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  1. Woohoo! 6 months to go! 🛥🛥🛥 I ended up booking 2 refundable bay view rooms at both the Marriott and Doubletree in Biscayne Bay - my plan is to watch reviews and pricing over the coming months and decide closer to the cruise. So air and hotel reservations are all set for 5 of the 7 of us traveling. Jackie and Dave - my husband’s niece and her husband (who are pretty much the same ages as my husband and me) are booking their arrangements separately but I know they’ll get it done soon! The last month has flown by as work was pretty busy and I expect that the next 2 months will as well, but I am dreading the wait between mid January to May. I keep reading the truly live blogs and guess they’ll have to do until it’s my turn! By the way - does anyone know how to edit the title of a blog? Thanks.
  2. Thanks to all - we are going in May and that seems to be a time with higher rates (ie the air bnb ends up being 1200 for the night with fees). Leaning more to doubletree - I can book 2 refundable rooms with points and watch if prices go down there or anywhere else.
  3. I’m in the process of booking a one night pre-cruise stay in Miami. 3 of us will be getting in after 630pm and 2 others around 1pm (there are 2 more people joining us but they are going to book on their own). I checked into pricing for the Intercontinental and the and the Epic but I’m looking at over 1k for 2 bayside rooms. I can book the doubletree in the same area for a lot less but would love to know if others have been happy there. The Marriott is another lower cost option. We are going all out for this trip in other ways (we have the villa) and I wouldn’t mind spending extra if we were actually going to be there longer. The practical and thrifty side of me is cringing at spending that much just to sleep. The bougie side of me says yolo. Thanks for any guidance you can give.
  4. 7 months to go! I booked flights for 5 of us (immediate family) and used credit card points to book first class! We’re flying in the day before to avoid stress and we want to get on the ship as early as allowed. The other 2 travelers will be booking their flights soon (hopefully). I also booked the pet sitter - leaving my 2 dogs is going to be the hardest part of the trip. Now I’m starting to look at Miami hotels or Airbnb’s for the night before. Reading blogs to get insights and tips. 3 of us won’t be arriving until after 6pm but my son and daughter-in-law will get there around 1pm. I am so dreading winter and this trip is the major thing I am looking forward to that will help me get through it (although I may try to find a short trip in January to break up the winter months). Until next month………
  5. Forgot to add - we had to drive to CT since we had our 2 dogs with us. They did amazingly well, especially for 8 1/2 year old pups who’ve never traveled before.
  6. 8 months and counting! I am loving the updates from the truly live bloggers and can’t wait until it’s my turn! This monthly count down helps me with the wait - just a little. in the past month we sold our Michigan home, knowing we would be homeless for a month until our rental would be available (we sold ‘high’ and are banking the profit until we’re ready to figure out our more permanent move to somewhere warmer). We decided to drive 12 hours from Michigan to our home state of Connecticut so that we could spend time with family. This ties into our cruise plans as the points I earned using a new credit card on the hotel bill will cover 2 first class tickets to Miami next year! And yes, I paid off the card immediately! My husband also earned points on his card that should cover our daughter’s airfare. Now the challenge is to figure out how to pay for my son and daughter-in-law’s flights with points too . I’m holding off booking as the flights are really expensive right now. Figure I’ll give it another month or two. Well, here’s looking forward to another month down!
  7. Congratulations! It was great to read your update.
  8. My monthly countdown continues……..only 9 months to go! Here’s a quick update: Airfare - first class prices are really high but we want to stay in ‘ star class’ mode for this trip. So knowing we had a large expense coming up this month, I researched credit card offers. I found two - one each for my husband and I - that once we use them and charge our planned expense - the amount of large reward points will more than cover first class airfare! And yes, I will pay the cards off immediately to avoid high interest fees. I love nothing better than a deal and free airfare! Co- travelers - We had dinner last night with two of our traveling party. They really did not know what star class includes so we had a wonderful time enlightening them! Especially about the food coma???? that I’ve read so much about thanks to other bloggers! Roll call - still waiting for others to join the 5/14/22 roll call ? Know there must be others out there who will be joining us. Well ……til next month.
  9. If it’s real, your price is better than mine (1699). We have 7 adults so we figured it will be worth it. Plus as many of you say, yolo! Now I’m working on the best deal for first class tickets for our flight (at least mine and my husbands) . Most likely going to use the sky mile points I’ve been saving.
  10. We booked the overwater cabana about 6 weeks ago to lock it in. The only other thing I would book is the photo package (if it has a good price) but it hasn’t come yet.
  11. Only 10 months to go! It may sound crazy but we’re already talking about the food we’re going to eat. I’ve been sharing stories and pictures with my family from this site - it has the most amazing info thanks to so many bloggers. Now my family is anxiously anticipating the often referenced ‘food coma’ ?. You are all greatly appreciated. ??
  12. This is our replacement cruise from May 2020! Been looking forward to it for a long time.
  13. Same here! We’re going star class on Symphony next year and treating them all the way! We were very financially challenged for much of their childhood years, so I feel very fortunate to be able to share travel experiences with them now.
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