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  1. The evening was spent relaxing and playing hearts! GF hubby won. ?
  2. My GF wanted to get her favourite wine. All of the wineries are closed for tasting and most are closed for shopping too. Most have gone to a "drive through/curbside" pick up. She got her favourite wine ordered and off we went to pick up! We think we have enough for the week now LOL On our way we saw the coolest car ever!!!!!!!!
  3. Part way through our walk the guys left as they went golfing again! Unfortunately the golf course has now closed to protect the community from Covid-19 spread. We are still staying here but continue to watch news and take it day by day to decided if we need to return home to Calgary. Calgary has now closed all playground and play structures. Parks are still open but there was very stern threats about quarantines, self isolation and social distancing from officials. I am a nurse and we were told to still work our schedules despite Covid-19. I have put in for redployment, working at the airport for screening travellers but heard nothing back yet. My boss texted yesterday asking for staff for today. I replied I was at the "lake" and needed 24 hours to be able to return if she needed to cancel my holidays. I have heard nothing back yet.
  4. We then walked along the KVR trail taking in the sights and watching the beautiful lake and Canada geese (these two actually got in a fight and I couldn't get a picture fast enough of them swooping up over the lake it was breath taking! We practiced social distancing and saw quite a few others out along our walk and people would cross the street, but were very friendly waving and saying good morning, no one wanted to get close!
  5. Monday ? We got up and had a breakfast of fritata and toast it was so good! The adults all went on a walk and the teens did clean up? This is the original Kaleden hotel and grounds. It has been fenced off to prevent people from going inside or climbing on the structure
  6. After breakfast my GF and I took an inventory and headed into Penticton to do groceries so we wouldn't have to go back, The guys and teen1 went on a 2 hour walk around Kaleden, Teen2 was working on his brain being pickled with his screens...... or maybe a nap as they stayed up VERY LATE? OR got up VERY EARLY? We were able to find a golf course that was open Osoyoos Desert Sands Golf Course and we got a tee time of 3:10pm.... that is late as we needed to have the carts back by 6:30pm. Unfortunately there was a group of 6 ahead of us. We were not happy as this really slowed our play down as we had hoped toget all 18 done.... Oh well we ended up getting 15 done! The wind really picked up while we were golfing (started at about 15'C and by the time we were done it was 9'C and very windy!) There's some photos of Skaha Lake and the rocks along the road and vineyards along the way ? We had take out poutine from A&W on our way home and I forgot to get pics
  7. Sorry I was very busy turning sour grapes into fine wine?? LOL...... too much wine drinking...... I will try to be better at blogging live Food Porn: The guys made breakfast fruit salad, pancakes, bacon and mimosas ? Ok some food might have been eaten before i remembered to take photos ? The teens also emerged from their basement suite! This house is very neat.... Upstairs we have a king bedroom with closet, queen bedroom with dresser and tv, downstairs has a queen bedroom and then a queen foldout couch. Both up and down have full kitchens and bathrooms, upstairs has a tub, downstairs has a shower stall. Our favourite place is the beautiful deck with the lake view!
  8. Morning sunrise and Coffees Today we are going to social distance outside.... apparently the golf courses are open? We are golfing Osoyoos Desert Golf Course so will put some pics up. Will try food porn but it will be nothing like on the ships....
  9. We made dinner, relaxed with a couple of bottles and wine and called it a night. It was a long day travelling and we were exhausted! We had a time change too so we lost an hour which made us even more tired! Good night! I will be better tomorrow I hope ?
  10. Now we decided to ensure we have our own drink package! What does everyone think?
  11. We have arrived! We are staying at Spanish Mid Century Villa on Skaha Lake in Kaleden BC. We found this through Airbnb and Jay is our host!!! Oh my goodness what an amazing individual. He is so kind! He had the patio furniture brought out for us so we can enjoy wine on the deck!!! This is the view from the deck and our welcome gift from our host!!! Thank you Jay
  12. Ahhh Here is Lake Okanogan watch for the Ogopogo Monster , some beautiful mountain scenery and neat helicopters for a photo ?
  13. Sorry had a technical glitch good to go now ? The guys are in the white truck behind us ?
  14. 7418CBF5-74B7-4623-B589-46B74B6B14CC.heic 8C5C5D15-7FFF-4563-9961-43FD9F3F4E43.heic F203DC30-B349-4B36-99CA-E1DE59213B6D.heic 24335CEA-EFB5-41C2-8A74-81300C2E0FE5.heic
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