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  1. i booked it in March and Dorian had zero effect on the sailing.
  2. Prices seem out of whack on this cruise. Key is $24.99 and VOOM SURF + STREAM Voyage Package - 1 Device is $21.99 a day. Would be a no brainier to get key for only $3 more a day.
  3. It was actually $22.39 a day. See attached screenshot
  4. I defiantly paid like $24 a day for 4 devices last month
  5. The cruise planner just added internet for my June 2020 Empress cruise. The VOOM SURF + STREAM Voyage Package - 4 Devices package is priced at $75.96 a day!!! I just was on liberty in August and the same plan was about $24 a day. Is this normal for Empress?
  6. I'm looking at 2 interior rooms on a 7 night cruise. Is it really more of a hassle to go thru next cruise?
  7. I booked thru a ta for my upcoming cruise and was able to apply myvegas obc to the booking. Is it different for the % off?
  8. I'm considering a cruise on oasis next summer and was trying to figure out the best way to book. I will be on liberty in a few weeks so I could book on ship for an extra discount. My dilemma is currently my TA is offering a lower price then purchasing straight from RCCL. Also I have enough coins in myvegas to get a 10% discount on my next cruise. How can I stack these 3 discounts and get the lowest price possible.
  9. This was great, thank you!!! We have taken the kids on some of the smaller ships(Enchantment and Majesty) already and they have been fine. I was just a little concerned they didnt have their own space like on the other ships but from the teen cruise compass it looks like they take over part of Boleros Lounge for them to hang out in.
  10. I have concerns as well about my two teens 13 and 15 being bored. I see they don't have a designated teen area but from looking at cruise compasses they seem to do a lot of teen activities. Im currently booked on the June 29th sailing and i'm going back and forth on if I should cancel.
  11. Thank you, I looked and couldn't find it
  12. thanks for the info....we are at 46 days before departure. My wife and I's cabin got the ability to bid but my kids room did not. I wouldn't upgrade unless i knew they would come with us or near us.
  13. My family of 4 is currently booked in 2 balcony rooms. I just got the email for bidding on Royal Up. If I bid and won a 2 bedroom Grand Suite, would it be possible to have all 4 of us in one room and cancel the other balcony? How would it work? What would I end up paying?
  14. Check your cruise planners. Sailing Liberty in August and my deluxe drink package dropped to $46 a night. Lowest I had seen was $49. Saved my wife and I $50
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