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  1. Can you bring soda on board on embarkation day? If so, how much per person or cabin?
  2. How is dinner done when sailing out at 8:30 pm?
  3. Can you use your three restaurant dining package more than once at the same restaurant or do you have to go to a different restaurant each time?
  4. Does Royal Caribbean offer covid tests for those who are flying directly after the cruise and need to show a negative test result?
  5. We finally received it the other day.
  6. How long should it take to receive my refund for cancelled cruise. We received an email last week saying that it had been processed, but we still haven't seen the refund hit our account yet.
  7. Does anyone know what offers/coupons are added to the platinum card on board Brilliance of the Seas? Is there any discount on the Specialty Dining?
  8. Does anyone have a copy of the menu for 5 nights on Brilliance of the Seas? I assume the menu is the same/almost the same every week.
  9. I was thinking more along the lines of trying a new entrée and if I didn't like it, would I be able to get a different one.
  10. One way the keep you from cheating on the alcohol package is that if one person in the cabin purchases it, all other adults in the cabin have to purchase it. I don't believe that is true for the soda package though.
  11. Can you get more than 1 entrée at the specialty dining like you can in the dining room? Or would you have to pay extra
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