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  1. I am a long time follower on here and this is my first time posting but I thought this was interesting, I just received an email saying Dear Valued Guest, We are inviting a select group of guests to participate in a survey from Royal Caribbean! We deeply value your feedback and would love to learn more about you and hear your thoughts on cruising. It's our goal to continue to exceed the expectations of guests just like you, so we hope you'll make your opinion count. This survey will take no more than 5 minutes to complete and we thank you for your time. It went on to talk about cruise history and what ports I have been to, which ports I liked better and for what reason. One of the ports that they started going into more detailed questions was about Falmouth Jamaica. I had been there one time and I had no excursions I just kind of walked around the port and then went back on the ship. The questions were, would you be interested in visiting a beach club that was for Royal Caribbean guests only? what would your top 5 things be available at the beach club, and it gave a list of about 15-20 items. With many more questions relating to that. One of the Final questions was very specific in asking. What would you expect to get for a Royal Caribbean guest only beach club in Falmouth Jamaica for $39.99? and again it asked you to pick 5 things from a list of 15-20. I am not as experienced in cruising as a lot of people on here, like I said earlier this is only my first ever post. I just thought this was interesting and it very well may have nothing to do with anything but it was very specific that maybe Royal is thinking about adding a beach club to Falmouth Jamaica and was wondering how many people would book it. Did anyone else get this email as well? Thank you, Neil
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