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  1. I have literally been watching the weather forecast myself and our cruise is Two weeks away...and of course while I’m doing this one of the owners comes in person to ask me a question!😳. And I’m checking already because I had the bad judgement to book a cruise when it’s a full moon for the flight in...😱😱😱 do they not have Pretzel M&Ms where you live? 😁
  2. And all this talk of not getting our way with M & Ms, makes me want to ask for absurd stuff like this🤓:
  3. Hope you stay at the Intercontinental and requested bay side. I’m one of those weirdos that can’t sleep the night before and love watching the ships come in and witness the sunrise. In fact, that’s why I’m awake now, checking out the port cam. 🤓
  4. Raisins are disgusting. Waste of a perfectly good grape that could have been made into wine🤓
  5. Omg. No. I didn’t know it was made by Coca Cola! Lol. I will definitely mention it!
  6. Yes, same timing on the initial email for us. We are pretty self sufficient and the two things out of the ordinary that I requested were pretzel m&ms (hubster)and Fresca (daughter). The answer was there is a candy store on board and Royal only carries Coke products. So it surprises me that other people are asking for unusual boozes, etc., and their requests are being granted. Apparently there are a lot of variations between in Genies and ships.
  7. Excited to read your live blog, not just for the star class info, but also the insider trading info on Allan🥰. He’s our wish grantor on Feb 9th...
  8. On our last cruise, we had an owners suite and took our son and his girlfriend. I had an almost fatal accident in not realizing that they are not neat and tidy with their belongings as my hubster and me. They were situated in the “living room” which was between us and the balcony. One of the things I love to do is rise super early to see the sunrise/enjoy the balcony while it is quiet. Just a me and the sea sort of thing. The first morning I popped out of bed and went to the go out on the balcony and in the complete darkness, tripped over a pair of shoes, pirouetted and took out a side chair with a whole bunch of clothing that actually ended up cushioning my fall, got back up, snagged my foot in more clothing and went down again. I think a somersault was involved, but was too shocked and laughing too hard to be fully sure. Needless to say, I didn’t try to do that again for the rest of the trip. While they are not cruising with us this time, I bought battery tea lights to help traverse nighttime wanderings anyway 😁
  9. From past experience, in addition to the food coma, we have also experienced the booze coma. One thing we find distasteful is watered down drinks because the ice melts when we’re not swilling them fast enough. In an effort to slow the process down, I requested of our Genie that any drinks brought/ordered to our stateroom have no ice and to also keep us stocked in ice. AND I purchased these:
  10. Good question on what to tip. I’m sure one of the main considerations would be If you run them ragged, bigger tip, if you never see them, smaller tip?
  11. So to keep the information flowing smoothly, I will mention again (since I apparently posted it in the other thread) that we received our Genie letter last night! It arrived 34 days out. I can now quit obsessively checking my email every 3 minutes🤓 WE HAVE ALLAN! Over the past month, since turning in our questionnaire, we have been compiling an outline of possibilities, wants and even a couple of leave off the lists. For all that, it was not a very big list...Allan did thank us in this initial email for turning in our questionnaire. We emailed the list we made tonight. Hopefully it doesn’t make his eyes cross and will help make his job easier... From what we’ve read about him, we have hit the Genie Jackpot. I’d love to hear your favorite memories of Allan!
  12. @Lovetocruise2002 Could you please move this to the Live Blog section? I thought that was where I started this, but apparently I was wrong! And somehow I started two threads...what a colossal newbie! Thank you!
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