ABC islands end of May 2020, leaving from San Juan. I was thinking I had lots of time to book excursions. However, browsing around Cruise Planner today I see one of the excursions I was looking at is already fully booked. Yikes! Should we lock in our excursions already? We are over 10 months out yet. Also, we are planning on doing some through RC and some through other organizations. Does that matter on the timing? TIA!
  7. I would love a PM too!! Heading to these islands in May!
  8. Did you have the Key, or just standard boarding?
  9. I am so looking forward to hearing/seeing the refurbished parts of the ship.....yet have never been on it so it will all be great no matter what! I do hope they work on the air-conditioning in the cabins, as that is the largest complaint I have heard about.
  10. We are on the 7th floor mid ship, balcony on the Freedom of the Seas. We will be cruising AFTER their dry-dock in January. Any thoughts on if the WindJammer will move locations? Just trying to think about where our room is in relationship to other locations on the ship.
  11. Thanks for the advice! Is it safe to assume that Starbucks gift-cards don't work on the ships? LOL!!
  12. Thanks! Good to know!! How accurate are they with the time (on average) of delivery? So, if you ask for 8am, are they pretty close to that? Just already thinking about excursion days.
  13. First time cruising! Two questions: 1) are there microwaves in the standard balcony rooms (Freedom of the Seas), and 2) I have seen some talk of complementary room service for a continental breakfast. Is this true (that it is free), and what comes with that breakfast, specifically is there coffee? Thanks all!
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