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  1. Is there a "formula" to guess when they will release dates/cruises for 2024 in Europe?
  2. I will be cruising 5-8 August and will be using a scooter and crutches. Can I get to it?
  3. Good luck on getting the OBC, I hope they honor it. I booked first week of April and cannot get any adjustment (per the info - its booked on or before 31 March).
  4. So, of course, prices dropped after I made my final payment. I called RCI and they basically said they can't do anything for me, not even OBC. I swear I've seen this before and people either got refund of the difference or OBC. Ideas, insight?
  5. better prizes for trivia. a highlighter, seriously? Even the "fun" line gives you a trophy of sorts!
  6. I'm booked on Navigator in early August and am struggling with wanting to go to Pai Pai Ecopark (???). I found it online (no RCI excursion there) but the reviews are all over the place. Has anyone been and if so, how was it?
  7. So, sailing on Mariner on 15 May and received the Royal Up email a few days ago. I go into Royal Up to check the status and it gives me an error box basically saying to wait until within 30 days. No way to check it until then?
  8. I sail on Jan 31 on the Anthem and did a bid on Royal Up. It still shows that i can modify/cancel it. I know some have said they see an email anywhere from a week to hours before sailing, but will the Royal Up screen change to give me any indication? Has anyone on this cruise already got an official Royal Up win?
  9. Why isn't the schedule for Baltimore showing anything after April 2022?
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