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  1. Planning a New England/Canada cruise for our 30th anniversary in a couple of years. Enchantment was our first cruise in '99. The wife will be surprised.
  2. Lobster night in MDR is a tail only, but usually all you can eat. On my last cruise on HOS in June you could order a whole lobster in MDR off of the menu any night, but it was an up charge.
  3. We always stay at the Residence Inn and Suites Cape Canaveral. Many rooms/suites large enough for family of 4, good complimentary breakfast, port transportation and parking packages, close to Hertz, gas station, fast food, and a mile or less from the terminal.
  4. I'm guessing here....It would be up to the Bahamanian laws on gambling and fees imposed vs revenue generated by the casino. If the casino cannot be open and the revenue generated by it not replaced with revenue generated by an over night stay as the limiting factor in an overnight stay at Cocoa Cay. Otherwise I see it as a win for guest and RCI. I think it would be great to stay over night. The possibilities for fun and entertainment are great.
  5. What about the casino? Would it be allowed to stay open if ship is docked?
  6. No issues on I-95 along southern section in SC. Can't speak for the northern section around Florence, SC.
  7. Sorry fro your disappointment. I play the free cruise Bingo every cruise and have been aware of this rule for some time. The Bingo caller on my June cruise made sure to point this out before we started. I'm still waiting to win that free cruise.
  8. Jeremias was awesome on our cruise in June. I got emails from him pre-cruise usually late in the evening.
  9. We have always had two rooms for our kids except for one cruise. First cruise with kids they were 6 and 4. Stayed in adjoining room standard ocean view. Worked great. But if they were as young as yours and I had a balcony I'd save the $1K and put them in with me.
  10. While waiting to disembark one cruise, I looked down and saw a dumpster on the pier filled with several women's dresses still on the wire hangers and in dry cleaning bags. I was amazed that someone would leave their clothes on the ship and the ship would just throw them away.
  11. Done this twice in the past with my elderly parents and once with my brother and his family. All three times my quest where allowed to board with me. Probably helped that my parents are elderly and my nephew has special needs.
  12. On HOS you can order room service on your TV. This includes breakfast. I ordered every night via interactive TV except the first night. Every morning breakfast arrived on time, except the first morning. The first day I used the hanging door menu. Breakfast was an hour or more late.
  13. Last two JS we stayed in had walk in closets with more than enough space for all our luggage and our DD's in the adjoining room with space to spare.
  14. Less than 48 hours and already lawyer-ed up. Not feeling as much pity as yesterday for the family's loss.
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