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  1. Just a small update ..... we booked the Coco Cay overwater cabana! It will definitely be an extravagance, but with 7 adults chipping in we figured it would be worth it! I know we’re a long way off, so I’ll keep checking the price to see if it goes down.
  2. So, I’ve been anxiously waiting for this one year countdown to begin! We were supposed to be cruising star class last year, but then this wretched little bug started going around....... As one who looks for silver linings, I will say that I got a better cabin (4 bedroom villa) at an even better price for this cruise than I had for the cancelled one! And there will be much more room for all of us (we went from 5 to 7 travelers since we had the extra bedrooms)! But I’m really hoping that roominess in no longer an issue and that the term social distancing is a very distant memory by th
  3. Please add Symphony of the Seas. May 14, 2022. Thank you!
  4. By the way - we will be happy to host a cabin get together for blog members who book the same cruise (assuming Royal doesn’t cut that offering post Covid). Just 536 days to go! Bet you can’t tell I’m excited! And in desperate need of a cruise!
  5. We like May the best - nice weather, not over crowded with kids since they’re still in school (our kids are adults now ) and it’s our wedding anniversary month. I can also usually find great deals. I typically luck out booking in the same year as the sailing, but knowing I really, really, wanted the villa I knew I had to book as soon as the sailings opened up. Since I knew we wanted the Caribbean and a newer ship (our ‘kids’ haven’t been on a cruise in over 10 years and we want to make it special) I picked the May date with the best itinerary for us and when the room showed open, I
  6. We have 7 adults booked for May 2022 on symphony. I got what I consider an amazing deal. Approx 15k after a 1k credit. Less than 2,300 per person. We will get more than our money’s worth. Passengers 3-7 were about 1k each. Plus my TA has also given a very nice amount in cruise credit. I watched the boards for a couple of weeks and booked at 645 am the morning the bookings opened up.
  7. Even before I looked up your location info, I knew you had to be living in Michigan! I’m mid state, so I wasn’t personally impacted, but have some co- workers who were. Overall, this is a year I’m sure none of us will forget Here’s to hoping that 2021 offers you more positive experiences, beginning with your cruise!
  8. Definitely find others while the great additional passenger deals are out there. We ended up with 7 and are stopping there. My two adult kids, daughter in law, a niece who’s my age, her husband (really fun people) and my husband and me. So the 4 bedrooms are gone. The 3rd -7th passengers are only $960 each. Now we all just have to wait 18 months. Argh.
  9. Your previous posts introduced me to the possibility of booking a villa! And taught me to book as soon as the sailing opened up. It worked.
  10. I booked the symphony suite yesterday on line with rccl - 4 people (normally use a ta but it was 630 in the morning and I didn’t want to lose the room). I then called rccl when they opened and added a 5th person. The agent never said anything about needing more people. I do have 2 more people who just confirmed they will be coming with us, but no one knew that when I booked.
  11. I just read this entire thread. Congrats on buying/building in Florida, selling your home, semi retiring, etc! I’m looking forward to hearing about your building journey. I have a few more years to retirement but recently learned I can continue to work remote indefinitely, as long as I’m willing to fly in to a main office a few times a year (the only good thing to come out of Covid). So, our plan is to sell the house (we’re in Michigan) right after the holidays and move to Florida. We’re going to rent for a while, as we’re not sure where we want to land. Like you, we most likely w
  12. I have been waiting and watching for May 22 like a hawk! Seriously- checking non stop. Just booked the Villa on the Symphony and can’t believe I got that room! And for an amazing deal. I actually booked on line to make sure I didn’t lose the room and will call my TA later this morning. We were supposed to be on harmony in a 2 bedroom ATS this past May - would have been first time star class. As long as the wait will be, we will have more space and can have more of our family join us! Love all of the insights I’ve gotten from this forum. ️️️
  13. Thank you for clarifying! I ended up changing my mind about Allure after booking - cancelled hold and waiting until next week for the 2 bedroom ats on harmony or symphony (assuming the May 2022 Caribbean cruises are released and they go there). We were supposed to be on harmony this past May with that room and want to stay with a newer ship.
  14. We just booked a 2 bedroom ats on allure for March 2022. I thought I got a good price but am curious about your reference to 1/2 off internet prices. Do you mean the prices showing on rccl’s site before or after they apply discounts (ie 60% off 2nd passenger)? Thanks in advance.
  15. I haven’t seen the extension yet - where is it posted? We cruise 5/10 and I’m hoping they extend the cancellation date. Thanks
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