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  1. Check your cruise planners. Sailing Liberty in August and my deluxe drink package dropped to $46 a night. Lowest I had seen was $49. Saved my wife and I $50
  2. My only real concern is check in. The other stuff is easy enough to handle. My wife doesn't help with the vacation planning or really care about the cost.
  3. I think only my 14 year old son will even notice the change in decks. We started on 10 and now are on 6. Ill definitely be doing the online check in and my wife never checks it. I doubt they will notice the luggage tags either. I didnt think about the royal App, we are on Liberty. Great suggestion. I wont allow my son to link the reservation on it. Worst part is its killing me not to tell anyone. I still have over 100 days till sailing :)
  4. Kind of a weird question but here goes. My family(Wife and two kids 14 and 12) and I vacation about 3 times a year. Every vacation I have some sort of surprise planned like a new activity(Indoor Sky Diving) or surprise traveler(Cousins showed up on trip to Disney). They have gotten used to their being a surprise but never know what it might be. We have an upcoming cruise booked at the end of the summer that we are all very excited about. When I initially booked I booked two connecting inside staterooms but a few weeks later I found the price dropped and I booked two Balcony state rooms for a total of $400 more for the week. I immediately booked it but didn't tell anyone. As a family we have been on around 5 cruises and have never had anything but inside staterooms. Now onto the question. I want to keep this a surprise to all of them right up until they open the door to the room. My biggest worry is at check in. During the check in process does the check in agent mention the type of room you are in? It would be easier if I told my wife before hand but I wanted it to be a surprise for her too. Any suggestions on how I can keep this secret until we enter the room?
  5. Thank you both....I just sent her an email
  6. I'm in the process of trying to book a Balcony room and a Inside room on the August 23rd Enchantment of the Seas. The Balcony would be for my wife and I and the Inside room would be for my kids ages 14 and 12. Since they are kids I need to make sure the rooms are across or next to each other. When I go to book the Balcony with 2 Adults, all that is left is Balcony Guarantee and no option to book specific rooms. If I try Booking a Balcony with 3 or 4 Adults I get the choice of about 20 different balconies, a few of them with an empty inside room across from it. Has any one had luck getting RCCL to overide the system to allow my wife and I to book one of the four person rooms with only 2 people? I tried calling but the insist I cant do it. I know if I booked one of the Guarantees I'm sure I will end up in one of the four person rooms but it will be too late to insure the kids are close by. Any suggestions would be great.
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