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  1. I look forward to Joyce!s recon as we have 9330 in February!
  2. My daughter and I ordered collapsible silicone straws that come in a tiny holder with a carabiner and a cleaning brush...will we actually use them? Time will tell😊
  3. The pre-planning continues.... An in depth discussion with our 17 year old daughter about the paper straws on board resulted in ordering these: We couldn't imagine trying to swill down a Johnny Rockets malt with any sort of decorum using a soggy paper straw...
  4. Okay fellow hijackers! We are officially checked in! I was even able to upload our mugshots with no problems. We all got a tingly little thrill seeing STAR listed under the class section of our set sail passes😍😍😍!!! It’s starting to get real now!
  5. @RWDW1204 Lucky you! You get to be on the first cruise after the amplification! Will you do a blog or a recap for all of us envious cruise wanna bes?
  6. Because we have already had 33.5 inches of snow here in the Mitten State and I am not a big fan of that nonsense, I spend a lot of time thinking about upcoming cruises. I love reading about people's experiences and living vicariously through them to pass the time. I'm sure a lot of us have countdown to cruise apps on our phones and I've read in numerous posts "Only 623 or 17 more sleeps until we board!" I am currently sitting in my 6 x 8 jail cell (oops, I mean cubicle) at work looking out the window at a dull monochromatic landscape and since I am a numbers person, I have been thinking of other milestones to use for our countdown to cruise. Only 3 more hair appointments! Does anyone else have a fun way for countdown or do you stick to days and/or sleeps?
  7. I have been forcing myself to not lurk...in lurking at the number of views vs the number of replies, lurkers seem to be the majority...😋
  8. Thank you for sharing all of your awesome pictures! I vacationed in Cabo San Lucas twice back in the late 80's and stayed there almost 2 weeks. It was still somewhat of a sleepy little fishing town at that time...The only thing recognizable is the arch! One of the activities I did while there was to catch a 95 lb sailfish. It took over 2 hours and I thought my arms were going to fall off!
  9. I have a few questions regarding our stop at Labadee as a Star Class passenger... 1. What benefits (if any) are extended there? 2. If there are benefits, is there anything besides excursions or reservations for a cabana to be done ahead of time? We currently have an excursion purchased. I'd love to hear all experiences, as I try to stay warm while it's snowing here in Michigan... Thank you!
  10. I have a question about the shower in the master bathroom in an Aqua Theater Suite. I saw a comment on a YouTube video that the height in there was only about 6 feet. This is concerning as I am 5’9” and the Yumster is 6’7”...can anyone confirm?
  11. I believe it opens at the end of January. However we are on the Western Carribean run for our cruise....
  12. @S0nny Tesla was on my short list, but didn’t make the top 3. My daughter however picked him, Elon Musk and Post Malone. The hubster is still thinking about his.😁 We are definitely nerds...LOL
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