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  1. Any reason us norwegians couldn't/shouldn"t use an american TA such as MEI? We used a local TA for our first trip on RCCL and I really feel that I could have done a better job researching our cruise.
  2. Thank you very much, fionamg When I researched prices I get the feeling that the european cruises are way more expensive, at least för the 7-8 night cruises I looked at. I'd say the prices where at least 2-400 dollars more per person than comparible cabins in the caribbean.
  3. So we did a caribbean cruise on Harmony in late feb as of this year and fell hard in love with cruising. Now, since we are norwegians, we're thinking about trying out a mediterranean cruise in 2022 onboard an Oasis-class ship. I"m just looking for some insights on the matter. Can we expect, roughly, the same kind of experience? Great food, great service, great shows etc? What, if anything, would you say was different about cruising in Europe - or was it pretty much the same?
  4. I think, since we are leaving tomorrow, the window has closed on editing any information. I might just call rccl
  5. Thanks for the reply @Bakerette! No, I did it all myself in the app. Scanned our passports, took our pictures etc. I cannot find anything that would suggest that I did hers any different from the rest of us. The only factor is thr photos. I mean, qualitywise they all look the same to me. The whole face, ears showing, eyes open etc.
  6. We're sailing on Harmony tomorrow (out of port canaveral). Two adults, two kids. We did the app check-in, provided all info and took the pictures. But, when looking at our SetSail-passes only one of us, the youngest daughter, has gotten the Expedited Arrival on hers. Why is that, any ideas?
  7. So, we're sailing on Harmony in ~ a week. I've been receiving a flood of emails from rccl about the Royal Up program but haven't really paid any attention to it until I git bored today and actually read through it. We're a family of four (two adults and two kids) and we are currently in a "spacious balcony view" room. What does this mean: "3) Your bid is priced per person and based on two guests per stateroom for the entire length of your cruise. Only the first and second guest will be charged." If I bid $120 and win, do I pay 120x2 or 120x4 (since there is 4 of us)?
  8. That's really great to hear! Any recommendations for where to meet new friends? There is some kind of activity center for teens onboard, right? I vaguely remember reading something about that.
  9. So we're sailing on Harmony on the 23rd. Two adults and our daughters, age 11 and 13. They are generally speaking two cool, level headed kids who'd rather observe from the background than take center stage. Me and the wife was discussing the other day just how much slack we should cut them onboard. Is it "safe" to let them explore on their own? Would you yourself let your kids wander around on their own and explore the ship/activities? Me, I'm a natural born Worrier and my wife is a lot more live and let live
  10. We snagged it for ~43 bucks so the cost for our entire family of four is actually less then what the cost for one person is right now I wonder, how many lobsters can I stuff down my speedo before it looks weird?
  11. That NOK 430 translates to roughly 40 bucks, perhaps a few more, depending on the rate After watching some of the newly released videos of the beach club, including the one from @MAT, I feel that it was well invested money and we are REALLY lookibg fwd to cococay
  12. I saw Mats new blogpost about the new Cruise Planner Sale when it went live a couple of hours ago. We're sailing on Harmony on the 23rd this month and I had previously purchased The Key and soda packages for the family (two kids, two adults). Been talking with the wife about getting us the Deluxe beverage package but I never did. Until today I mean, we spent roughly $1000 on The Key and Soda packages and I refunded everything and ibstead got us: - 2 deluxe beverage packages (~$55/person/day) - 2 refreshments packages (~$17/person/day) - 4 voom internet devic
  13. I mean, I get it. Safety first as a cruise ship is its own little world/eco system. Good on them for taking appropriate steps to minimize the threat of an outbreak onboard
  14. Thanks for all of your replies!! It's all clearer now
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