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  1. Jeremias was awesome on our cruise in June. I got emails from him pre-cruise usually late in the evening.
  2. We have always had two rooms for our kids except for one cruise. First cruise with kids they were 6 and 4. Stayed in adjoining room standard ocean view. Worked great. But if they were as young as yours and I had a balcony I'd save the $1K and put them in with me.
  3. While waiting to disembark one cruise, I looked down and saw a dumpster on the pier filled with several women's dresses still on the wire hangers and in dry cleaning bags. I was amazed that someone would leave their clothes on the ship and the ship would just throw them away.
  4. Done this twice in the past with my elderly parents and once with my brother and his family. All three times my quest where allowed to board with me. Probably helped that my parents are elderly and my nephew has special needs.
  5. On HOS you can order room service on your TV. This includes breakfast. I ordered every night via interactive TV except the first night. Every morning breakfast arrived on time, except the first morning. The first day I used the hanging door menu. Breakfast was an hour or more late.
  6. Last two JS we stayed in had walk in closets with more than enough space for all our luggage and our DD's in the adjoining room with space to spare.
  7. Less than 48 hours and already lawyer-ed up. Not feeling as much pity as yesterday for the family's loss.
  8. Viking Crown Lounge if you do not like crowds, heat, or noise. Deck 14.
  9. DD's in ocean view. DW and I in JS. No problem with them eating with us in CK. Ate there two dinners.
  10. Arrived about 0945, dropped luggage, parked car, went through security check pointed, greeted on other side by rep with tablet. She checked our sea passes, took photos and we went to Suite/Diamond waiting area. Did not get a chance to sit down. Started boarding at approx 1015.
  11. Cabin 6648, JS, HOTS, starboard side, rear hump, 2nd to last cabin on the hump (aft). Advantages: Large balcony. Had room steward place a lounger on balcony. It adjoins with cabin 6650. DD's stayed in adjoining cabin. Able to open balcony partition. HOTS always docked on starboard side. Hump blocked wind when underway. Disadvantages: It adjoins to room 6650. Hump blocked cooling breeze when underway. Aft cabins can see a little onto your balcony. Pier could be noisy when docked in the early a.m.
  12. If it is your first trip to Alaska, I recommend doing the RCCL pre-cruise. It was a good value and well executed. Unpack and rest on the ship. The land tour is busy with early mornings and late nights. When we go back we will cruise again, but we will plan our own land tour. I will use the train as much as possible to travel and avoid the bus. We want to go above the arctic circle and spend more time in Denali. We also want a better hotel than the one RCCL put us up in in Denali.
  13. Was on HOTS two weeks ago. Not impressed with organization and execution of the muster drill. Lot of waiting. I've been on ships that did it better and quicker. In defense of the ship, there was a storm and the outside stations had to move to alternative interior locations. May have added some confusion for crew and passengers.
  14. Decorated DD door for her Graduation Cruise two weeks ago. Ordered Bon Voyage kit from RC and a door magnet form online. Sorry no pictures.
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