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  1. We are here. Wearing pink flamingos shirt with matching shorts. At the pub outside.
  2. We plan to be there about 11. Worse case we sit at The Grill for an hour. I never got an email from the concierge.
  3. Can suite quest arrive 1 hour prior to assigned boarding time?
  4. COVID testing done. All good. Got to finish packing and away we will be soon.
  5. Very happy for you. See you soon. Looking forward to meeting new friends.
  6. Crown loft suites changing from minute to minute both in numbers available and locations. I hope that SpeedNoodles gets one.
  7. No way to reload the page form your email and reenter your info?
  8. SpeedNoodles, Did you get a suite. One just disappeared
  9. There are still 4 of the original ten suites available at this moment. Two aft facing and one each port and starboard.
  10. Got my upgrade to Crown Loft too. Very happy. Now to find out which suite. Hang in there SpeedNoodles it is all going to work out.
  11. I hope you get what you want. We will be happy with the upgrade any location. Hope to hear soon. I'm finding it hard to get my work done checking for the Royal Up Fairy so often.
  12. Anyone due a crystal block this cruise? I think we get our first this trip.
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