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  1. https://www.live5news.com/2022/05/25/south-carolina-ports-announce-end-carnival-cruise-contract/ Looks like the proposed cruise terminal is dead in the water. Pun intended.
  2. Any recommendations for hotels near the terminal? We will be arriving the day prior.
  3. Check price. Just saved over $200 on my room. Military discount applied.
  4. Check for repricing. Just saved $54 on my room and got a $50 OBC as well.
  5. Small price drop this weekend. Saved another $40.
  6. No. Applied to fare. Final payment a ways away.
  7. Just transferred an FCC from my daughter to our fall cruise. Did it through the regular reservation line. Took a while on hold, but it is done.
  8. For southbound I recommend port side. 9092 is on the back side of the hump. Great for blocking wind, but hard to see what is ahead as the hump may block your view forward. Never stayed in a rear facing cabin.
  9. Just received an email and FCC cert for a cruise that was canceled. The FCC is in my daughter's name. How do I gift it to my up coming cruise that she will not be on?
  10. Check for price reduction. Just saved $68 on my fare. I did lose my $50 OBC. Net savings, $18 dollars.
  11. Snorkeling above the wall is breath taking. Like looking into outer space. Loved the snorkeling in Grand Cayman.
  12. My BOA card is 1 point for every dollar and 2 points for every dollar spent on Royal purchases.
  13. In 2017 we took the steam train excursion. It went into Canada turned around and returned. Stopped only long enough to switch rails. No leaving the train. Returned the same way it came. I had a great time and would recommend.
  14. Never been asked for my ID either. I think military discount applies as a way for RCCL to sell cabin inventory. I have seen some categories of cabins offer military discount while others don't on the same cruise.
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