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  1. Thank you for the suggestion. She must really be popular.
  2. By being introduced to this blog and reading/hearing about MEI Travel and how knowledgeable and accommodating they are in booking future RC cruises I would like to reach out to them and see if we can put together many more cruises on the books. My current travel agent is alright, I guess, she is very difficult to get a hold of and is slow at returning correspondences. With MEI Travel do you guys use a specific person? One that you work with over time and really gets to know you and your preferences? I like having that kind of relationship. One where I am not just a number. You know what I mean? If this is the case, could you please recommend someone, someone you have had good experiences with? I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. I just spoke with RC and they said if you have the Deluxe Beverage Package the milkshakes are only included when you dine at Johnny Rocket's. This is for Symphony of the Seas.
  4. Amazing job Karah! Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experiences. It looked like an amazing time, which is good because the family and I are headed out on Symphony at the end of the month. Your blog gives us a really good head start.
  5. Our cruise leaves March 30, 2019. I figured it would be visible by now, right?
  6. I, too, am interested in this tour. It's right up my alley. I have heard/read that you can find the prices and availability on the Cruise Planner, but for some reason I can't find it. Could anyone please tell me specifically it is? Thanks
  7. I am on the second stateroom bandwagon. We are going on Symphony at the end of the month as we got two connecting balcony ocean front rooms, one for the wife and I and one for our two daughters (9) and (7). We have been on several Disney cruises and stayed in one balcony room and it was a bit crowded. This feeling was even when the girls were much younger. I would really suggest, as a number of people have, to look in to/ask your travel agent about getting two rooms. And look at connecting rooms if there is any uneasy feeling of the boyfriend factor. haha....
  8. Thank you every one for taking the time.
  9. Thank you everyone for taking the time to answer my questions. Yes, there is nothing extra special about a YETI, I just use that term as I would Kleenex for tissue or Coke for soda. haha.... It is just nice, as @bhageerah stated, to have your drink stay colder for longer. Thanks again.
  10. In the past, meaning Disney cruises, they have not minded us bringing our own Yeti cups and would fill them with our desired beverage be it alcohol or otherwise. Will RC (Symphony) allow this as well? I would like to not have to chug down a frozen drink before it melts or have my beer get warm in the sun. haha.. Man, I feel like a spoiled brat with this. haha... But wondering just the same. Thanks all!!
  11. I hope this is not a silly question, but with regards to MDR etiquette, do we have to tell them before hand if we are not showing up that night for dinner? I would hate to have the server and staff be waiting on us for no reason. Thank you. PS This forum is a goldmine of information. We are going on Symphony March 30 for a 7-day cruise and I have learned so much.
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