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  1. I agree with you but I don't think it has to come down to locking people up. My opinion is that it doesn't need to be a ship wide thing. I think it could be very limited and targeted to certain areas like the casino at the tables, shows and productions, or maybe walking around the buffet. If you don't have a mask, you don't get to sit down at tables or denied entrance into the theater. It doesn't have to go too far beyond that. In other places, distancing can be handled other ways. In casinos, pit bosses could enforce like some places in Vegas are doing. Security at the entrance to th
  2. This is my fear for the cruise lines. As I have said before, I don't think people will stay home. I think people will decide to go and not to follow the rules. Unfortunately, it will be another rule up to the workers to enforce. As with other cases (chair hogs, babies in pools, smoking, etc.) it will not be enforced evenly. Which, I don't blame the staff. They are there to make sure everyone is having a good time, not to police. If the cruise lines put a policy in place, I hope they invest in some sort of enforcement (and I have no clue what that would be) and not leave it to the wait
  3. I love ultimate texas hold'em but the money leaves your pocket a lot faster than blackjack. I will have to try Pai Gow.
  4. Thanks! I do hope everything continues to go smoothly. All we need is things to skyrocket there and have someone point to this as a reason to delay.
  5. I like this. One thing I have always been curious about is where they make the most money? The $10 table that is packed or the $50 table with 1 or 2 people. You could just count the money per seat but usually the people at the $10 tables are worst players, so the casino probably makes more money off of them.
  6. You are correct. I was not implying that <1% are pro-cruise. I have read the same 80-20 split. I was stating that about 1% of people actually take time to post on boards. This is a die-hard crowd. I know many people who love cruising who have never posted anything and polls can't speak for those people. I think you are right about Oasis occupancy. I have the misfortune of always sailing at peak times in the past, so I only remember crowded casinos. If they sail at capacity, there will be issues but reduced capacities might work. I think RCCI will try to tick off the least
  7. Fair enough. I will try to respond without being condescending. I started this thread because I wanted peoples opinion and many people answered and feel differently than me, which is OK. IMO, yours was the only post who seemed to imply that we were crazy to sail under these conditions. You could have just stated that you wouldn't. I stated before, I'm giving my opinion and not speaking for anyone. I would never even suggest that I speak for the "majority" of cruisers. I believe that is what you did. You have the right to your opinion, I just had a problem with you implying the maj
  8. I agree. 3 people at a table when there aren't a lot tables will be a problem. And craps tables, which I play the most, can get pretty crowded. If you take half of the spaces away, it's going to be big problem. That's why the masks might be a better solution. You can't police masks throughout the ship and it's probably not necessary outdoors. But the one place it would be easier to enforce is sitting down at a table in the casino. If someone doesn't want to wear the mask, then they don't play.
  9. Wow. Way to exaggerate. First, I don't think a few polls of people who visit these sites, which represents <1% of the people who cruise is enough to state that this represents the majority. I don't know if the cruise lines will require a mask policy, but if they do, they have the right. If anyone doesn't like it, you have the right to stay at home. But my guess is that people will be flocking back whatever the policy is. But I could be wrong. I don't want to speak for the majority when I don't have a clue. Second, the premise of this thread was to get opinions on the "CASINO"
  10. That is what I was curious about. If they go the route of just glass dividers and smaller tables, do they have enough square footage to accommodate everyone or will there be long waiting lines at each table. This will seriously hurt their #1 revenue stream. I'm not pushing my beliefs (I will be there either way) but I think they will lose less money if they require masks and lose the ~10% that will stay away because they don't want to wear a mask.
  11. I totally disagree. The majority of people? When cruising starts back up, people will sail, masks or not. Just look at the Vegas stories, some casinos are requiring masks some are not and they're doing just find. Disney reservations are selling out quickly and they're requiring masks. Honestly, if masks are required, I hope the people crying about it find another vacation that will let them be free. I will be cruising either way. As for the smoking, it has never kept me out of a casino but I know people who will not go in because of it. My guess is that they will gain just as
  12. Great prices. The best I have seen in years. I had an OTW Cabana booked for our upcoming cruise for $649. It just dropped to $383 and I rebooked. I was debating if it was worth it at 649. IMO, definitely worth it at $383.
  13. This could be an opportunity to test a ban on smoking. If they're going to require masks, which they could in the Casino, how can you smoke? I would welcome it but my guess is that they don't want to tick more people off.
  14. Yes, I was amazed by the amount of people also. I read about the sprayers also as well as infrared monitors and onsite test kits to make sure you are infected and not just having a temperature. As for the cruise crowds on Royal, it depends. Day time is pretty empty and crowd control would be simple. Prime time in the evenings the casinos are pretty crowded, especially craps tables and other lower limit tables. I could see that being an issue. It has been the same on every RCCI ship that I have been on.
  15. I have been wondering the same thing. I have a Labadee Cabana booked and the price have dropped twice in the last few weeks. I re-booked each time and now I have money for 3 cabanas outstanding. I know I will get the money back but it's got me thinking about changing my re-booking strategy. They will all hit the credit card in the same cycle, which is not good but I will eventually get the credits.
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